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I've noticed that the Minetest store is down and will address that when time permits.

180413 Auke Kok Travel So Far

Auke Kok, travel so far
Wish upon a shining star

On Thursday, April 12, a typical anonymous troll stopped by while I was asleep, ranted for a while, and dropped carrier before I could respond.

I'm not sure of what had ruffled the troll's dull feathers. The visit seemed pointless. However, it did remind me that I hadn't gotten around to posting the latest Auke Kok Update.

Leonard Duboff, Blind Attorney

Auke-Jan Kok, aka Sofar, demanded in early 2018, through his initial attorney Leonard Duboff of Portland, Oregon, that I respond to legal points raised by the attorney in question.

Leonard Duboff is physically blind, which is interesting, but he's also a fool. One that may have violated Oregon State Bar standards.

I like to munch on attorneys who miscalculate. It started with the gag-order cases that ran from 2012 to 2013. So, I wrote a legal analysis.

By early February, I'd largely completed the analysis. But I set it aside to work on copies of Minetest France and Axinite City that were requested. Now, I need to finish something else before I focus on the legal analysis again.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

I couldn't let Auke-Jan think that I was impolite. So, about two weeks ago, I wrote a one-page letter explaining that I intended to get around to finishing the legal analysis.

I chose a process server in Auke-Jan's area to deliver the letter. The company waited patiently while I worked on the text. Which got longer and longer.

Yes, Perttu Ahola and Nathanael Courant, I'm “detailed” It's not actually something to be ashamed of.

Fierce Fibers

In the end, the one-page letter turned into a 14-page introduction to the Minetest book.

I had it delivered to Stacey Serafin — since Leonard Duboff had made threats on behalf of one of her companies and since she was the one who was present — at the building in the 3300 block of SE Pepperwood.

As a note to attorneys and others, Auke-Jan and Stacey are apparently running two businesses out of that building — Thoroughly Thwacked and Fierce Fibers — unless the businesses have been set up in a different building as part of a recent relocation.

So, barring the latter possibility, the associated address is supposed to be public information, though it appears that the two businesses aren't in compliance with the laws of the State of Oregon.

We'll come back to that issue.

Minetest Click Here

Here is the document in question. For Auke-Joy, fun for every girl and boy, click on the following link, which includes thoughts and the kitchen sink:


I still need to finish the legal analysis. Which will be combined with this PDF to produce a document of decent size. I'll start to organize Minetest character sketches after that.

Add the following elements ...

Happy Dance

* a project history
* the unusual case of genuine Multiple Personality Disorder at the heart of the project
* the story of Vanessa Dannenberg Ezekowitz's life and death from medical issues
* the loss of Abe Ezekowitz and how the Minetest community reacted
* thoughts related to anonymity and the diffusion of responsibility
* the Minetest child pornography incident
* Freenode's cover-up of child sexual abuse
* the roles that Christel Dahlskjaer and Christian Loosli have played

... top it off with lessons that can be learned... and we should be good to go.

Minetest Elven Funeral

180205 Worlds Review Shall Ensue

This isn't quite a post yet. I'm just assembling notes here related to what I'm finding in the MT worlds universe.

* Vanessa and I might have, together, 1/4 to 1/2 of the MT worlds that are (a) public, (b) mature and high quality, (c) fast, and (d) robust. I'm not sure yet, but it's starting to look that way. I'll update the numbers as I look further.

* Candidates, so far, that might meet the criteria: Minetest France. Russian Harbor. Home Town. Survival X. LinuxWorks NG. Telesight Miner's World. SONOS; might be too slow.

* Worlds that are interesting, but crashy or very slow or have other technical problems: Red Cat Creative. Woolyland. Hasanalsamra. IHR Fussel. Greek CITY 2. Creative Gardens. Master Builder's Enclave.

* Not public: Megaf.

* Not sure: Polski. Thomas Time Travel.

* Not empty, but limited and without much promise so far: Flame Fireling; nice name, though.

* These worlds seem to be largely empty: Telesight Techno. Telesight Fantasy. Boolsh*t Landrush. Kudisla. Telesight Clouds. Olympus has Risen.

Telesight Techno is empty, but it gets an A+ grade for spawn. Spawn looks like a Frys Electronics store with a giant statue of the robot from the movie Metropolis standing guard. The real store chain ought to have this.

180201 Glitch is a B*tch Sympathy in Minetest

This message is an expression of sympathy related to recent random occurrences:

* Red Cat Creative's initial outage
* the February 1st crash of that world despite patches that were supposed to prevent this
* the temporary shutdown of Megaf's treasure trove of builds
* and of ihrFussel's neatly organized garden
* the loss, possibly permanent, of additional MT worlds

As a related note, I see that Megaf has taken his world semi-private. The reason isn't clear. His remarks on the subject are largely “drama”.

This will, of course, be negative for a project, Minetest, that was already in decline. I'll comment further below regarding the limited number of quality worlds.

Shara has engaged in “drama” as well.

She's talked about a “malicious attack” as though a glitch was significant. About “piecing together” a world as though she didn't have backups. But she was always a ham.


The DDoSes committed against this website, the defamation forum run by Auke Kok and Andrew Ward, the stalking and harassment by their associates, the child abuse issue in Spring 2017, and the pornography incident in Fall 2017... now, those things could be referred to as “malicious”.

The best part was that it started because I agreed to do a favor for Shara. She repaid the favor by using the IRC log-disabled feature to work with the DDoSers.

I'm there, of course, so it's pointless :)

It never occurred to the fools that, like Jordach, I maintain multiple IRC identities as well as game identities. Each with its own IPV4.

Red Iosif “Daniel” likes to mock the fact that I use a predictable setup for the disposable nicks. Addressing Red, um, half-wit, they're disposable. The more significant identities take real work now, so I'm careful with them.

And, Red, are you a slow learner? If so, do you recall the following log-disabled discussion from circa New Year's Day?

Tape Recorder

23:31 <xerox123_> [off] who's Craig?
23:31 <rubenwardy> [off] Zeno`
23:31 <@VanessaE> [off] Zeno`
23:31 <xerox123_> [off] ah
23:34 <dagreatnate> No, Im not NateChip
23:35 <Emerald2> Yeah I guess not. He'd be called NateChip. :P

This exchange took place shortly after I'd supposedly been kicked. Good luck figuring out who among those who were present at the time was me :P

As a related note, I haven't created the chat-logger client yet, but the regular client works just fine for now.

I simply lurk in multiple worlds concurrently. I log chat and, as a bonus, I get transcripts for obscure IRC channels.

This is how I learned of Red Iosif “Daniel's” website, not that there's anything significant on it.

I've wondered, actually, if Red guessed that I was present and mentioned his website in the hopes of getting a valid IPV4 for me.

Red Iosif Daniel site
Spade in Minetest

Let's call a spade a spade. Shara is probably Jordach. But this isn't proven.

What we do know is that Shara is, to use Red's favorite words, “making up” an attack.

Red Iosif “Daniel” used the words previously to describe DDoS that he'd committed. Now, he's hanging out with Shara. Perhaps he was bored and broke her world.

However, the current issue seems broad in scope. My guess is that an engine glitch is responsible.

Megaf speculates that the issue is related to mapgen. But that doesn't seem consistent with what happened to Red Cat Creative on February 1.

Freeze Tag

If it's a engine glitch, it might be a b*tch to fix. And it doesn't seem to be mod-level. I hear that Shara's world crashed on February 1 despite mod-level changes that were supposed to prevent this.

It appears that one of the new mods, one that children can use to “freeze” random visitors for fun, is a failure as well. Didn't a kid troll try to freeze somebody on the 1st only to see them respond “:P” and zoom off?

Oh, well. Back to the drawing board.

Run-Away Rabbit

The engine problem, if there is one, probably can't be fixed without negatively affecting gameplay.

This is just speculation, of course. If it's true, though, decreased functionality will be a regrettable step for a project that is already at risk.

It's a no-win situation for the run-away rabbits that make up the engine side.

The big picture, though, is more important. Whether or not Shara is Jordach, the decisions of these two people have damaged the prospects of the project.

Minetest decisions

I've been looking at the server list. I need to understand the different types of worlds that are out there.

One result has come as a surprise. There are far fewer serious worlds, worlds that might help to take the project to the next level, than I'd imagined.

In fact, useful as the Minetest engine is, the part that the core developers mock is more important... and the state of affairs on that side is disappointing. I'll comment further in a newer post.

Imagine that over the past year, people experienced with servers, media, online worlds, business, marketing, and — yes — trademarks had been allowed to focus on bringing the game side up to professional quality.

We could have created the game-side framework that Jordach has talked about by now.

Andrew Ward Rubenwardy of Minetest

Instead, there's been months of nonsense. From adults as well as children.

The Minetest group has engaged in DDoS, stalking, harassment, defamation, death threats, simulated child pornography, and faux pas of other types.

By the way, on New Year's Eve, Andrew Ward of Bristol, England — you know him as Rubenwardy — admitted that the pornography incident in Fall 2017 had occurred.

Contradicting his words “Yup, yup, yup” in the defamation forum and ensuring that he bears legal responsibility for the defamation.

Truth or Consequences

The legitimate and reasonable consequences, in real life, to one adult in the core group, Auke Kok, will be demonstrated this month as promised elsewhere. You know Auke Kok of Intel Corporation, of course, as sofar.

I've spelled things out to the trolls. Some of them have looked me up and know that I've told the truth. The truth about everything, including how I've spent the last 6 years. But it's like talking to rocks.

Normals aren't able to listen and to process facts.

The consequences to the project are that Jordach and Shara have helped to break something that they cared about and that might have gone somewhere.

180126 I Love a Portland Mystery

I noticed on January 22 that I'd had a visit from Portland, Oregon. I just got around today to looking closer. The visitor came from IPV4 He or she used Windows 10 and Firefox Quantum.

As a side note, I recommend that Firefox power users switch from Quantum to Basilisk. Firefox Quantum has a temporary speed advantage over Chrome but has jettisoned a decade's worth of useful and even indispensable extensions. If you use extensions, Basilisk is the better choice.

