Minetest Changelog:

This is a Minetest changelog for power users and developers.

If you'd like general news instead, click here. A text version of this file is provided in the build kits and also at this link.


1. "_game" changes:

        * codermobs: Tame-able wild airplanes and cars
        * codermobs: Add Poikilos deer
        * codermobs: 3D chicken eggs no longer float in the air
        * codermobs: Hens now lay the new 3D eggs as opposed to 2D eggs
        * codermobs: Hens now make appropriate noise upon egg-laying
        * codermobs: Bug fixes related to old (rotated) 3D models
        * codermobs: Merge 1.5 years of TenPlus1 Mobs Redo changes
        * codermobs: Fix Mobs Redo behavior at cliff edges
        * codermobs: Numerous other bug fixes in Mobs Redo
        * bike: Fix a nil-pointer crash
        * nftools: Fine-tune ore and node parameters

1a. Presently, airplanes and cars may be tamed using cans of oil. The node name for the latter is "codermobs:can_oil".

Once a vehicle is tamed, it can be flown or driven. This snapshot allows steering by keyboard or mouse.

To mount or dismount a vehicle, right-click while wielding nothing. Note: In the future, you might need to wield an ignition key or a similar object.

1b. Deer and elk are distinct mobs.

2. Core changes:

        * "/se" now supports a number (i.e., count) parameter

2a. "/se" (or "/spawnentity") now supports all of the following modes:

        /se Ent
        /se Ent Num
        /se Ent Pos
        /se Ent Pos Num
        /se Ent Num Pos

For example: /se codermobs:badger 5

The Num parameter is presently limited to 10. The limit may be increased or decreased at a later date.

Note: Spaces are permitted, though optional, before or after commas in Pos (position) parameters.


1. "_game" changes:

        * New and/or improved textures (Poikilos)
        * bones: Mod can be disabled using a ".conf" setting
        * bones: Usability tweaks (Poikilos)
        * cake: Replace TenPlus1's illegal cake with Poikilos Cake
        * codermobs: Port "mobf" living cars to Mobs Redo
        * codermobs: Add high-definition Poikilos Elk
        * codermobs: Add improved fork of Sapier Ostrich
        * codermobs: Chicken eggs are now 3D and realistic
        * codermobs: Ditto for ostrich eggs
        * codermobs: Sync cow with latest TenPlus1 cow
        * codermobs: Improve some textures using "scalerx -k 4"
        * codermobs: Add Mdoege Skeleton
        * codermobs: Add KrupnoPavel Warthog
        * codermobs: Add Vombie (new implementation)
        * codermobs: Light-damaged mobs can now burst into flames
        * codermobs: Add improved fork of Sapier Creeper
        * codermobs: Fix two Mobs Redo bugs that broke old mobs
        * codermobs: Add Sapier's Animal Materials
        * default: Enable leaf decay by default
        * nftools: Tweaks by OldCoder and Poikilos

1a. Poikilos contributed new and/or improved food and/or related textures to "codermobs", "codersea", and "food_basic".

1b. To disable "bones", you can now use the following conf-file setting:

        disable_bones = true

1c. To disable leaf decay, you now need to use the following conf-file setting:

        disable_leaf_decay = true

Note that this can be important in some types of worlds.

The "enable_leaf_decay" setting is no longer used.

4. World changes:

        * Add Roman Fort to Bucket City
        * Add schem and documentation for Roman Fort

5. Ports of Old MT commits:

        * Tune star appearance time and full brightness time (#7921)
        * Add "math.factorial" (#8298)
        * Add "vector.angle" (#7738)
        * Dungeons: Don't remove non-ground-content nodes (#8423)
        * Fix segfault due to uninitialized "m_env" (#7857)
        * Escape special characters in server-list search (#7842)
        * Fix sky object brightness flicker (#8417)

6. Original core changes:

        * Support both "/haspriv" and "/hasprivs"
        * Support "textures" subdirs in convenient places
If a world directory contains a "textures" subdirectory, textures stored in the subdirectory override default textures that come with mods.

