Minetest News 2012:

A few people have tried to rewrite Minetest history. It's not uncommon in real life or online. It's always funny because, you know, facts are facts. You can't just swish a magic broom and then the facts are gone.

But it doesn't stop people from trying.

The Old Coder has been active in Minetest for a significant chunk of his waking hours outside of work and legal cases for 7 years.

People have forgotten how long the Old Coder has been at this. Just for fun, here are some posts from 2012 through early 2013.

More screenshots from the period exist and will be worked in.

Minetest News 130106:

Updated minetest_game to current git version. Updated Vanessa World. Most worlds are connected to IRC now.

Vanessa was Vanessa Ezekowitz, one of the most important figures in Minetest. She reverted to her maiden name, Vanessa Dannenberg, after the death of her husband Abe in Fall 2017.

Replaced gloopores with glooptest. Patched existing mods to work with glooptest. Replaced glomie protector with Zeg9 version of the same mod. Added Animals, Craft Guide, and IRC support to most worlds.

Updated RBA Technic, Kaeza IRC, Vanessa Pipeworks, and Zeg9 Skins mods but preserved existing skins.

RBA was short for Real Bad Angel, one of Maciek Kasatkin's personas. This is a bit more about RBA below. Kaeza was Diego Martinez of Uruguay.

Mark Twain world: Added Peaceful NPC, Waterpush, and Workbench. Mark Twain world: Replaced protector with randomproof node_ownership. Additional tweaks to Mark Twain world.

Added Chains by Doc22, Diamonds by Infinity Project, Utility by Keriz, and UFOs by Zeg9 to one or more worlds.

Minetest News 121229:

World 30000 has an official name now: AngelFury. Added Conifers by Vanessa to most worlds. Connected some worlds to IRC using Kaeza IRC mod.

Sapier1's animals are now being tested in the Octuteam world. I asked Sapier1 to prepare a stable snapshot of his mod and he was willing to do so. The changes were appreciated.

A new world, Mark Twain, is now live on port 30010.

Minetest News 121213:

The OldCoder Server Nexus has been updated to Minetest 0.4.4. All 18 U.S. worlds. The Europe world will be updated later. Please test the worlds and report any problems.

Computers have been added to most worlds. The mod is by Kaeza.

To explain two parts here:

(a) The Server Nexus was an early collection of 19 worlds, many of them created by people who didn't want to run them any longer but didn't want them to die. The collection was named by NakedFury, an early Minetest figure.

(b) OldCoder paid for a Europe VPS specifically to run Minetest for European gamers who'd requested it.

Minetest News 121208:

I've added a new world, as yet unnamed. This world includes V.E.'s house, shown in the screenshot below. It's for demo purposes only. The world won't have interact for a while as V.E. is still working on things.

Minetest Vanessa House

Minetest News 121206:

* Added Trashcan by Baby Face
* Updated Octutool by Octupus

Minetest News 121204:

* Added Bridges by Sokomine. Made a minor fix suggested by Baby Face.
* Updated Home Decor by VanessaE
* Gave VanessaE's textures priority over Dokutext textures
* Added octutool by Octupus to most worlds
* At Vanessa's suggestion, patched 3D Forniture to remove Rounded Trees and 3D Papyrus. This should speed up things a bit. Also removed Repair Trees as it is only needed if Rounded Trees are used.
* Updated Places by Zeg9
* Zegaton changes, made at Zeg9 request: Replaced inv_improved with Places. Added Inventory Plus, bags, bridges, and camouflage
* Added More Faces by Dogzilla131
* Reverted Desert Uses to a previous version due to a bug that turned up in a new version

Octupus was one of the aliases, or personas, of Maciek Kasatkin, also known as Real Bad Angel, Landmine, Misael Roman, The Red Mood, and Jordach.

Minetest News 121202:

* Added Places mod by Zeg9 to most worlds. This mod allows players to record locations and descriptions of their places.
* Added Inventory Improved mod by Zeg9 to Zegaton. Similar to Places but not compatible with Inventory Plus.
* The OldCoder MT server framework now includes workarounds for EnvArgsEnd and PlayerArgsEnd corruption
* Removed teleporters:teleporter from Zegaton at Zeg9 request
* Updated Desert Uses by Menche

Minetest News 121201:

* Removed TNT from Zegaton at Zeg9 request. Also added Ghostash player avatar.