Possible Leonard DuBoff Portland, Oregon visit

The visitor's IPV4 geolocates, presently, to ISP POP hardware near the 8700 block of South-West Locust Street in Portland, Oregon. Technical note: Geolocation results change over time. For example, IPV4s are frequently reassigned.

The location could easily be off by blocks. However, it's only 2.5 miles from Leonard DuBoff's South-West Hampton Street office.

So, the visitor might be Mr. DuBoff or an assistant. If it's Mr. DuBoff himself, I'm curious as to how a blind attorney is able to process a web page that isn't designed for the visually impaired.

He might use audio software. However, that would take a long time for some of the Haggis Hell pages. Especially since there's code on the pages. It might take hours to read code out loud. But how could you configure audio software to skip it?

The DuBoffs are believed not to hold copyright to the following photo

Photo that is not owned by Leonard DuBoff Portland, Oregon
The DuBoffs are believed not to hold copyright to the preceding photo

The visitor went to two pages:

I don't think that many conclusions can be drawn from the choice of pages. But, if this was Mr. DuBoff or his assistant, he knows more now about the abuse that Auke Kocked mocked. The abuse of a wife, of children, and of the Law.

Mr. DuBoff made it through his transition to blindness partly with the aid of his wife Mary Ann DuBoff. He must value her.

He understands, I trust, that it's inappropriate to smash a fist into a woman's face. A point that his client, Auke Kok, takes with a grain of salt.

Fist with smile

Attorneys, like normals in general, compartmentalize. They can process facts that contradict world-views, but only with difficulty.

A fist smashing into a woman's face is nothing to a normal. As in the case of the Senate candidate, Roy Moore, who sought sexual relations with children but enjoyed the unabashed support of the majority of his constituency, facts slide off of the coils of the brains of such people.

As non-facts, indoctrination, and nonsense in general slide off of the coils of my own brain.

Let Leonard DuBoff imagine his fist smashing into Mary Ann's nose. She'd need to hold still, of course, for the gedanken experiment to work, as he's blind and probably couldn't connect his fist to her face on the first blow.

Let him imagine the sense of self righteousness that an abuser feels. The cognitive dissonance might be instructive.

Grace Kiraly

It's not as though I value the harpy Grace Kiraly of 6329 Twinberry Circle, Avila Beach, California. In fact, she's a snake in human skin.

This is a reptile that thinks of Blacks as lazy nigg*rs. A wealthy and indolent creature, worth tens of millions of dollars, one which believes that the poor exist to serve as objects of mockery for the rich.

However, one needs to admire the tenacity that Grace demonstrated when she first realized that her husband Jim Kiraly, Vice President of Transamerica Corporation, was mentally ill.

The woman lives a life that is a contradiction in terms.

Harsh, calculating, revolting to the Word. Christ vomits to perceive her. His revulsion dissolves her and she cackles with the glee of hatred as she goes.

Grace Kiraly chose Jim Kiraly over his brother Bill, who might be my biological father, because she figured that Jim would make more money than Bill would. And because he was better in bed. Grace told me once, in a rare moment of reflection, that both factors were involved.

But, when Jim turned out to be insane, Grace didn't blink. This was a foul, racist, woman. Self-righteous, which God considers to be the ultimate sin. But she took control of her life to the extent that she could.

I'm not like a normal. I see facts. One fact is that this woman worked hard at times. Additionally, the things that Jim did to Grace and to her children were wrong. The gag order attempt in 2012 was wrong as well.

The abuser Jim Kiraly is supposed to be in Avila Beach. But I have evidence that he's been hiding in other cities at times. And he's had multiple strokes and is in his 80s. He might not even be alive any longer.

Jim Kiraly

The Minetest situation, lasting as it has for close to a year, has distracted me from a legitimate and reasonable search for Jim Kiraly.

Will I be denied the opportunity to speak to Jim before his soul dissolves into a puddle of slippery fluids that will be used as personal lubrication by Lucifer?

If so, Leonard DuBoff and Auke Kok, in legitimate and reasonable senses that are protected under U.S. laws, might do as consolation prizes.

A legal document that my new friend Leonard DuBoff and my old friend Auke Kok have demanded will be posted in February 2018 on:

I've written about 15 pages so far. I think that it'll be ready to go when I reach 20 to 30 pages. The document will, of course, be snail-mailed for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws to as many parties as I'm able to think of.

Robert Kiraly OldCoder

In the world where we live
Time does not give
Time costs a dime

A leg and an arm
Time it does harm
A leg and an arm
I have lost
That is the cost
Of Time

I'm the Boy Who Writes
I'm pleased to meet you and to greet you
The game is over and has begun

180114 XOMobs are kind and true

Well, actually, XOMobs aren't very sporting. The one in the screenshot below is standing at spawn, waiting to attack players repeatedly as they rematerialize there.

Minetest XOMobs Titanium Skeleton

The current official release of XOMobs has a fundamental bug: It doesn't have its own namespace. So, it erases some of the data in Mobs Redo.

Result: If you use Mobs Redo and XOMobs together, regular mobs will continue to work, but they'll stop spawning.

To get a copy of XOMobs that works correctly, or at least doesn't step on Mobs Redo, click here.

Creatures provided include skeletons with different types of armor, aliens, zombies, and slimes.

The one in the screenshot above is a Titanium Skeleton. The screenshot below shows what is believed to be a Solar Knight. He's standing, apparently, in a hole.

The mod isn't self-contained. It's meant to replace the copy of XOMobs that comes with xtra_ores_xtension. For more information on the latter mod, click here.

Minetest XOMobs Solar Knight

180107 It's an Auke Kok Cerebellation

The short version is that wife-beating is bad. You'd think that this is obvious. But here we are in 2018 and people continue to contest the point.

Howard Bloom Lucifer Principle

This is an evolutionary pyschology update
For the update, don't be late
With an Auke-Kok here
And a Ward Ward there
Here an Auke, there a Kok
Everywhere an Auke-Kok
Howard Bloom raised the alarm

This analysis is related to the evolutionary psychology project as opposed to gamedev. It'll move to the book side of things in due course.

Technical note: This site asserts the right to use the domain name under the nominative use doctrine of trademark law.

Update: Trademark concerns related to the use of the Fierce Fibers mark have been raised. We try, as a rule, to be responsive to such concerns. So, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, the set of domains associated with the single domain listed above has been expanded to include the following:

Happy New Year

It's been an interesting few Minetest evolutionary psychology days.

On New Year's Eve, Andrew Ward admitted, for the first time, that the Fall 2017 Minetest child pornography incident had, in fact, occurred.

The next day, New Year's Day, Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok seemed to panic over the issue. We'll take a look further down at his remarks.

The two discussions were unusual.

The people involved displayed no signs of reflection. In other words, I don't believe that either person was fully conscious when he communicated.

There were certainly no signs of conscience.

Spousal abuse

Auke Kok's words were unsettling.

He's revealed that he may be, not simply involved in the Fall 2017 pornography incident, but somebody who takes spousal abuse lightly.

There is no evidence, as of yet, that the overall tone of the marital relationship between Auke Kok and Stacey Noel Serafin is anything but positive.

However, a reasonable person might have concerns related to whether or not Auke Kok is a potential danger to his wife Stacey Noel Serafin.

We'll come back to Stacey further down.

Technical note: The name Auke Kok has a number of variations. These are listed in one of the background sections below.

Howard Bloom Lucifer Principle

The behavior of Auke Kok's group will be of interest to sociologists and evolutionary psychologists.

It demonstrates the principles outlined in Howard Bloom's book on human evil, The Lucifer Principle.

I'm interested in “The Lucifer Principle” for reasons connected to my life.

I feel that denial, how it works for violent abusers, Trump types, racists, witch hunters, and others is a process that doesn't receive sufficient attention.

The key principles can be stated in three points:

1. Reason isn't about the ability to use tools. Or to communicate information.

2. Reason is the ability, not simply to work forward from facts to conclusions, but to understand you can't work backwards from predetermined conclusions to facts.

3. The ability to reason disappears, in homo sapiens, when the amygdalae, components of the brain, are triggered.

These points aren't novel. The novel part, the part that most people don't understand, is how far point 3 goes. It goes far enough that most people are living in what amounts to a Matrix or constructed reality.

Created reality

National events in the U.S. from 2016 to 2017 provide textbook examples.

The most significant implication is the simple fact that ethics, morality, the parts of religion that are supposedly internalized, everything abstract as opposed to practical that people pretend has an influence on human behavior... none of it, as a rule, exists except for children and autistics.

Guilty dog

As a rule, people are without conscience or internal constraint except as a dog experiences the two things: in a pack context.

Dogs can feel guilty about stealing a steak from a table. It isn't about reason or abstract principles. It's about evolutionary psychology. Homo sapiens is no different.

If a fact comes up which contradicts the conclusion that a human isn't in compliance with the abstract principles that he or she professes, it's the fact that is done away with, not the behavior involved.

The bottom line is that it's all pretend. I wish that I'd understood this 50 years ago. It's liberating, though it's sad as well.

Nobody explained to me that morality was like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy; make-believe for children. But it is what it is.


The typical person would do anything that he or she wished to do if he or she were not constrained, not by anything abstract, but by:

1. Pack issues. Approval or disapproval of others who matter.
2. Practical issues. The prospect of being hunted down by pack enforcers; i.e., the Law.

The flip side is that the typical person doesn't actually wish to do much. Not until his or her amydalae are triggered. Then, he or she is likely to do pretty much anything that you can imagine.

<Metacognician> I understand what you're trying to communicate, the wording needs work
<OldCoder> The typical person behaves as though there is no such thing as ethics or morality. Therefore, it's true. How about that?
<Metacognician> even worse

<Metacognician> they will claim to follow a code of ethics
<Metacognician> e.g. christianity
<Metacognician> but their actions diverge from that, and then they retroactively find an excuse why that deviation was ok
<OldCoder> Well, actually, that's my point
<Metacognician> I'm not disagreeing

The dictators in history who separated people into two types, the real people and the others. They were wrong because they focused on class, ethnic, and religious divisions.

Those things aren't what makes a person real. Neither is the fact that something which is simply a thing happens to have a human face and human hands.