If a "_game" directory contains a "textures" subdirectory, the same thing happens.

If both "textures" subdirectories exist, for a given world, textures stored in the world directory's "textures" subdirectory take precedence.

Texture overrides, i.e., standard Minetest textures "override.txt" files stored in the directories in question, should work normally.


1. OS support:

        * Post first OpenBSD release of Final Minetest

2. "_game" changes:

        * Add 7 new upstream mods - see notes below
        * codersea: Add jellyfish spawner - see notes below
        * coderblocks: Define more blocks when necessary
        * default: Add several missing nodes
        * default: Fix a bug related to "enable_leaf_decay"
        * farming: Support "enable_museum" - see notes below
        * moreblocks: Add 3 types of missing traps
        * moreblocks: Enable old-node conversion ABMs
        * moreblocks: Support more types of node conversions
        * ocfixups: Add a number of safe aliases
        * ocfixups: Add fakes for several obsolete nodes
        * stairs: Add missing stairs nodes
        * fallback_spawn: New original mod - see notes below

2a. New mods include more_chests, ownerhack, pbj_pup, smartshop, stairsio, and the InfinityProject diamonds mod.

2b. The jellyfish spawner is used in SONOS as part of the trap in the spawn dome. Its Nyan Cat appearance was chosen so as to blend in with other blocks in the trap.

2c. "coderblocks" now defines these 3 nodes in the "mobs" namespace if no other mod does so: cobwebs, fence_top, and fence_wood.

2d. In "farming", the boolean setting "enable_museum" now has two effects: turn off plant growth and don't run the water-soil wetting ABM.

2e. Spawn now works as follows:

If "static_spawn_point" is set, that takes highest priority and multispawn mode is disabled.

If multi-spawn mode hasn't been disabled, either implicitly by the use of "static_spawn_point" or explicitly by the use of "disable_multi_ spawn", and if a spawn point has been added using "/addspawn", that takes next priority.

If none of the above applies, the new mod "fallback_spawn" selects a reasonable starting point for new players.

3. Core changes:

        * Add some biome APIs (ports of Old MT commits)
        * Tweak "modeset.lua" as suggested by Slopsbucket


1. "_game" changes:

        * Add mods to "coderfood": cake, pie, pizza, thirsty
        * Improve images for preceding mods
        * Add "sneak_glitch". See notes further down.
        * Add "cottages" (needed for the pirate ship)
        * Add "weather" (OldCoder version; integrated with CoderSky)
        * Add tourist teleport commands for various realms
        * Add Poikilos birds
        * Add Lost Soul and Cyberdemon
        * Add sounds for the Doom-type mods supported so far
        * Add "jsxmas" (2012 Xmas mod by Jordach)
        * Add "ocfixups". This mod does some alias-level fixups.
        * Rename "ocblocks" to "coderblocks"
        * building_blocks: Fix a circular dependency that broke the mod
        * decorpack: Restore a missing glass door
        * decorpack: Use an LBM to convert old nodes
        * jsxmas: Improve images
        * Update "unifiedbricks" and "unifieddyes"

1a. The "unifiedbricks" update fixes an LBM-related crash.

1b. "xmas" and "jsxmas" share the "xmas" namespace.

1c. The Bucket Game version of "sneak_glitch" enables the classic "sneak" behavior by default. To disable the classic behavior, use this setting:

        disable_classic_sneak = true

1d. "weather" commands include:

        /rain - Set weather on Earth to rain
        /snow - Set weather on Earth to snow
        /storm - Set weather on Earth to storm
        /regular - Set weather on Earth to normal (or regular)

        /bubbles - Bubbles
        /locusts - Plague of Locusts
        /pennies - Pennies from Heaven
        /weather ... - Set weather (rain, snow, locusts, etc.)

