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170819 Might be useful

I don't presently believe that Andrew Lee, himself, set up the child pornography activity that occurred at Freenode this week. I do believe that “Null”, who threatened me subsequently, may have been an employee or associate of Lee's.

If so, one problem for Lee is that “Null” got the details of the incident wrong. So, whoever sent “Null” has egg on their face.

The key question is, who orchestrated the incident? I believe it was one of the DDoSers that Christel Dahlskjaer, aka Christel of Freenode, is supporting.

For those who agree that the incident this week should be reported and addressed, here is the nick of somebody who might be able to shed light on the matter:


TvAnenna is, apparently, a teenage or adult male pretending to be a younger girl.

He may, or may not, be a particular pretend girl who has hung around Paul Shiva-Jiva's server(s) off and on for 1 to 2 years. The girl in question talks about being raped by Santa Claus.

TvAnenna has also told sexual anecdotes, which isn't necessarily unusual, but in the two cases, the pattern was similar: a teenage boy or a man was excited by pretending to be an adolescent girl who talked about sex.

I don't have statistics on this, but the Minetest project hasn't encountered that many of these people.

TvAnenna comes to mind due to an odd conversation that took place on August 4, 2017.

TvAnenna approached me and said that he wanted to talk about a “scandal”. He commented on the fact that I'd talked to a reporter. He referenced the Christian Loosli matter and expressed concerns that the story might make “national news”.

This seemed over the top. The part that's most interesting, though, is what TvAnenna said at the end. He closed with a remark about how he didn't “spread rumors about” people because they might do it to him.

Sure, this must be a coincidence :P

TvAnenna dropped carrier before I could respond. I asked him, days later, why he'd left without allowing me to comment. He responded that his grandmother had fallen right then and he'd had to rush to save her.

When TvAnenna showed up originally, a while back, I thought that he might be one of Jordach's pretend online identities.

The nick is similar to the ones that Jordach used back in 2012. But I don't believe that Jordach would do what was done this week.

The Santa Claus “girl”, who also likes to use pretend identities, seems like a better match.

Additionally, Jordach is a heavy VPN user. TvAnenna doesn't seem to use VPNs; which means, actually, that it might be possible to identify him.

In IRC and in-game, I see only two IPV4 addresses for TvAnenna, both with Charter Communications, both in the same part of Tennessee, and both in the same telephone area code (423):

IPV4 Latitude 36.1864 Longitude -82.0933
IPV4   Latitude 36.4713 Longitude -81.8144

Hm. And here are some interesting remarks that TvAnenna made in May:

<TvAnenna> When someone tries to mess with me, I'll run a nmap and hydra attack on em
<TvAnenna> I dont do any black hat magic
<TvAnenna> just the kinda stuff to let them know not to mess with me

Yes, this sounds like a typical 12-year-old girl. Or possibly not :P

170810 Minetest changes

1. The parts related to project history, people, and Freenode are moving to new tabs. Presently, most of that is at this link.

Vanessa Ezekowitz, Auke Kok, Perttu Ahola, and others will get their own pages or articles in the short term.

NEWS 170429:

A new world, OldCoder Capture the Flag, is up and running at:

Server:     Port: 30017

This world is presently based on an unmodified copy of Rubenwardy's CTF modset.

An experienced CTF player says that it's a pretty close match, and replacement, for Rubenwardy's CTF world, which has shut down.

Map, goals, and rules are the same as before.

Minetest Capture the Flag

NEWS 170428:

The answers to red-002's questions have been moved to the unsorted page for now.

As an update, red-002 seems to have acknowledged that he mis-read the “/tracker” link that he talked about before.

NEWS 170427:

* Minetest, the Community Edition, would like to welcome red-002 of Dublin as a reader.

* The ServerError: Lua: Invalid float vector dimension range error cropped up in Lord of the Test (LOTT) on the morning of April 27.

I'd never seen this error before, but encountered it twice in the space of a few hours - in two totally different Minetest _games.

LOTT's _game hadn't changed much in months. Conclusion: This may be related either to a core bug or to a core fix that exposes a common bug in old _game code.

NEWS 170426:

This post will be moved to a new modding section in due course.

I was asked recently how to make Quest Test mobs spawn Experience Orbs if you fought such mobs and won.

It proved to be trickier than expected. Both Quest Test and Experience had bugs.

This post provides fixes for the bugs as well as the code needed for the requested feature. It also outlines, for novice Minetest modders, how I approach issues of this type.

The first step was to create a test world.

In this case, the test world was based on Mineville, the new standard Minetest _game, plus Quest Test, Experience, and playereffects, which Quest Test requires.

It was clear in advance that I was going to be modifying Quest Test and that the modified Quest Test was going to depend on Experience. So, I added an experience line to Quest Test's depends.txt file.

I didn't include TenPlus1's Mobs Redo API.

TenPlus1's Mobs Redo API has a hook for mob death named on_die that would work well for the desired purpose.

But the request was to make this work for Quest Test, which has its own Mobs API.