These people, like a cow or hen
Beasts of the field that lack reason
but presume to walk like men
They have human faces
They have human hands
In the inner places
This is not what God demands
They belong to me and it's not Zen
Feasts of revealed track my season


Six years ago, I realized at last that I was a homo sapiens who'd been born, essentially, into a tribe of monkeys. Since then, I've tried to sort things out; to understand what makes somebody real.

The Minetest child pornography group has been a part of the journey. And on New Year's Day, Auke Kok handed me, and the world, useful pieces.

Legal Notices

For legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, photos of Andrew Ward, Auke Kok, Christel Dahlskjaer, and other individuals will be posted today and/or in the future.

For the benefit of attorneys and other parties, here are some related legal points:

1. Formal assertion of DMCA rights requires formal DMCA filings.

2. DMCA filings related to photos require — I'm informed by an intellectual property attorney — formal registration of copyright as opposed to default copyright.

3. Identifiable individuals in the photos referred to above are believed not to hold copyrights to the photos in question, formal or otherwise, regardless. DMCA is therefore moot.

4. It's a prosecutable crime to initiate a DMCA action under false pretenses.

Legal Notices

Information that some people would falsely claim to be of a private and/or non-disclosable nature is posted below and/or will be posted in the future.

Here are a few points related to this issue:

1. Claims that the information in question is of a private and/or non-disclosable nature are false and, in some contexts, fraudulent.

Note: This assertion is based on U.S. as opposed to U.K. or E.U. law.

U.K. or E.U. law will not be respected in this context. In particular, “Right to Be Forgotten” laws don't apply. Attempts to apply them will have regrettable, though legitimate and reasonable, consequences.

2. Legitimate and reasonable purposes for gathering information are involved.

Auke Kok seems to have read the formal Legitimate and Reasonable Purposes List that I've used elsewhere for 5 years. If you'd like to read it as well, click on the following link:

If a similar list proves to be needed in the current context, it'll be posted. It'll also be distributed to associates of parties involved for review and comment.

3. Attempts at “a priori” gag orders or ex post facto takedowns will have legitimate and reasonable consequences that are protected under U.S. laws.

Parties who'd like to consider either path are invited to phone attorneys that I've dealt with in the past.

Business and personal cell-phone numbers and/or snail-mail addresses will be provided on request. In some cases, family histories will be included at no extra charge.

Happy phone

I've been amused at jokes to the effect that the attorneys don't exist. Speaking to the talented humorists: If they don't exist, then who will be answering the phone? Actors hired just to trick you?

Call the law firms at the phone numbers on their websites. I suppose that that option wouldn't have occurred to you Einsteins.

Legal Notices

It should also be noted that no assertion is presently made here that Auke Kok of Intel, Andrew Ward of GWS Media, or others have directly committed sexual abuse of either adults or children.

Parties who'd like to mutter about “defamation” or related or similar causes of action are advised to look at what the preceding statement does to their cases.

In short, addressing a hypothetical party of this type, the statement in question shifts burden of proof to you.

Auke Kok, who has unexpectedly expressed pleasure at the idea of spousal abuse, is the eyebrow-raising case today.

However, let's start with an Andrew Ward update.

Andrew Ward Rubenwardy of Minetest

Andrew Ward, a mid-20s software developer in Bristol, England, is one of the leaders of a small group that been involved with not one, but two, situations connected to prosecutable crimes related to children and sex.

The group is enthusiastic about high-end DDoS as well.

One of three DDoSes committed by the group in 2017 generated 150 GB of router logs alone. This is impressive by some standards, though it isn't at the top end of the scale.

Andrew Ward has been associated, for some time, with GWS Media in Bristol. However, one of the heads of the company has stated that this is no longer the case. The statement may, or may not, be true.

For those who are interested in GWS Media, the website address seems to be

Andrew Ward, who uses the nickname “Rubenwardy” online, had declined to comment, for months, on the DDoSes or the two child sex-related crimes.

However, on New Year's Eve 2017, Andrew Ward acknowledged directly to me that the child pornography incident of Fall 2017 had, in fact, occurred. He added that the child sex part had been simulated.

I tried to ask Andrew if he'd be willing to discuss the problems with his group more generally and, in particular, to consider cleaning house.

Regrettably, this wasn't to be. Andrew Ward was focused on just one thing. What, he asked, would I be able to *prove* ? He repeated this over and over.

Andrew Ward Rubenwardy of Minetest

Rubenwardy didn't care about the fact that crimes had been committed.

The boy looks as innocent as a cherub; see the photo. However, the calculus that he's learned in Bristol, England is that of practicality.

I'm not denigrating practicality. I wish that I'd learned it 50 years ago. I try to mix it, though, with a moderate respect for the Law.

In an unexpected development, Andrew Ward told me that the original child sex crime, the one that, combined with the Minetest “sneak” fight, started current events, should be described as “child abuse”.

I'd referred to that crime until New Year's Eve as “child sexual harassment” as opposed to “child abuse”.

Minetest people are involved with that crime through their support of Christian Loosli, the anonymous gay Freenode volunteer who works with boys as young as pre-teen age and who demanded, in Spring 2017, that child sexual harassment be covered up.

As Minetest people are involved in Loosli's actions, I'd thought that Andrew Ward would try to play down the significance of what had happened. However, Andrew himself now takes the position that the term “child abuse” is appropriate.

As a related note, for those who don't know what happened to the #minetest-project channel, it was shut down in conjunction with Christian Loosli's child abuse cover-up.

Christian demanded, in Spring 2017, that I submit all website posts that I might write in the future, for any website and on any subject, to him for approval.

The justification that he gave for the demand was that I'd posted an 18-page document online which had named two men involved in child sex abuse.

Legal note: The term “sex abuse” is used at the suggestion of Andrew Ward.

The two men, the document, and the sex abuse itself had nothing to do with Christian Loosli's organization, “Freenode”. But Loosli cited the issue as justification for his demand that I submit *all* website posts to him for review.

Yes, it was rather odd. But it's in public logs. Christian Loosli did this in public. Read the logs yourself.

Christel Dahlskjaer of Freenode

If you'd like to find copies of the logs that you feel you can trust, ask Christel Dahlskjaer, presently the manager of Freenode and a woman who is protecting Loosli in the context of the child abuse cover-up.

It turned out that Loosli hadn't even read the document that he was citing. I asked him to do so. He refused.

When I protested that this was unfair, he instantly “K-Lined” me. This means, blocked me from Freenode.

When I was out of the way, Andrew Ward's associate Perttu Ahola quietly deleted #minetest-project.

No disciplinary action was taken against Christian Loosli.

Christel Dahlskjaer of Freenode

Christel Dahlskjaer apologized, initially, for Loosli's behavior. However, the apology was pro-forma. It became clear, in the months that followed, that she didn't feel his actions were an issue. Instead, she sought to cover-up the abuse cover-up.

So, Christel Dahlskjaer, manager of Freenode, is as involved as Christian Loosli is in the abuse cover-up in question.

Dahlskjaer's handling of the Fall 2017 pornography incident raises additional questions. Did she coordinate the pornography? It's unlikely. But she's certainly closely involved with the people who did so.

These days, Christian Loosli and his friends “K-Line” children, both boys and girls, who they charge with being “affiliated” with me.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

On New Year's Day, Auke Kok of Intel Corporation seemed to panic over the Minetest child pornography issue.

To clarify who we're discussing, it's Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel Corporation. He's from The Netherlands, but public records suggest that, as of January 2018, he resides in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Variations of the name include Auke Kok, Jan Kok, Aukejan Hendrik Kok, Auke-Jan H. Kok, and Auk Kok. The last one might be a misspelling. “Auk” should probably end with an “e” unless it's hyphenated.

The Auke Kok spelling is said to be pronounced “OW-kuh CAULK”. So, the two parts don't rhyme, though I sometimes treat them as though they do.

Auke Kok uses the nick “sofar” online. It's a good nick.

Moon and Stars

Auke Kok, travel so far
Wish upon a shining star
Laugh all day
As the Moon holds sway
Laugh all night
As the Sun shines bright
All is well
In God's Holy sight

Auke Kok's date of birth is unconfirmed, but the year is believed to be 1973 or 1974.

I used to teach kids who were born 7 years *before* 1973. Yet somehow it's possible for this person to be old. And for me to be older still.

When we met, Auke Kok led me to believe that he was a lead in the systemd project.

He was certainly involved; he's all over the mailing lists. But somebody has looked into this briefly and states that he sees no evidence indicating Auke Kok was a lead.

So, it isn't clear if Auke Kok exaggerated his role or not.

Auke Kok is listed as one of the inventors, regardless, for at least one patent. I only see one Sofar patent, so far, but I'd be surprised if there weren't more.

Stacey Noel Serafin aka Stacey Kok

Auke Kok's marriage to Stacey Noel Serafin took place in mid-June 2005 when he was about 32.

Stacey had a Netherlands background as Auke Kok had. But she'd attended a University in the States as well as one subsequently in The Netherlands.

Interestingly, this is a female engineer with three solid technical degrees, degrees that she spent perhaps 6 years obtaining, who gave it all up, all the effort set aside, to sell colored yarn.

The reason might be that she decided, after years of effort, to be a Stay-at-Home Mom. She's implied, in public statements, that she has three children now.

Stacey Noel Serafin's degrees included a B.S. in Physics and a B.S. in Mathematics from the State University of New York at Buffalo plus a Masters in Nanotech from the University of Delft.

The Nanotech degree was earned in 2005. It appears that Stacey Noel Serafin obtained the degree in The Netherlands and married Auke Kok, possibly in the U.S., pretty much the next day.

The marriage was announced in a Sarasota County, Florida, newspaper. Sarasota is relevant for reasons discussed further down.

Since the marriage, Stacey Noel Serafin has used both her original name and the name Stacey Kok.

Dutch wedding customs

32 would be older, in Auke Kok's case, than average for a 1st marriage in the U.S. However, perhaps customs in The Netherlands are different. I have no evidence, as of yet, of a prior marriage for this person.

Stacey Noel Serafin seems to be about 6 years younger than Auke Kok. So, she'd have been about 26 at the time of the marriage. However, this is unconfirmed.

Stacey is related to a woman in her 60s named Marcia Joyce Reyes.