Minetest News 121128:

* Added support for individual 2D avatars — PilzAdam code
* Created a few new 2D avatars
* Added More Flags by Dogzilla131
* Added Secret Passages by Gatharoth
* Added Scaffolding by DanteLives
* Added Desert Uses by Menche
* Added Unified Bricks by wowiamdiamonds
* Updated Flowers by VanessaE
* Merged some upstream patches
* Improvements to the server framework

Minetest News 121121:

* Added a new world: Zegaton. This is Zeg9's world, which I'll be hosting now. Presently located at 30015.

Minetest News 121117:

* Added a new world: Veritas. This is a large creative world. Presently located at 30014.

Minetest News 121112:

* Patched Inventory Plus to fix a crash. Updated Farming Minus, Gems, and GloopOres. Added a new world: Harbor. Alternate Tux World has been successfully regenerated and buildings have been moved to the new terrain.

Minetest News 121110:

* Updated Technic.

Minetest News 121107:

* Added Gems by NekoGloop.

Minetest News 121106:

* Replaced all farming in PilzAdam world with Farming Minus.

Minetest News 121103:

* Updated Octublock. Dropped Octuwater for now at Octupus request.

Minetest News 121031:

* Dropped dicormod for now as it causes crashes

Minetest News 121030:

* Switched to Real Bad Angel version of More Blocks for the time being; this version fixes a recipe issue. Updated Octublock. Tested WorldEdit //metasave and //metaload against LevelDB; no problems observed so far. Real Bad Angel world was damaged by lava so we reverted to a backup copy.

Minetest News 121029:

* Several worlds have been converted successfully from SQLite3 to LevelDB including the largest of the current worlds, Calinou World. Some problems in the conversion procedure have been corrected with thexyz's assistance.

Calinou is Hugo Locurcio.

* Technic has been updated. The Octublock and Octucard mods have been added to the Octuteam world. The Octuteam world seems to be stable now and coming along nicely.

Minetest News 121026:

* The Octuteam world died. However, converting from SQLite3 to LevelDB seemed to help. The world is back though the castle hasn't been reconstructed yet.

LevelDB was actually a bad idea due to frequent corruption. It's recommended that anybody still using LevelDB for Minetest migrate back to SQLite3.

* WorldEdit has been updated to fix some bugs.
* DokuTest has been updated to support Gloop Ores and More Ores. Node Owner has been dropped for now.
* World Time has been dropped for now except for Calinou World

Minetest News 121023:

* Built a MT server that supports LevelDB and MySQL
* Added a MT world on port 30013 that uses LevelDB

Minetest News 121022:

* Updated Technic. Removed item_pickup and timber from Technic worlds as it now obsoletes them. Added a Technic related patch to the default mod.

Minetest News 121021:

* Wrote general build instructions for Linux Minetest servers and clients

Minetest News 121020:

* Updated the Windows Minetest client programs
* Additionally, built a Debian version of both the Minetest server and the client. This release adds Taoki's anaglyphics feature.

Minetest News 121019:

* Built new Windows Minetest client programs. This release includes a filters patch by Vanessa, preloaded media, a copy of minetest_game, and updated mods.

Minetest News 121015:

* Fixed some crashes in Town Test. Added new textures. Updated Mesecons and Snow. Thexyz repaired database damage in the Calinou world.

Minetest News 121014:

* I'm hosting the Calinou world now.

* Added new mods to OldCoder modset: Animated Water, Bookmarks, Colored Wood, Hydro, Node Ownership, Set Home, and World Time. Some of these also went into the SkyCoder modset.

* Updated Ambience; there's some new music. Also updated redsand. Added Bones and Map Tools to the Calinou world; they aren't used elsewhere yet.