I omitted a few of Quest Test's dependencies. In practice, world hosts would need to add all of them.

I booted the test world and ran into a problem. The world crashed repeatedly with this error message:

ServerError: Lua: Invalid float vector dimension range 'x' (expected -2.14748e+06 < x < 2.14748e+06 got -nan

This problem turned out to be related to Quest Test Mobs API code that had been inherited from older mods.

Simple fixes didn't work. In the end, I rewrote parts of the function involved. The patch is provided further down.

The next step was to try to get Quest Test mob deaths to create Experience Orbs.

Quest Test's Mobs API code was in a file named qt_mobs/api.lua.

The code omitted on_die or similar hooks but did include a standard Minetest on_punch function. And the on_punch function included code to implement object drops on mob deaths.

Eureka. In theory, this was all that I needed. I implemented the requested feature by adding new code to that part of on_punch. The new code was just two lines long:

local pos = self.object:getpos()
minetest.env:add_entity (pos, "experience:orb")

At the point where the code was added, self.object was guaranteed to be the entity object associated with a dying mob.

I spawned some Quest Test mobs and battled them to the death. But nothing special happened. The new code simply wasn't called.

I'd added the new code to the mobs code that implemented drop objects on death. So why wasn't it called at the same time that objects were dropped?

The answer was simple. A test showed that Quest Test's mobs didn't actually drop objects on death. The code for this was present, but it didn't line up with the Minetest Lua API.

I fixed that issue. The patch is provided further down.

Quest Test mob deaths spawned Experience Orbs. Success. Except for the fact that Experience Orbs caused crashes when I asked a player to test the new code.

Oh, well.

The Experience Orbs crashes occurred because the Experience mod didn't create a required data file in some cases. So, I patched that issue. The result was a working _game.

Screenshots of a Quest Test mob and Experience Orbs created by battles with such mobs are shown below. Patches and ZIP files are provided after the jump.

This particular mob is the deadly Crystal Man. Quest Test includes a few additional creatures, such as the Nether Zombie, the QT Alien, and Quest Test's versions of the Pig and the Snowman.

Minetest Crystalman Mob
Minetest Experience Orb

To browse or download a patch file for the Experience changes discussed above, click here.

To browse or download a patch file for the Quest Test changes discussed above, click here.

The patch files are in standard Linux patch-file format. Note: They won't display well on phones.

To get the ZIP files for the complete modified mods, including my changes, use this link for Experience and this link for Quest Test.

My versions of the mods are not necessarily synced with upstream. They'll work with copies of Mineville downloaded at the same time. However, they may not be compatible with minetest_game.

Note that minetest_game is deprecated.

NEWS 170423:

* I was asked recently, how do you make Rubenwardy's awards mod dispense actual prizes as opposed to status bumps?

Well, first, I'd like to note that the mod should be named Rubenawardy :P It stands to reason, right?

But, to dispense a prize, just edit the Lua register_achievement call for the award that you'd like to prize-ify and add a prizes line similar to the one shown below.

The prizes line goes in the settings list outside of the trigger block.

This particular example gives the player a diamond as an award for digging his or her first dirt.

awards.register_achievement ("awards_dirt", {
    background  = "awards_bg_mining.png"    ,
    description = S("Mine your first dirt") ,
    icon        =
"default_obsidian.png^awards_level1.png"    ,
    prizes      = { "default:diamond"  }    ,
    title       = S("Dirt")                 ,

    trigger  = {
        node   = "default:dirt" ,
        target = 1              ,
        type   = "dig"          ,

Your phone or window is too narrow to see the code. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switching to a PC.

NEWS 170421:

A dedicated and friendly group of upstream trolls DDoSed on Friday. To ensure uninterrupted service, we're moving to Cloudflare for now.

This will mean that world addresses will need to switch from to some other hostname so that the website can continue to operate.

Thanks for confusing the kids, friends, and for disrupting worlds that have been in place for years.

NEWS 170419:

* It's our understanding that upstream Minetest has broken things again. The solution is simple: Run Minetest, the community edition, the one with sneak, improved games, and soon 64x64 skins and complete, ready to host, worlds.

The one that listens, the one that adds your own stuff, and the one with an inclusive philosophy.

Or you can run the unstable Minetest that breaks your worlds. The one that talks to you like this:

<sfan5> and in all honesty i am getting tired of this
<Shara> Break it in a way that doesn't alienate so many people.
<sfan5> unless there is disgreement in the dev team the second PR will be the best you see
<sfan5> have fun doing your hostile fork
<sfan5> have fun seein the fork die

It's your choice. But feel free to offer Minetest, the friendly version, your own mods, drawings, Blender models, suggestions, and requests. We won't make fun of your concerns or talk about how your efforts should die.

For now, contact is by Freenode IRC in #minetest-project. PM OldCoder there for voice. A email address will be set up.

NEWS 170415:

* Moontest zoomable maps have been added to the zoomable maps system. To go to that section, click here.

These maps only cover the Lunar underground through low orbit. Earth will be added at a later date.