Marcia Joyce Reyes shows up under the surname Serafin as well as Reyes. That isn't significant.

Mother and daughter

But Marcia is associated with a street address in Sarasota, Florida, where Stacey was apparently married to Aukejan. And she's associated with one in Hamburg, N.Y., just 12 miles from the University that Stacey attended in that State.

The surname matches, the age is right for the previous generation, and street addresses line up in two cities located 1,288 miles apart. Coincidences happen, but I'd say that this is a match.

Marcia Joyce Reyes is probably Stacey Noel Serafin's mother, though she might be an aunt instead.

The older woman's connection to the story is slight. However, she'd be able to help to fill in gaps in a Free Speech work related to evolutionary psychology and a son-in-law who finds wife-beating to be a humorous subject.

Fierce Fibers

NOTICE OF UPDATE: The non-watermark image used here previously has been replaced, at the demand of an attorney hired by Auke-Jan Kok of Hillsboro, Oregon, with a watermark version. Right to use the watermark version is asserted under Fair Use.

From Section 107 of the Copyright Act:

the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.

Commentary and analysis related to the current situation, involving as it does multiple prosecutable crimes committed by the Minetest group, including though not limited to stalking, harassment, DDoSes, death threats, and two crimes related to children and sexual matters, a group that Auke-Jan Kok of Intel has led, in part, for a year, would qualify.

Auke Kok's own statements related to spousal and child abuse, the ones quoted further down, additionally, meet the standard of significance to society to the extent that criticism, commentary, scholarship, and research qualify as Fair Use contexts. The statements in question illustrate the levels of denial, aggression, and potential violence that make spousal and child abuse not simply possible but common.

Presence of the watermark doesn't appear to be relevant to these points.

We trust that this addresses concerns related to the image in question and that Auke Kok of systemd, as a reasonable man involved in a potential RICO prosecution situation, is now satisfied.

For more information, see the legal document which Auke Kok of Intel Corporation has demanded be written. It'll be posted in February 2018 or sooner on the following websites:

It'll also be snail-mailed to a number of parties located throughout the U.S. If you'd like to receive one of the hard-copies, let me know.

Stacey Noel Serafin, as it turns out, has registered two businesses at one business address.

The businesses are in public records that can't be represented to be, in any sense, private information or information that is not public.

The 1st business is Thoroughly Thwacked and the 2nd is Fierce Fibers. The name Fierce Fibers is a reference to the bold colors that Stacey Noel Serafin uses in some of her yarn products.

Auke Kok is listed in some sources, though not in the formal filings, as a contributor to yarn designs.

The timeline is as follows:

* Stacey Noel Serafin learned how to knit and then how to make yarn from 2011 to 2012
* She started to dye yarn in 2013
* Thoroughly Thwacked, which may or may not be a yarn-based business, was created on April 28, 2014
* Fierce Fibers, which is definitely about colorful yarn creations, followed on April Fools Day, 2016
* The businesses seem to have relocated as of June 23, 2017

The public address on file for both businesses, as of January 2018, is 3456 Se Ironwood Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123.

The Se Ironwood Ave address is believed to be obsolete. The businesses are probably no longer located there, though this is unconfirmed.

If the address is, in fact, obsolete, Stacey Noel Serafin will need to update the filings or possibly lose whatever licenses or legal protections that they entitle her to.

To explain the part about the businesses moving:

The building at 3456 Se Ironwood Ave was sold on June 23, 2017. This was subsequent to the filings that show the address.

If Stacey Noel Serafin moved to the address after mid-2017 and updated both filings subsequently, the filings might be correct.

However, she released this public statement in October 2017:

“10/2/17 - Please excuse my dust! I am in the middle of revamping my website, staying stocked for fall shows and introducing a new inventory management system all while we are building a custom (complete with dye barn for everyone to come and play) house for our family of 5.”

“As always if you are looking for anything specific feel free to drop me a line via my contact page located in the top menu or e-mail me at fiberista at”

So it's likely that the businesses moved *away* from the address in question as opposed to *to* it.


Whether or not the Fierce Fibers business address is still valid, I have the right, under U.S. laws, to speak to whoever I wish to speak to in the buildings that surround the building in question.

The primary rule for such communication is that I need to be able to demonstrate that legitimate and reasonable purposes are involved.

Actually, I don't necessarily need to be able to demonstrate purposes of this type. But it doesn't hurt.

One example of such a purpose, in this case, might be concerns related to possible physical or emotional abuse of Stacey Noel Serafin by Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok.

Recent statements by Auke Kok suggest that such abuse is a possibility. We'll come back to the statements in question further down.

There are, of course, additional possible legitimate and reasonable purposes for such communication.

Fierce Fibers business address

The registered businesses known as Thoroughly Thwacked and Fierce Fibers either were located, or are located, a block or two from an elementary school with the playful name “Witch Hazel”.

The businesses were based in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom residence. About 1,750 square feet. Two stories. Trees.

It looks nice.

The likely relocation is consistent with Stacey Noel Serafin's public remarks which suggest that she has three children. If the numbers are correct, the residence was too small for two adults, two businesses, and three children.

I grew up in an era when yards were larger. Looking back, we had so much space that it was practically a farm. There was an orchard as well as a front and back yard.

I'm in a more humble situation presently. Actually, I spend most of my time on a Walmart mat. It's 12 square feet as opposed to 1,750.


But that's all right.

It's also all right for Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok to mock the fact that I don't presently have a home that is, in a real sense, my own.

We'll come back to Auke Kok's remarks further down.


The photo to the right is from a Google Plus page for a Stacey Noel Serafin. I'm not sure that it's Auke Kok's Stacey, but it appears to be.

I'm not without rudimentary skills in some areas. This includes amateur-level sales and marketing.

I can say that this photo is superior to the other one. The other one shows a professional person. This one shows somebody that you'll remember.

The pose and expression are less stilted here. And that is one heck of a cap or whatever it is.

Auke Kok is directly or indirectly supporting parties who are involved in not one, but two, prosecutable crimes related to children and sex.

This isn't new information. Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok's odd demands on New Year's Day 2017 that I make a deal with him; that part is new.

It stands out.

Spousal abuse

What was truly surprising, on New Year's Day, was that Auke Kok mocked the notion that there is something wrong with punching a woman in the face.

I'm fearful of this potentially violent person, Auke Kok the senior Intel software developer, who is involved directly or indirectly in multiple prosecutable crimes, including though not limited to felonies.

Though I'm fearful of the potentially violent individual Auke Kok of Hillsboro, Oregon who is directly or indirectly involved in prosecutable crimes, I assert, regardless, that legitimate and reasonable purposes which are protected under U.S. laws permit me to document this individual's location, background, behavior, relationships, assets, professional history, and motivations.

I assert the right, as well, to analyze, blog, post, distribute, or otherwise make legitimate and reasonable use of such information.

In particular, I'm entitled, without significant limitations, to communicate, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, with third parties who may be able to comment on Auke Kok's up-bringing, behavior, psychological makeup, interactions with others, contributions to society, and motivations.

In short, I can speak with pretty much any third party that talks as opposed to barks or meows. This includes people in The Netherlands as well as the U.S.

Attempts to seek either “a priori” gag orders or takedowns after the fact will be mocked.

It should be noted that I'm referring to real life. The paperwork involved will be forwarded to real-life associates of parties who attempt such steps.

Regrettably, as Red Iosif “Daniel” learned in 2017, letters that are sent anonymously are typically round-filed. Live, real, person vs. anonymous troll. How do you suppose that goes?

So, use of anonymity to circumvent responses by me in real life usually doesn't work.

In the original child abuse case, the one that Christian Loosli cited, the parties involved weren't anonymous.

Because, of course, I'd identified them and included, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that were protected under U.S. laws, their locations, personal and professional backgrounds, and other information.

Correction: It was the younger one who had the pansexual lover.

This was a pair of sort-of male virtual lovers. The younger one had a physical lover in real life who billed himself or herself as a pansexual.

In an odd note, the younger one was, and is, a British rock star and minor TV star. However, he's nobody that you'd be likely to have heard of.

The two men in the original child abuse case asked a pompous older associate to help them get me taken down. He huffed and puffed. It was quite a show.

I had to do some real work in that case. I wrote an 18-page document.

The same document that Christian Loosli, who Christel Dahlskjaer is protecting, refused to read but cited as justification for a gag order.

The attorneys took one look at the document and went away. That's how it's usually gone since 2013.

I checked recently and found that the VM that was hosting the child abuse document was down. Perhaps it died of natural causes. Or perhaps the original two men hacked it. They'd claimed to be able to do that sort of thing.

It doesn't matter. The VM and the document served their legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Pack up and move

In the unlikely event that one server host agrees to a take-down, I'll move to another. In 5.5 years, that has never actually happened. But, if it does happen, it's not a big deal.

I also have the option of moving to a Free Speech host that doesn't do take-downs, periods, except on Court Order.

By the way, Andrew Ward of GWS Media, do you recall using the phrase “Free Speech” on New Year's Eve to justify your involvement in multiple prosecutable crimes?

I get to use the phrase, too, Son. In my case, for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Your purposes are about cover-ups. Legal actions, for you, would be problematic.

Global Internet

It's possible that if I'm harassed more than has already been the case, some person unknown to me will decide to mirror contested material on dozens of websites located outside the jurisdiction of U.S., U.K., and E.U. Courts.

Such a person would have the option of being anonymous exactly as Paul Shiva-Jiva, Red Iosif “Daniel”, and others in the pornography group are.

They might use VPNs. But VPNs, despite the fact that the FBI has tried to force its way, legally, into one of Andrew Lee's VPN systems and failed, aren't 100% reliable.

Andrew Lee is, of course Christel Dahlskjaer's boss and Christian Loosli's grand-boss.


Somebody who wanted to be anonymous might go past VPNs and use VPNs behind Whon*x. Or even Q*bes.

Who knows what somebody as irresponsible as one of these people might say if unfettered? But Paul Shiva-Jiva and Red Iosif “Daniel” see no problem with this. Perhaps they're wiser than I.

Intel logo with trademark symbol

Use here of the Intel Corporation logo, with trademark symbol included, is consistent with the rules stated on Intel's permitted uses page. To visit the Intel page, click here.