Minetest News 121013:

* Updated Farming, Farming Plus, Flowers, and Town Test
* Added one mod to the OldCoder and Skyblock modsets: Red Sand

Minetest News 121012:

* Switched Map Tools, More Blocks, More Ores and Stairs Plus, all by Calinou, from the original versions to the current git versions

Minetest News 121011:

* Added two mods to the OldCoder modset: Timber and Wool Craft
* Updated Home Decor
* Removed PilzAdam Throwing for now because Jango Fett 154 has reported multiple issues with the mod

Minetest News 121010:

* Added a mod to the OldCoder modset: bobblocks
* Updated Home Decor and Technic. Added a new world: HolaMundo.
* Added a Minetest client program for SolusOS 1.2-x86

Minetest News 121009:

* Added a new world: M13 Xiphos
* Added a mod to the OldCoder modset: Locked Signs
* Updated Technic
* Added new lava by Real Bad Angel
* Renamed files to remove spaces in filenames

Minetest News 121008:

* Changed the default player image to be a person and not a specter
* Updated Flowers and DokuTest
* Minor fixes to PilzAdam World
* Built a Minetest client for Fedora 17 GNOME i686

Minetest News 121007:

Lots of Minetest news today.

* There's a new Windows Minetest client program available for download at minetest.org. This program is faster than the old series and is also loaded with mods for offline use.

* I set up a Minetest server in Europe at europe.minetest.org. This one is hosted by anunakki.

* Added a new Minetest world based on PilzAdam's minetest_game fork.

* Replaced Old Tuxworld with the Tuxworld that mrtux had been running on his Windows server.

* Added sound effects and music to most worlds. In other words, Ambience. Note: This change means that the client program will take longer to load the first time it is used. However, it should load at normal speed for subsequent runs.

* Added mods to the OldCoder modset: OctuWater, PilzAdam Clouds, and PilzAdam Signs.

* Updated Technic. Dropped carts for now as they have two problems: they lock up on stairs and they contribute to lag on servers.

Minetest News 121006:

* The MineTest Server Nexus is now located at minetest.org.

* Added mods to the OldCoder modset: Farming Plus and Town Test. Also added DokuTest textures provided by NakedFury.

Minetest News 121005:

* Updated mods: Farming, Home Decor, Mesecons, Technic. Replaced Jeija's version of Throwing with PilzAdam's version.

* NakedFury has dubbed this collection of worlds the “OldCoder Server Nexus”.

* Fast is now on by default and has been granted to existing players as well. Anticheat mode has been disabled to bypass some possible bugs.

Minetest News 121002:

* Added a new world: Puzzle Islands. Added a mod to the OldCoder modset: Teleporter. Extended worlds framework; mods can be updated more easily now. Added more screenshots to the worlds web page.

Minetest News 121001:

* Updated mod: Home Decor

Minetest News 120930:

* Added a new world: New Tuxworld
* Added mods to the OldCoder and SkyCoder modsets: 3dforniture, Clean, Repair Trees
* At VanessaE's request, replaced some non-free images with free versions
* Updated to latest Skyblock, Home Decor, and minetest_game git code

Minetest News 120929:

* Added a new world: OpenMine
* Added a mod to the OldCoder and SkyCoder modsets: Item Pickup
* Dropped Workers because they crash servers too frequently

Minetest News 120928:

* Added mods to the OldCoder modset: Beds, Home Decor, Protector
* Added a new world: Diaspar
* Rebuilt Minetest server software using latest git sources

Minetest News 120926:

* Due to griefing, the servers are now whitelisted. Additionally, the Interact privilege is no longer enabled by default.

* Added mods to the OldCoder modset: Carts, dicormod, Snow, Throwing, Workers, xpanes

Minetest News 120925:

* The servers now restart automatically after crashes.

* The server construction procedure now provides for patching mods. Added some patches. Added mods to the OldCoder set and SkyCoder modsets.

* Removed fire mod from all worlds as an attempt to reduce crashes. Added a new world: Mazebint.

Minetest News 120924:

* Rebuilt the AWS EC2 instance from scratch and documented all steps involved. Switched from EC2 Micro mode to EC2 Small mode. Updated to latest Skyblock.

* Dropped armor for now since it complicates PVP mode. Added mods to Skyblock world. Added Fast to default Skyblock privileges at NekoGloop's suggestion.

Minetest News 120923:

Created a new Amazon AWS EC2 instance. Compiled Minetest 0.4.1 and 0.4.3 on the EC2. Built Minetest 0.4.1 and 0.4.3 server trees. Added two 0.4.3 worlds (default and Skyblock). Added one 0.4.1 world (Tuxworld). Started a Minetest webpage.

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