Free Minetest hosting:

Is your Raspberry Pi too slow? Would you like to have a Minetest world online? No fiddling with port forwarding or VPSes?

Would loads of hardware, free support, and a monthly charge of zero dollars work?

Here are the parameters:

* Cost per month: Zero. Cost for the premium plan: Zero. Cost for the platinum plan: Zero. Actually, all of the plans are platinum.

* RAM: 32GB. Maximum disk space: 20GB. Or 40GB for worlds that call for it.

* DNS: Free. We'll even give important worlds their own subdomains.

* IRC: Your world is connected to an IRC channel

* Discord: We'll throw in a Discord channel just to show off

* Server software: Final Minetest

* Modset for new worlds: Bucket Game

* Modset for existing worlds: We might agree to host your modset

* Modding: If you're tech inclined, we'll teach you to mod

* Forum for your world: Yes (for a sample forum, click here)

* World lasts forever: Yes. All good worlds will be distributed. Even after the servers die, the worlds will live on.

* Download snapshots of your world: Yes

In short, there's no better deal on the planet. Minetest Hosting would be hard-pressed to match it.

Are there catches? Sure, lots of them.

We're so generous that we're practically giving the store away. However, there are rules:

* We don't take everybody. Just promising worlds and/or builders.

* You must know or learn IRC. No exceptions.

* You must spend time in your world's IRC channel. No exceptions.

* If you're inactive, your world gets turned into a museum

* If you can't keep fighting under control, your world gets turned into a museum

* Your maps and mods become part of Creative Commons

* You can't be under age 13 unless your parents represent you

* If you don't have a world to offer, you must prove you can build

* Must write good English (it doesn't need to be your native language)

Interested? Do one of two things:

* Set up IRC and get to #minetest (or)

* Send email to [email protected]

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