On New Year's Day, Auke Kok demanded to know what I'd take in exchange for not discussing the child pornography issue with Intel Corporation.

This came out of the blue. I hadn't said anything about such an exchange.

The odd part was that Jan Kok was insistent. One of two things was going on. But read Auke Kok's remarks for yourself. Judge for yourself.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel <Visitor> Grow up
<Visitor> You're older than the rest. Be an adult.
<Auke Kok> what do you demand from me in return for you not talking to intel corporate council about this?
<Visitor> I demand that you grow up
<Visitor> Communication needs to take place
<Auke Kok> what do you demand from me
<Auke Kok> cut to the chase

<Visitor> I'm treating you as a peer
<Visitor> So cut the crap
<Auke Kok> what do you need, from me, in return for you not talking to my employers' council
<Visitor> It isn't about “in return”. It's about what is necessary.
<Visitor> Don't position this as extortion or there will be consequences. Legitimate and reasonable.

<Auke Kok> you know what an agreement is
<Auke Kok> I don't care about anyone in the group
<Auke Kok> I am only concerned with myself

So, what's going on in Sofar's head in the preceding statements? There are two explanations. Which one is correct?

1. Is Auke Kok the ultimate pragmatist, doesn't give a sh*t about the others in his group, desperate and trying to cut a deal?

2. Or is Auke Kok trying to make it look as though he's the victim of extortion?

Here's the thing: Whichever it is, Aukejan Kok is desperate. He played a role, after all, in the prosecutable crimes that his group committed.

It got odder after that. Auke Kok tried to make me angry. The goal was to get me to say something that could be misrepresented as an illegal “threat”.

Ayke Kok failed. But he revealed something about himself in the process.

Auke Kok mocked violence against women. Is he capable of hurting Stacey Noel Serafin? We'll come back to this point further down.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Auke Kok of Intel Corporation said (the “appartment” typo is his unmodified error):

<Auke Kok> hell you can't even keep an appartment

This part didn't parse.

In fact, I'd lived in the same apartment for 25 years. Until I lost it to litigation brought by my abuser, Jim Kiraly of Avila Beach, CA.

Jim Kiraly wife abuser

Jim Kiraly, as Auke Kok knew, had sought to force me to sign a gag order related to violent abuse of my mother Grace Kiraly as well as abuse of 3 of 4 of Jim's children.

I shoved the gag order up Jim Kiraly's *ss. There wasn't even a Court ordered settlement. But the process took a full year and cost me my life savings.

I had to leave my home of 25 years. Still, I was at the same address for a quarter of a century. So Auke Kok's taunt directed at a transient rings hollow.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of systemd said:

<Auke Kok> you can't even have a normal life, or keep a normal job

Um, what?

I'd gone into semi-retirement in 2004. A year before Auke Kok was married. At the time, I was worth slightly less than $1,000,000 USD. Low for a Silicon Valley engineer, but acceptable.

I lost my life savings for the first time in the Crash of 2008. But I made a decent comeback.

I spent most of 2011 in screaming pain. There was no medical care. But, still, I did what was possible.

By Spring 2012, it was starting to look as though I'd have a normal life again. But my abuser panicked due to a proposed book that was supposed to be about relationships. He filed litigation to try to stop it.

Due to the Court cases, I had to come out of retirement in my 50s. My life savings were gone again. And my connections had faded away.

I learned about age discrimination. It was a popular media subject at the time. Several periodicals did articles about the subject and my situation.

I've been told, bluntly, that startups are looking for people “fresh out of school”. It's illegal to say that, but they say it anyway.

One startup said that it was impressed with my credentials. It asked me to do a small task as a test. It turned out that there was no job.

It was a con designed to get experienced developers to work for free.

Some recruiting firms try to get around age discrimination laws by writing listings like this: “The job needs 5 to 7 years of experience”.

I asked one such firm, “So, do you discriminate against people with 8 or more years of experience?

They didn't want to answer. When I pressed the question, they sicced an attorney on me. I pointed out that she was in a violation of a particular law and she went *poof*. She was gone, just like that.

I phoned her and pointed out that she'd been in the middle of threatening me when she'd disappeared. Didn't she want to talk?

This woman, a powerful attorney, seemed panicked. No, she didn't want to talk. Oh, well.

They replaced her with somebody who boasted of arguing before State Supreme Courts. He didn't do much better.

To those who joke that these attorneys don't exist, simply ask and I'll provide you with phone numbers, DOBs, SSNs, and residence addresses.

You'll need to identify yourself, of course, in real life. And, to get the SSNs, you'll need to sign a formal document promising to use them solely for legitimate and reasonable purposes.

This is how it's gone.

So, the part about not being able to have a normal life now is true. It seems off, though, as the subject of mockery.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Aukejan Kok formerly of 3456 Se Ironwood Ave, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123 said:

<Auke Kok> you're rejected by the world

I'm ”rejected“ by those who hate Blacks (who they refer to as “N*gg**s”), Jews, and autistics. This includes Perttu Ahola (Celeron55) and Nathanel Courant (Nore), Auke Kok's cohorts. These three are the type who taunt and beat up other kids in middle school.

As far as “the world” goes, since I returned on April Fool's Eve 2008, I've made an attempt to become real.

And I've succeeded.

I'm far from my home of 25 years. But I travel to that area from time to time. Just to see people.

The week after Christmas 2017, Kappelin, who made Red Iosif ”Daniel“ piss his pants once, traveled to Silicon Valley. This was part of a 3,000-mile trip.

I took Kappelin to see DNA the Elderly Attorney and DNA's wife RNA. Note: Videos of DNA may be viewed on my YouTube channel at:

Christas Cheer

One of DNA's daughters, assorted grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were there.

RNA and her daughter were recovering from separate surgeries. I brought them a gift to help them to pass the time. The gift was a media disk that included family photos, videos they'd taken using their smartphones, and novelty songs.

DNA and Kappelin talked tech. The great-grandchildren demanded to see computer games, so I booted some up.

Star Trek Christmas Ornament

I took Kappelin afterwards to see Minnesota Fat's Christmas Tree.

Minnesota Fat's family usually has a Christmas Tree that is two stories tall. The ornaments are, of course, Star Trek and Star Wars figures and toys.

The Enterprise and a Borg ship fly pass the Death Star to demonstrate the meaning of Christmas.


We had to cancel the trip because Minnesota Fats, who has been fighting cancer for two decades, was too ill to receive visitors. But that's part of being real, too. Perhaps the most important part.

One can suffer.

As a P.S. to Grace Kiraly, the bore that we adore, yes, it's the associate with cancer that you met in the 1990s.

When Kappelin and I said good-night, I passed a gift on to him. It was the jacket that Twisted Time had given me a few years ago. Symbolic of the jacket four decades ago.

Auke Kok has mocked spousal abuse and child abuse. But I wandered that day, half-dressed, to the house of a boy I hadn't valued sufficiently.

The boy, Ron, Twisted Time, didn't ask questions. I've never forgotten that. He simply gave me clothes and $5.00; enough to get out of town.

$5.00 went farther in the 1970s :)

Abuse incident

Ron, you've often commented on the fact that, after I returned from the dead, I focused initially on finding Kevin before I sought to speak with you.

You need to understand.

No, I don't fully understand, myself, what happened between you and Kevin King and Lisa Ganio.

Yes, Kevin Wayne King, IT lead at Chevron, San Ramon, CA; DOB July 2, 1958; is a ****. But he had answers related to Bob's life at age 9. Answers that I needed and I deserved.

Kevin declined, of course, to tell me what he knew. He sang the Superchicken song for me. That was all the explanation that he offered :) But I had to try.

Did you ever read the New Song for Twisted Time? I meant every word.

Ron and Helen

Ron, God exists or not,
For the trolls Hell burns hot, God Bless you
You'll never die
We'll talk by and by
And to me you'll always be
Twisted Time

I found Twisted Time after I came back to the world on April Fools Eve 2008. He was floating in a tank of water on the 4th floor of a hospital in San Francisco. Just like a Science Fiction movie.

The filth that is my abuser, the man who hurt my mother, attacked four years later.

But Twisted Time gave me a jacket again to remind me that there are connections in life. That people are real.

And as a Christmas 2017 gift I've passed the jacket which Auke Kok says doesn't exist on to a man that he says doesn't exist.

It's the pornographer and potential wife beater, Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Hillsboro, Oregon, that isn't real.

The image below isn't a stock photo. It's the actual jacket; a symbol of a connection 40 years deep. But Auke-Jacket Kock won't admit that it exists.

Twisted Time Jacket (2010s one)
std::vector Zen master

I made another trip after New Year's Day. I went to see std::vector and his wife.

std::vector and I discussed his goal of finishing a Master's Degree or possibly Law School. We worked out the details of what it would take.

I talked to his wife about her son, just turned age 7, and his feelings related to not fitting in at a new school.

I explained that I'd been moved to a new school at the same age, had gone from a dull but quiet environment to an ugly one, and what it had done to me.

We discussed options. Then both std::vector and his wife asked me about mining alt-coins. We finished with that subject.

Yes, actually, I'm real.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Sofar of Minetest, husband to Stacey Noel Serafin and apparently respectable father to three children, said:

<Auke Kok> you think everyone is the same person

Auke Kok is referring here to Jordach. IRL last name is unknown. Jordach is a genuine MPD whose case is similar to the 1970s case of Billy Milligan.

For Billy Milligan's story, click here.

Jordach assumes different personas. He's done this throughout the 6 years that I've known him. Nobody role-plays seriously for that many years as a lark.

I'm the only person online that I know of who has talked to Jordach in real life on the phone. Talked, in fact, to two different personas. For what it's worth, each persona had an accent that was consistent with its nationality.

Jordach himself isn't necessarily the core persona. All that's known about the core is that he's probably a man as opposed to a woman, probably in his 20s, probably a resident of the U.K., and skilled, intelligent, and creative.

Andrew Ward once asked me if I was Jordach. The answer is no. I believe that Jordach resides, physically, not far from Andrew, though I doubt they'll ever meet in person.

Regarding the gender issue, Sokomine claims to be a woman, but Kappelin noticed something in her writing, years ago, which indicated that she was a man. Which means that she's Jordach and that Jordach is a man.

