About the Minetest book:

Readers interested in the status of the Minetest book will be pleased to hear that these people will receive appropriate credit for their contributions:

Andrew Ward
Auke-Jan Kok
Christel Dahlskjaer
Christian Loosli
Craig Robbins
Diego Martinez
Duane Robertson
Hugo Locurcio
Lars Hofhansl
Leonard DuBoff
Loic Blot
Matt Gregory
Nathanael Courant
Paul LeBlanc
Perttu Ahola
Stacey Serafin
Vanessa Dannenberg

Most of the relevant material, being as it is a sidebar to the project, will be hosted at the Fierce Fibers site.

Auke-Jan Kok and Stacey Serafin have graciously expressed an interest in the Fierce Fibers site and can direct people to it.

For the letters page, click here.

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