"weather" commands should only affect the weather on Earth (and only on Earth at y=0 as opposed to Earth II or other alternate Earths).

A Plague of Locusts doesn't occur naturally under normal conditions. However, people with the "weather" privilege can use "/locusts" or "/weather locusts" to create one.

"/locusts" by itself will also work. Additionally, the word "locust" may be substituted for "locusts".

Similarly for Pennies from Heaven. "/pennies" or "/weather pennies" may be used in this case. Additionally, the word "penny" may be substituted for "pennies".

1e. To enable "thirsty", the following config-file settings are needed:

        enable_damage = true
        enable_thirsty = true

"enable_thirst = true" will work, for the 2nd setting, as well.

2. World changes:

        * Add Diagonal Development and Wizard's Keep to Bucket City
        * Add schems for the new Bucket City builds
        * Add pirate ship to Wonder World

3. Core changes (separate from Old MT commits):

        * Password-related bug fixes and features (see notes below)
        * Add "/tp" as an alias for "/teleport"
        * Tweaks to game-mode code in "modeset.lua"

There are now 4 ways to skip typing a password in the MT GUI password field. Two are new. Two are old but include bug fixes.

3a. You can add a line similar to the following to your client-side "minetest.conf" file:

        password = mypasshere

3b. Under Linux, you can put your password in either of the following text files:


The file, in either case, should contain one line. The line should consist of your password followed by a newline.

3c. You can use a CLI argument of the form:

        --password 'mypasshere'

3d. You can use two CLI arguments of the form:

        --password-file $HOME/pass

The 2nd argument should be an absolute pathname for a text file that contains one line. The line should consist of your password followed by a newline.

One drawback to these features is that the same password will be used regardless of the world that you go to.

In other words, per-world passwords aren't supported yet. For (a) and (b), of course, you can change passwords and/or password files specified on the command line as necessary.

However, another feature is that you can override passwords set using the preceding methods by typing a password manually in the MT GUI password field.

The "--password" and "--password-file" features existed before this commit. This commit fixes some bugs in these two features.

4. Ports of Old MT commits:

        * Update gamebar on tab enter (#8192)
        * Fixes related to "num_emerge_threads"
        * Fix incorrect string-length check
        * Replace inefficient "for" loop (#8194)
        * Add referer to remote media requests (#8135)
        * Make "place_offset_y" usable with simple decorations
        * Fix cast from const (#8327)
        * Add client-side translations
        * Read dependencies and description from "mod.conf" if present

5. Website changes:

        * Sync time (for server list) with Google and other sites
        * Add quickstart page

6. Changes to "minetest*" production wrappers:

        * Support spaces in pathnames
        * Create symlinks in "solib" subdirectory if necessary

There's a minor bug where, if a world-directory pathname contains a space, the world-directory pathname will be displayed incorrectly. However, the world should work, regardless.

7. Misc. changes:

        * Replace bash program build script with a Perl version
        * Updates and fixes for "ircpack"

Note: "ircpack" is a modpack for servers distributed separately from Bucket Game.

8. Useful information.

8a. If a world is flagged as creative, players can break nodes by hand. This is turned off otherwise unless a node is configured to be breakable by hand.

8b. There's a core bug that manifests in tricky ways. If the "depends. txt" optional-mod feature ("?") is used, it's possible for two mods to have a circular dependency that isn't obvious. Additionally, if this happens, one of the two mods may simply be ignored regardless of its contents.