It's called Occam's Razor, folks. Role-players are common online. However, there's no way that one small group has two genuine MPDs. There's only a handful of genuine MPDs in each country, total, per decade.

Sand Dollar

Jordach and I co-wrote one story together. It's a favorite memory. I like to link the story. It still makes me smile. If you haven't read the tale of Watercodia, click here.

Baby Whale, in the story, was a boy named Keegan in real life. Yes, the rumor that I phoned Keegan's school principal in real life is true. For what it's worth, yes, I phoned his uncle as well.

It was the right thing to do. Keegan had access to guns in real life. Get over the bullsh*t that IRC and IRL are separate. Regardless of your age, child or grandfather tier, you're supposed to do what's right.

And to tell others who have a problem with what's right to go to Hell.

The Keegan issue was connected to the deal that I made with Perttu Ahola regarding bringing Landmine under control. Which wasn't going to happen unless Landmine agreed to it. And Landmine might have caused the death of a boy in real life.

Perttu Ahola didn't care about the possibility of a death, of course. Not unless it was going to interfere with his plans.

One thing that concerns me is that Jordach has never understood that what he does might kill people. The game nearly killed me, myself, in 2012.

At any rate, Watercodia was co-written by the man that you knew as Real Bad Angel. And as Landmine. Who appears in the story as Mr. Shark.

He's a ham :) Vanessa Ezekowitz and I are in the story. But most of the other characters are him. The full link is:

Update: I've modified this section to add Jordach's family scene from 2013.

Jordach composed a family scene once with a gap where the mother was supposed to be. It's presented below. I can't say for sure what it means; whether this is a representation of Jordach's family or if it's part of a story instead. I can't even be certain that Jordach created it.

For what it's worth, my notes suggest that Jordach gave me this scene circa Fall 2013.

Possible Jordach Minetest family scene

Jordach has claimed, consistently, to be neurodiverse. It's probably true. He's similar to me in the sense that we overlap two worlds more than the majority of the neurodiverse.

I think that part of me resides in the place where the non-speakers are. I can tell you that it's different. Another part is here.

In Jordach's case, he told me in 2012 that he'd never spoken to a human being until he was 14 years old. It might have been pretend. Or it might have been true.

Jordach's best-known personas have included Misael Roman (Landmine), Octupus, Laugh All Day (LAD), and Maciek Kasatkin (Real Bad Angel). Presently, he's most likely “Toby” and Sokomine.

I've never been sure about Shara's identity. The Shara who asked me for a favor in Spring 2017 and started all of this. I do know that she's a failed work.

Jordach, do you understand what I mean?

Jordach has offered me several explanations over the years for what he does.

The simplest explanation, the one that I think is closest to the truth, is that he likes to be able to put mistakes aside and start fresh.

But if one does this over and over, do new iterations improve on old ones? How does one complete a work, a self, that one can be proud of?

The most poetic explanation, the least practical, but one that I like, is that we're avatars of those who watch from the shadows above. Characters in a story.

Jordach feels that his role in the story is periodically rewritten. I'm not sure how the rest of us fit in.

Jordach acknowledged the existence of his multiple personas publicly in Spring 2017. He's still uncomfortable about talking about it. But it's fine.

Addressing Jordach directly: Son, we can discuss this publicly. Stop and think.

Your public statement is right there in the logs. But even people who were there aren't able to read what was said.

I'm chuckling as I write this. Don't you get it?

Something can be right there, in public videos, audio records, or log files, and if it doesn't fit the mold, non-sentients won't acknowledge that they've seen it or heard it.

They're automatons. Little wind-up toys. Knock them over and their feet continue to move in the air as though they're getting somewhere.

Be who you need to be. But perhaps be useful to me for a change. Our relationship has been one-sided.

Minetest Litmus Test

Sometimes I've said that Jordach has taken my time and offered me nothing in return. But, actually, he's been useful.

Jordach is a human litmus test. Somebody who is able to look at what he said publicly last year and process the words might be sentient.

The others are simply cattle.

Jordach has done me harm. He's wasted half a decade of my life. But he's real in a way that the animals are not. I value those who are real.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Auke Kok of Lunar Linux commented:

<Auke Kok> you can't even maintain context in a conversation

Auke Kok, ironically, doesn't offer any context here. He's probably trying to interpret something that non-sentients aren't able to process.

There was a schlock TV series about 15 years ago. “Malcolm in the Middle”.

The later seasons were abysmal. However, the first few seasons had laugh-out loud moments at times.

The lead character, a teenager named Malcolm, was brighter than most. But he was put in his place, one day, when he met a boy on the next tier up in intelligence.

The other boy explained that, as smart as Malcolm was, he was no more significant, relative to the next tier up in intelligence, than a buzzing bee.

The lesson is sensible. However, context matters. And, in a few contexts, relatively few people seem to be at my level.

In Court, for a year from 2012 to 2013, I was portrayed as a powerful Satan with astonishing super-powers. I mocked the picture.

Because, really, I do just one thing. The same thing that Auked Kocked mocked.

It's related to information structures. Since age 4 or before, they've been a part of me.

Fractal tree

It's often assumed
that speech is supposed to be linear
Linear is a line
That is mighty fine

But what happens when you try to fit a tree
The type of tree that is me
And all of its branches
Branches of thought as well as of pine
into the line

Chicken nuggets

Are you permitted to mock
Auke Kok
If the tree doesn't fit
Is a candle of laughter lit

Perhaps, then, crunchy hen
Hen made of nuggets
Nuggets of love
Love is a dove from above
It'll fit up your fundament-
al assumptions

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Auke Kok of Lunar Linux commented:

<Auke Kok> you can't even keep a pet
<Auke Kok> how's the medication going?
<Auke Kok> did you take your medication today?

This part seems random. I have no idea where the pet issue came from. Or why he's emphasized “medication”.

Is Auke Kok on “medication” himself?

Auke Kok's neighbors might know what he's talking about.

I can't, of course, be barred, by legal actions of any type, either “a priori” or ex post facto, from asking them, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws., about his thoughts, behavior, or possible mental illness or violent tendencies.

Now I'm nostalgic for a step that I once took in connection with my abuser Jim Kiraly of Walnut Creek, Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, and apparently other cities in California.

Jim Kiraly wife abuser

I drove to Jim Kiraly's Church. I spoke pleasantly, in person, to staff. This would have been difficult for me in the past. I used to be shy. However, I've adapted.

I obtained, by legitimate and reasonable means, the names and snail-mail addresses of a reasonable number of the parishioners. I think that I was able to get about half of them.

I snail-mailed box-loads of documents to the parishioners in question. For reasons that aren't clear, my abuser left that Church not long afterward.

I was, naturally, concerned about Jim's well-being. I'm, first and foremost, a dutiful Fundie Son. So, I located Jim's new Church. But I digress.

I'm concerned about the well-being of Stacey Noel Serafin, Auke Kok's wife and possible victim. We're coming to that part now.

Church in Pismo Beach, CA
Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

<Visitor> I expected you to be at least as coherent as Andrew was
<Auke Kok> how's the hand? better at typing now?
<Visitor> I've adapted
<Visitor> It's less swollen. Some permanent damage.
<Visitor> Why are you so odd ATM ?
<Auke Kok> was it the same hand that your father slapped you on?
<Visitor> He smashed women's faces, Auke
<Visitor> Are you proud of trying to probe that way?
<Visitor> I can do you. Better than you can do me.
<Auke Kok> probing? you've plastered all that made up nonsense everywhere
<Visitor> Nothing has been made up. I'm proud of that.
<Auke Kok> it's probably stuff you just made up

Auke Kok made a relatively weak attempt to “dox” me. He hadn't learned the fundamentals yet. There is more to “dox” than type a name into Google.

In particular, you need to learn who to talk to. And what to say to them. You'd be amazed at what people will tell total strangers under the right conditions.

But Auke Kok studied me enough that he knew the full story. Including the fact that my father wasn't able to deny the abuse under oath.

My hands have been slightly swollen, for about a decade, for medical reasons. It's not related to the fact that Jim Kiraly used to beat me to the floor with his fists.

The fact that Auke Kok would taunt an abuse victim by connecting being beaten up in youth and arthritis in old age is odd.

But the key part, the part Auke Kok skipped over, is that my father Jim destroyed my mother Grace's life.

Auke Kok isn't some troll of a teenager. He's not far from old himself. But he didn't hesitate to do what he's done here. What he's revealed is that he goes beyond non-sentient witch hunter.

He's an abuser type. This, combined with his actions over the past year, provides a bubbling spring of legitimate and reasonable purposes.

Which brings us to the next, and final, part of today's Auke Kok Cerebellation.

Auke-Jan Hendrik Kok of Intel

Auke Kok, decent and kind, stated:

<Auke Kok> scream louder old man

This was an attempt to suggest that I was impotent with rage, that Auke was free to mock the harm done to my mother, and that I could do nothing about it.

I was supposed to be so angry at this that I'd say something which Aukejan would be able to use legally.

He fumbled it.

The thing is, Auke Kok has taken a cola can full of carbonated legitimate and reasonable purposes, shaken the can, and opened it. He's splashed them over the place. The situation is positively dripping, now, with legitimate and reasonable purposes.

I don't believe that Auke Kok believes anything was “made up”. Including the parts that we'll come back to, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, in the months and years to come.

I need to make a difference in the time that I have left. I believe that I know now what, in a legitimate and reasonable sense that is protected under U.S. laws, to do.

171230 Minetest zoomable maps

S.S. also asked, “Can you teach how to make a similar map for our educational minetest world ?”

He was referring to the zoomable maps that you can see at this link:

I promised to post instructions and files this month. The month ends tomorrow. So, here they are.

The zoomable maps are nice and, if you know Linux CLI, they aren't difficult to create. However, there are three warnings:

* It can take days to map a large world.

* If you'd like to map a world, you must either make a temporary copy of the database file(s) first or leave the world down until the map is completed.

The “copy” approach is recommended, but it can take up 10 GB or more of disk space.

* A generated map works with most modern web browsers, but not necessarily all of them.