The 1st screenshot below shows DFeniks' and T.J. Beylik's Sky Palace, which floats in the sky a little to the east of Moontest spawn. To see a zoomable map of the area, click here.

The 2nd screenshot shows Moontest Funland. To see a zoomable map of the area, click here. The circle to the left, or west, of Funland is the Flower Jar, a tall greenhouse.

Moontest Sky Palace
Moontest Funland

NEWS 170414:

* In Minetest, zoomable map generation requires a data file named colors.txt. This file provides color definitions for Minetest nodes.

Vanessa hosts a copy of the file that holds about 15,700 definitions. It's outdated for some purposes, so is pleased to announce that an updated copy with 23,040 definitions is now available.

To download a ZIP file containing the updated colors.txt file, click here.

If you need Vanessa's version for compatibility reasons, a mirror of that file as it was in April 2017 may be obtained at this link.

NEWS 170413:

* Updated Landrush zoomable maps have been added to the zoomable maps system. To go to that section, click here.

The 1st screenshot below shows parts of 4 subterranean levels of a large Landrush complex by NiQo. To see a zoomable map of the complex, click here.

The 2nd screenshot below shows the Harpold Community Center. To see a zoomable map of the area, click here.

Update: A new colors.txt data file is available. For more information, scroll up to the 170414 news section.

Minetest Landrush Subterranean Complex
Minetest Landrush Harpold Center

NEWS 170412:

A new world named Mandelbox, possibly just temporary, has been launched. This is a fractal world based on code by Mator the Eternal. The layout is a little unusual. I've taken the liberty of adding strawberry cake as one of the fractal palette nodes.

The world is presently located at:

Server:   Port: 30028

For screenshots, see below.

Minetest Fractal Mandelbox
Minetest Fractal Mandelbox

NEWS 170411:

<PureTryOut[m]> what does sugar rush do exactly?
<iisu> Speeds up the player for 5 seconds and deals 2HP damage per second.
<DS-minetest> unrealistic
<DS-minetest> let's add diabetes
<OldCoder> Diabetes. Actually, inclusive isn't bad.
<OldCoder> Let players play as somebody disabled.
<OldCoder> MT skin with missing leg.
<OldCoder> Or wheelchair.
<OldCoder> Wheelchair would be instructive. It would not go up hills.
<iisu> But it would go well down the hills.
* OldCoder laughs
<OldCoder> iisu, thanks, I needed that

NEWS 170407:

* Added a test gallery. It doesn't display titles yet, it's slow to load, and it may not be mobile-friendly. But, it's a start.

Note: To get into full-screen mode, press the X-like button. To get out of full-screen mode, press Escape.

* Added Meowtest to the zoomable maps section.

* Wuzzy has reservations related to the use of CC BY-NC-ND for the site, but acknowledges that the intended scope of the license is reasonable.

* On a related note, we've been asked about factors that distinguish from One is that this site will most likely be the one that, directly or indirectly, holds the trademark.

* Work on CoderSea was delayed by unanticipated events in March. However, work is expected to resume prior to Summer.

Work on Minesplice will resume as well. Plans presently call for the tool to be released as a closed-source library. License issues are under assessment.

NEWS 170405:

* The Mineville game has been added to the Minetest source tarball.

* benrob reports that upstream sneak has improved. Shara expresses concerns related to problems with 2-node jump. Plus, what about sneak distance?

Minetest, the community edition, won't be accepting upstream's proposed sneak changes until more progress is observed.

* Sparky has released a new beta test version of the Whinny mod. Copies will be hosted here in due course.

* Grandolf has built Linux Minetest using a freshly installed copy of Zesty Zapus. He's a CLI novice, but he was able to proceed with minimum instruction. Additionally, his copy works fine.

Grandolf's experiment is appreciated. We figure that the right scripts and tutorials will help other novices to get started with Minetest community edition development and hosting.

* celeron55 and OldCoder had a productive meeting on April 5. One unresolved question is, should associations in a FOSS project of Minetest's nature be viewed as professional, as personal, or as both?

NEWS 170404:

* The core tree is synced with upstream git except for legacy sneak and an octacian change discussed on the Minetest home page.

* Added new minetest.conf settings at octacian's suggestion. These can be used to tailor the player-joined message.

* There's a new Windows Minetest ZIP. It's bundled with two games: CloneCraft and Mineville. Now with LuaJIT: Fast is a blast. For details and the download, click here.

* A Redcrab zoomable map is now available. For a list of links, click here.

NEWS 170331:

* Take a Peek at Sneak. Sneak is fixed. Latest also fixes the serialization errors. It proved impractical to revert the map changes, so they're in again.

* Started to add zoomable maps to

* has been updated to https.

COMING: (1) New minetest game, minimal game, and other games will be bundled. (2) Later, LOTTA will be posted. That's a little copy of LOTT's center city. Good for people who want an existing world to experiment with. (3) After that, the new Android GUI. We have lots of plans, Minetest fans.

Under construction

Under construction

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