1. Core changes:

        * All mods can use 64x64 skins now if minor tweaks are made
        * Fix an Old MT world-owner privileges problem
        * New worlds now use "auth.sqlite" by default

2. "_game" changes:

        * New game modes: Builder Mode and Moontest
        * Add Earth 2, a complete optional 2nd Earth
        * bike, 3d_armor - Add mods
        * bike, 3d_armor - Support both 64x32 and 64x64 skins
        * coderskins - New functions
        * darkage - New option setting (see below)
        * default - reduce cotton and wheat to 64x64 to prevent lag
        * Drop "minimal" game for now
        * A separate MineClone2 package is now provided
        * Multiple fixes and enhancements to multi-spawn

2a. Multi-spawn is enabled by default. To disable it, use:

        disable_multispawn = true

In that mode, a single spawn point, specified as follows, will be used:

        static_spawn_point = 0, 10, 0

2b. In multi-spawn mode, numerous spawn points may be used. When a new player joins, one is selected at random. The following commands may be used to work with the list:

        * To see spawn points: /listspawn or /listspawns
        * To TP to a random spawn point: /spawn
        * To TP to a specific spawn point: /spawn 3
        * To add one: /addspawn 20, 10, 30 or /addspawn 20 10 30
        * To delete one: /delspawn 3 or /deletespawn 3

where "3" should be replaced with the desired spawn ID number as shown by "/listspawns".

2c. A bug related to "world.conf" has been identified. Specifically, settings in "world.conf" persist from world to world in a given Minetest session.

This is known to happen, with certainty, in cases where multiple worlds are stored and used locally. We haven't checked the status of the issue in server-side contexts yet.

2d. This particular bug won't be fixed in the short term.

One work-around is to specify settings in a group of worlds that may cause conflicts as completely as possible for each world in the group. I.e. Don't rely on defaults.

Another work-around will be in the Final MT code. We'll probably replace game-mode settings of the following form:

        enable_bucket_city = true
        enable_moontest = false
        enable_wonder = false

with something similar to the following

        game_mode = bucket_city

2e. To enable Builder Mode, use either of the following settings:

        enable_builder = true
        enable_builders = true

Additional documentation will be provided at a later date.

2f. A Moontest world is now included in the production packages. No settings are needed to use it. If you'd like to create your own Moontest world, several steps are required. The steps will be documented in the Bucket Game pages.

2g. Earth 2 is a complete 2nd Earth located up in space. It was added so that the Moontest could have both the Earth and the Moon. However, it's present in most other game modes as well unless you explicitly turn it off.

The switch to turn it off is:

        disable_earth2 = true

In Moontest mode, you can travel to Earth using "/earth". You can get back to the Moon using "/moon" or "/spawn" or one of the "/home..." commands.

In other modes, you can travel to Earth 2 using "/earth2". You can get back to Earth 1 using "/spawn" or one of the "/home..." commands.

Earth 2 is relatively slow because it's a pure-Lua mapgen. However, it's interesting as an example of that type.

2j. The "darkage" ore mapgen rules now support three modes: default, Wonder World, and original.

Default and Wonder World modes generate fewer of the "darkage" ores. To enable the original rules, use:

        darkage_ore_rules = true

3. World changes:

        * Add Star Dome to Bucket City
        * Add schem pair and documentation for Star Dome
        * Update the Bucket City map
        * Improved header image (courtesy of Poikilos)
        * Replace some textures with Drummyfish versions

4. Site changes:

        * Improved font family (courtesy of Poikilos)
        * More background images


1. Binary packages:

        * Add a 64-bit Linux binaries ZIP file
        * Add "small" versions of Linux and Windows ZIP files

2. Core changes:

        * Change "shaders" default back to "true"
        * Port commit: Don't apply "slippery" when swimming
        * Sync statbars code with Old Minetest
        * Integrate some CSM fixes

3. "_game" changes:

        * default:ice - Adjust groups
        * default:ice - Register slabs and stairs
        * Add Cave Ice and "icesheet" biome
        * default - Bug fix that should improve speed

4. Build kits:

        * Linux: Improve "build" script (mtcompile-program.sh)
        * Linux: Add a cleanup script (mtcleanup-program.sh)
        * Linux: Document how to build a portable Linux package
        * Windows: Improve documentation

5. World changes:

        * Add Dyer's Guild to Bucket City
        * Add schem pair and documentation for Dyer's Guild
        * Update the Bucket City map

6. Other changes:

        * Disable another Irrlicht warning message


1. Core changes:

        * Add auto-jump feature. Enabled by default.
        * Add pitch-fly / pitch-swim. Toggled by the "L" key.
        * Other bug fixes and tweaks

2. "_game" changes:

        * "moreblocks": Lighting bug fix. See note below.
        * "nether": Don't convert existing stairs

"moreblocks" slabs made out of default nodes no longer propagate sunlight unless they're transparent.