This procedure is for Linux only. Ideally, the distro used should be Debian 7 to 9, but other distros may work.

SQLite3 MT worlds are supported. LevelDB MT worlds may, or may not, work. I haven't checked the status of mapping for PostgreSQL or Redis worlds.


* Linux (and experience with CLI commands)
* cmake, gcc, ImageMagick 6, wget, zlib
* sqlite3 development package (under Debian, libsqlite3-dev)
* If LevelDB is needed, leveldb development package (under Debian, libleveldb-dev)

Important: The ImageMagick delegate for the PNG format needs to be installed along with ImageMagick. I think that Debian apt-get takes care of this automatically, but I'm not sure.

ImageMagick 7 may, or may not, work.

To create a zoomable map for a Minetest world, proceed as follows:

1. Execute the following Linux CLI commands:

cd $HOME
rm -fr mtcodermap
tar zxf mtcodermap.tgz

These commands will download the current “mtcodermap” source tarball and unpack it. Note: This step will delete any existing “mtcodermap” directory.

2. You should now have a sub-directory in your $HOME directory named “mtcodermap”.

3. “mtcodermap” contains a sub-directory named “mapsrc”. As information for developers, “mapsrc” was created as follows:

rm -fr mapsrc
git clone mapsrc
sed -e 's/%64s/%s/' -i mapsrc/TileGenerator.cpp
rm -fr mapsrc/.git* mapsrc/colors.txt

4. More information for developers:

“mtcodermap” also contains a bash script named “”. This copy of “” is descended from the one provided by est31's “leaftest” project. It includes one optimization and one required patch.

5. More information for developers:

“mtcodermap” also contains a “colors.txt” file. The file is similar to the one that you'll find in the upstream “minetestmapper.git” sources. The “mtcodermap” version, as of 2018, is more complete.

6. Shut down the MT world that you'd like to create a map for.

7. At this point, if the world is stored in SQLite3 format, you have two options:

(7a) Symlink the world's “map.sqlite” and “” files into the “mtcodermap” directory. This is fast, but you'll need to leave your world shut down until the map is completed.

(7b) Or copy the world's “map.sqlite” and “” files into the “mtcodermap” directory. This may take a lot of disk space, possibly 10 GB, but you can restart your world immediately after the copy is done.

Select and execute one of the two options.

8. If the world is stored in LevelDB format, a step similar to step 7 above is required. However, you'll need to symlink or copy the world's database directory instead of its “map.sqlite” file.

9. Execute, in the “mtcodermap” directory, the following CLI commands. Note the space-period after “cmake”. Note, also, the space-double period in the “cp” line.

pushd mapsrc
cmake . && make
cp -p minetestmapper ..

If compile errors occur, stop here until they can be corrected.

10. In the “mtcodermap” directory, edit the “” script. Read the comments in the script. Modify the parameters specified in the script as appropriate.

11. Execute, in the same directory, the following CLI command:

bash ./ >& log &

Go away, but check the log file periodically. To do so, use the following command:

tail log

12. If the operation completes successfully, copy the “www” sub-directory to a new sub-directory stored in the appropriate website document tree.

Rename “www”, as part of the copy step, to something similar to “bacon-map”, where “bacon” is a short single-word name for the world.

Note: Use “tar” and/or “cp -a” to do the copy. This is necessary so as to ensure that symlinks are preserved.

13. After the operation completes, successfully or not, you can delete the symlinks or copied items created in steps 7 and 8.

14. If everything worked correctly, at this point, you should be able to point a web browser to the ”bacon-map” directory and see a zoomable map.

Allow a few seconds for a map to load. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or you can click on the + and - buttons in the upper left corner.

To scroll a map, left click and drag.

Blank white areas aren't clouds. They're areas which haven't been generated yet.

Sample output is shown below. The panel on the left is from the OldCoder Redcrab world. The panel on the right is from a Stampy's Lovely World fan world.

Minetest zoomable map output

171230 Minetest blog system

S.S. asked, “Is there a way for Minetest to interact using a mod with a blog posting a text and a snapshot? This can be quite useful in educational contexts.”

I promised to try to comment before New Years Eve. So, as it's now the day before the festive occasion, here's a Minetest blog tutorial.

Minetest New Year

This isn't the only way to implement a Minetest blog system. In fact, if you're familiar with C++, it might be much simpler to add the system to the core engine.

However, the approach discussed here has the advantage that it should work with vanilla Minetest.

Specifically, it should only need a git release of Minetest, a single small client-side mod, and an external Perl or Python script. Plus elbow grease.

The focus is on Linux. However, Linux isn't essential. With minor changes, the blog system should work under Windows and possibly Mac OS X.

1. Minetest mods support chat commands that take sentences as arguments. And the chat commands can write the sentences to text files.

Here's a complete working example. This is a small mod named “blog” that implements a “/blog” chat command. The mod doesn't actually blog, but it's the start of one that could.

This version is for UNIX. If you use it, be sure to execute the following two commands at the shell level first:

sudo mkdir -p /var/blog
sudo chmod 777 /var/blog

These two commands create a directory that will be used to hold screenshots and associated text files.

minetest.register_privilege ("blog",
    { description = "Allows blogging" })
local blognum = 0

minetest.register_chatcommand ("blog", { params = "<text>" , description = "Start of a blog command" , privs = { blog = true } , func = function (_, text) blognum = blognum + 1 local tpath = "/var/blog/text" .. blognum local file = (tpath, "w") file:write (text, "\n") file:close() return true, "Text was saved" end , })

If this mod is installed, chat commands similar to the following will write the specified sentences to numbered text files stored in the directory “/var/blog”:

/blog This is the undersea world of Atlantis

/blog This is our proud and deadly army of unicorns

Fierce unicorn

2. As of 2017, MT supports a type of modding known as “client-side mods” or CSMs.

It appears that CSMs have the ability, at least in git copies of the code, to make screenshots. I haven't tried to do this, but there is some discussion of the feature at the following link:

I gather that the feature is for CSMs only, though I haven't looked closely. The API call used seems to be:


I don't see a way to specify output directory or filename in the call. However, the directory, at least, can be specified in “minetest.conf” using a setting similar to the following:

screenshot_path = /var/blog

3. Now put #1 and #2 above together.

Suppose that the “blog” mod is turned into a CSM. And that it is then modified to take a screenshot immediately before writing the /blog text to a file.

And suppose that an external process, written in Perl or Python, is watching the directory “/var/blog”.

We'll refer to the external process as FinishMTBlog. The pseudo-code for FinishMTBlog might look like this:

while (true)
    check contents of the directory "/var/blog"
    has a new pair of files (text and image)
        appeared together?

    if (not)
        sleep for 5 seconds
        continue at top of loop

    blog the text and image
    move the two files to some other directory

File timestamps are used to keep text and image files synced. FinishMTBlog checks timestamps and assumes that a given text file goes with the image file that it is closest to from a timestamp perspective.

FinishMTBlog blogs pairs of text and image files through the standard API provided by the target blog site.

Result: a Minetest system of blog
We hope that this dissipates the fog
The solution here lurks
It might even works
So blog all day and all night

Twitter support might require a fair amount of additional work.

You could hook Minetest up to Twitter by adding Bitlbee to the blog framework. For more information about Bitlbee, visit the following link:

FinishMTBlog could post to Bitlbee, which could then relay messages to Twitter. However, I'm not sure that Bitlbee is able to post images directly.

I'd recommend aiming for a simpler blog site, possibly a custom site of your own, to begin with.

The screenshot below is a blog-worthy Minetest scene showing CoderSea. CoderSea was one of the first mods that provided illuminated seaplants and remains innovative in some respects.

The mod uses neither the old-style alternate-water fix for air bubbles nor solely the new rooted-plant feature.

Instead, it uses rooted-plant nodes to create individual plant segments. This causes minor visual glitches, but it also produces plants that operate much more realistically.

In CoderSea, you can chop a piece of a seaplant out of the middle, use it to make a nice salad, and the missing piece will actually grow back depending on different factors.

CoderSea Minetest seaplants

171215 O Testmas Tree O Testmas Tree

1. The builders in OldCoder Farlands have presented me unexpectedly with a Christmas Tree. See the screenshots below.

It's the largest Tannenbaum that I remember seeing in Minetest. For scale, that's a train on the left, in the night-time scene, and a soccer stadium on the right.

The ornament at the top is made out of Deco Block paper lanterns. The smaller red ornaments are simply red wool treated with Christmas Spirit. Kindness is rare in the world and glows wherever it is found.

OldCoder Farlands is located at: server port 30019

El mundo de OldCoder Farlands da la bienvenida tanto a los hispano hablantes como a los que hablan ingles.

Minetest Farlands Christmas Tree
Minetest Farlands Christmas Tree (day)

2. As a separate Christmas Season note, Azekill Diablo has got me thinking about an interesting question:

The Minetest clones have access to all of the worlds. Is there any way, technical or legal, to prevent the use of the clones to record public and private chat in every MT world?

For more on the subject, click on the following link:

Link: Can the recording of chat be prevented?

171211 Linuxworks Original as Opposed to Original Sin

1. Here's an interesting gamedev thought. Who has the right to act like a corporate gatekeeper in FOSS contexts?

I.e.: If a project is FOSS, completely open, but it happens to rely on a single website, who gets to control the website and thereby the project?

The answer, of course, is anybody who wishes to change the code to use his or her copy of the website. And who can persuade others to use the modified version.

Minetest has an issue of this type. It links to a server list website. Whoever controls that website can attempt to control the project.

2. However, there's a complicating factor. Minetest, as in the core dev builds, competes in the mobile arena with a large number of clones.

The clones are created by people, often in Russia, who seek easy profit. Just recompile Minetest, as it's FOSS, upload it to Google Play Store, and hope to strike gold.

What if I were to offer the clones people cash, on a quarterly basis, to link to my version of the server list as opposed to the existing one?

I'd probably do so only if it proved to be necessary. But the clones people would snatch at the cash, in a heartbeat, wouldn't they? It wouldn't even need to be a significant amount.

If a majority of the clones people agreed, I'd control enough of the client traffic that the existing server list would be rendered relatively inconsequential.

Jordach points out that the clones people aren't trustworthy. But they don't need to be. To get cash regularly, they'll need to do as they promise.