3. Site changes:

        * Add a separate "CoderEdit" page
        * Add Bucket City schems ZIP file to Downloads
        * Add Bucket City Schems 04 page
        * Improve smartphone support

4. World and other changes:

        * Update Bucket City map
        * Update "schems" directory in Bucket City
        * Disable Irrlicht "interlace" warning message
        * Fix Windows MT "shaders" support


1. "_game" changes:

        ambience: Add mod (see notes below)
        castle_masonry: Add support for more mods
        facade: Simplify new code
        mychisel: Add mod

"ambience" is enabled by default. To disable it, use the following config-file setting:

        disable_ambience = true

2. Core-engine changes:

        * Add several bug fixes from Old Minetest
        * Disable non-fixable warning about "suitable paramtype2"


1. "_game" changes:

        codermobs: Reduce loading verbosity
        decorpack: Reduce loading verbosity
        default: Add "desert_sandstone"
        default: Fix "cold desert" biome parameters
        facade: Add support for more mods suggested by CaptPete
        fortune: Add mod
        nether: Add a fork (see notes below)
        ocblocks: Register a few nodes with "pkarcs"
        pkarcs: Fix some warnings
        technic: Fix some warnings

The Bucket Game version of "nether" provides "nether" materials and also live-portal code, but the latter is disabled unless the following config-file setting is used:

        enable_nether_portal = true

This is a fork of Poikilos's fork of upstream.

2. Site changes:

        * Added "Minetest Changes" page
        * Switched to pseudo-3D nav-buttons


1. "_game" changes:

        codermobs: Add cacodemon
        darkage: Support pkarcs
        decoblocs: Support pkarcs
        facade: Don't register bricks for nodes lacking them
        flowerpot: Skip some non-existent plants
        lapis: Support pkarcs
        moreblocks: Support pkarcs
        pkarcs: Update mod
        quartz: Support pkarcs
        xdecor: Support pkarcs. Also update mod.

2. World changes:

* Updated Bucket City to latest map.


1. Build-kit changes:

* The Linux build kit now supports a build-git mode in addition to the default build-kit mode. See "linux-build-kit.txt".

2. Added these Lua API calls to the core engine:


These additions should improve compatibility with newer mods.

3. Basic "mod" changes:

        compost: Updated. Added meta-info.
        flowerpot: Updated. Added meta-info. Patched to be portable.
        hopper: Added. Added meta-info.
        pkarcs: Added. Added meta-info.

        ehlphabet: Added git history and meta-info.
        facade: Updated. Merged CaptPete changes.

4. Other "_game" changes:

* CoderEdit now allows you to turn off some of the information messages that it produces by default. To do so, use this "world.conf" setting:

        disable_coderedit_verbose = true

* A minor bug in CoderEdit has been corrected.

* By default, "default:apple" is now disabled. It's superseded by CoderApple (coderfruit:apple).

Note: Since "default:apple" is a node and "coderfruit:apple" is a craftitem, the 1st can't be fully replaced by an alias to the 2nd. So, the 1st is turned off entirely so as to avoid Node Resolver error messages.

If you don't wish to use CoderFruit, or you wish to retain "default:apple" regardless, use this "world.conf" setting:

        enable_default_apple = true

* A player falling-damage sound has been added. Thanks to Slopsbucket for selection of the sound.


1. Site change: Set up a P2P Minetest server list. It can't be taken down by any single party.

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