It seems like an interesting idea. It's unlikely, by the way, that the core dev group would attempt to compete in a bidding war for the assistance of the clones people.

3. As a related note, I've talked to two of the clones people before, including one of the most important cases.

I seem to have the start of a rapport with the latter person. My understanding is that the core devs group, in comparison, has vilified him. I don't think he's likely to cut a deal with them.

4. Finally, for tonight, I've rescued another major Minetest world. This one is Linuxworks Original, which I'm told is one of the oldest and most interesting worlds from a builds perspective.

I've fixed a mapgen problem and tweaked things. However, there may still be unknowns. If you'd like to visit and take a look, the location is:

Server: Port: 30010 (minebest with a b)

You won't find the world on the default server list yet. Oddly, it seems to be missing.

My assumption is that the world will appear tomorrow. If it doesn't, perhaps the clones people will be interested in discussing the matter.

Two screenshots of my version of Linuxworks Original are posted below.

Minetest Linuxworks Original scene 1
Minetest Linuxworks Original scene 2

171130 Map of LOTT is best we GOTT

A zoomable map of Lord of the Test aka LOTT has been added. You can look at the world from any height from ground level to outer space.

To access the map, click here.

Allow a few seconds for the map to load. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or you can click on the + and - buttons in the upper left corner. To scroll, left click and drag.

Blank white areas aren't clouds. They're areas which haven't been generated yet.

For links to tourist attractions, click here.

A zoomed-out satellite photo of the LOTT world is shown below.

LOTT still has unexplored areas. Those will show up as blank white areas on the zoomable map. In the satellite photo, though, I've filled in the blank areas to show the world as it might be.

Minetest Lord of the Test Satellite Photo

171125 Farlands deserves garlands

Farlands is a MT subgame by a team of two modders that is intended to feature “steampunk” elements.

I've been asked to boot up a Farlands world. So, here it is: OldCoder Farlands can be found at server, MT port 30019 (port number subject to change).

Bienvenido, hispano hablantes, al servidor de Minetest, puerto: 30019

Steampunk elements are limited, so far, but the subgame is a nice effort. There are original components as well as standard mods.

Mobs include velociraptors, elephants, and zebras. I see what looks like a custom mapgen. The biomes feel natural.

I'm adding mods based on builder requests. One mod that was demanded was Invisible.

I've also added Areas, Coder Skins, XBan2, Worldedit, the two standard IRC mods, Name Restrictions, and a few others that I usually include on servers.

The population is about half Spanish-speaking presently. This is probably temporary, but it's a nice change of pace. I haven't had a bilingual world since Meowtest went largely Spanish-speaking 2 to 3 years ago.

El edificio en la fotograf es una robusta caba de cuatro pisos construida contra la cara de una monta. Los velociraptores hambrientos no pueden entrar.

Minetest Farlands Spanish Speaking World

Add one of these and we'll know that it's a steampunk world. Device created by Zimzim 1066.

Steampunk apparatus by Zimzim1066

171125 Finerealms update

Finerealms is a multi-city MT world that presently preserves pieces of 13 other worlds. Ultimately, the number might go to between 25 and 45.

On Black Friday, two builders asked me to make some repairs to Finerealms. This has been done. Report remaining unknown blocks.

One city has been added: Old TuxWorld, as opposed to New TuxWorld, which may also be added.

Old TuxWorld is a curiosity from 2012; just a small set of builds similar to Calinou Town and Sokotello, which are from the same period.

To visit Old TuxWorld, type /tuxworld in-game. For a list of all of the cities that can be seen, type /news instead.

For Finerealms zoomable maps, click here. Note: Old TuxWorld isn't in the zoomable set yet.

Minetest Finerealms Old TuxWorld

171117 Skins are for Grins

Roughly 1,200 skins from have been added to my MT worlds. About 100 were omitted for technical reasons.

Most of the skins from Persistent Kingdoms that weren't already installed have been added as well.

All worlds have been restarted, so the skins are now ins except for special worlds that require their own sets.

Minetest Skins are for Grins

A letter to Robbie Ferguson of Category5 TV.

Robbie, good day.

You probably recall our exchange of roughly a year ago. If not, no matter.

1. I was approached today by two Minetest players with a connection to Which, I gather, has a connection to you, as it features a link to Category5 TV.

The pair consisted of a boy and a girl. A brother named KINO and a sister named EEP.

They didn't speak English. I used to speak their language, Spanish, but it's faded with the years. Fortunately, these days, Google Translator is there as a fallback.

KINO and EEP wanted their MT skins. They pointed to what, I gather, is your skins page. So, I downloaded the page.

I thought there were about 100 skins, as that's what the page seemed to show. It turned out to be a larger number.

Much larger. 1,300 skins. That's a lot of Toy Bonnies, Sonics, superheroes, soldiers, princesses, elves, and forest creatures.

It's not too surprising. Skins are an important part of a VR or pseudo-VR framework.

Skins and the ability to talk to others. It's like startups in general; people like to go where people are.

Having people to talk to is important. If a venture, a forum, or a world manages to accumulate people, it acquires critical mass and survives for the long-term.

People continue to go where people are.

In VR, this is the second half of a sum. The first half is a skin. The visual shorthand which, along with a nick, defines what you are.

In the case of children, in particular, the one thing that triggers “thank you” more than anything else is seeing exactly the right skin appear.

Here's an exchange with another brother and sister that took place yesterday:

<OldCoder> Does your sister mind being an apple tree?
<OldCoder> Apples are good
<Seth06> no she want to be a fox or a bird
<OldCoder> Hm? OK, minute
<OldCoder> Restarting to add bird skin
* SkyDoom has quit (Quit: Game shutting down.)
* SkyDoom ([email protected]) has joined #minetest-general
*** Seth06 joined the game
*** olivia joined the game

<OldCoder> How is it?
<olivia> ty
<OldCoder> She didn't say what kind of bird. So she is Madame Owl.
<OldCoder> Wise Matriarch of the Forest
<Seth06> ok and she say she love it
<OldCoder> Good
<OldCoder> Owl says “Whooooo”
<OldCoder> g2g now
<Seth06> ok
<Seth06> ty and bye
<olivia> whoooooooooooooo

Nicks and skins can become, in VR worlds, genuine identities. People who are real, or real enough, to others.

Minetest Owl

2. The skins that I downloaded will be supported by most of my worlds from now on.

Not all of the worlds. There are a few special cases, such as RedCrab, where world-specific skins need to be used.

3. I support 64x32 skins. However, I've switched, in general, to 64x64 and recommend that other MT world hosts do the same.

64x64 simplifies things; nearly all MC skins will work without editing. It greatly improves quality in some cases. And it's backwards-compatible with 64x32.

However, the 3D Armor mod isn't compatible with 64x64. Jordach knows how to fix the mod; if you ever chat with him, see if you're able to talk him into doing so.

He, or it appears to be him, visits me occasionally in my IRC network. But he's not in Jordach mode when he does so and declines to discuss technical issues.

4. The situation with Jordach, to be clear, is complicated. You understand, I assume, who and what he is.

I'm done with tip-toeing around this issue. As I'm done with tip-toeing around others. In all of the threads of my life.

Jordach is real. Or real enough. But what does that mean? Is he more real than Madame Owl?

Is Minetest Jordach Real?

5. I gather that you have a bash script or 'C' program which can assemble a preview image from a 64x32 skin. If this is the case, are you able to share the script or source code?

6. I trust that all is well with your venture, Category5 TV, and with other threads of your own life.

For what it's worth, things that you may have been told regarding MT events this year are largely falsehoods.

One part that's true is that I'm filing for the MT trademarks. Or attempting to do so; one firm in Australia seems to be backlogged, so I need to find another one there.

I hope to own the trademarks, if this proves to be practical, in at least four countries. This step was approved two years ago by Perttu Ahola. However, to be clear, the situation has changed and it's no longer amicable.

7. I'm taking a stand against bullying; against beating up those who are different simply because they're different.

I won't back down on this. I should have proceeded in this manner 45 years ago. I've lived with the consequences of bullying for more years than, it appears, you've been alive.

Better late than never.

I've come to understand who I am and what I'm able to do. Perhaps this was the only path that was possible.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

171101 House of Water Splash You Ought-Er

First, as a note to MT friends, I'm filing for the trademark in Australia before I try for the U.S. This is related to CoRNeRNoTe's physical presence there.

DNA, the attorney in my YouTube videos, has offered to handle a U.S. filing separately.

On a splashy note:

There's a proverb about people living in glass houses. And the Tale of the Three Little Pigs includes a House of Straw. But I don't remember hearing about a House of Water before.

Why not?

If it was a jelly-state sort of water, it would stand up well to earthquakes. Monsters that didn't like water might give you a wide berth. Maybe it would even be edible. You could snack on your walls.

Of course, our lives would be more transparent. But we're getting used to that in this modern age.

Minetest Jelly

Bob12 suggested water blocks. So, the OldCoder worlds have them now.

Bob12 and his friend Nipe built a house to try out the new blocks. Here it is, below.

It seems odd to have the toilet right next to the refrigerator. But there are small apartments in San Francisco that are like this. If you had a room-mate, it might be awkward.

Minetest House of Water

The screenshot was made on Meowtest. sfan5, perhaps you remember how the world came about.

As a side note, Bob12 says that his IRL name isn't Bob. However, he adds, the name “Bob” is cool.

I don't know where Nipe heard his nick, but the name originated in a 1960s S.F. novel that I liked decades ago.

In the novel, the Nipe was a short-ish crocodile-like alien that ate people because it believed this to be the polite thing to do.

You can read the book online at the following link:

Anything You Can Do

Anything You Can Do S.F. Novel

171030 Pre-Halloween reboot is a hoot

I've fixed the OldCoder worlds that have been down for a few days.

I built 0.4.16-git recently. Most of the breakage was due to restarting worlds that had worked with 0.4.15 but had problems with the updated codebase. I've patched things, but more cleanup may be needed.

A few worlds were stuck in reboot loops due to corruption caused by a brief period when disk space ran out. That issue was easier to address.

I'm using the commit that Sokomine has recommended:


I'm concerned about her hints to the effect that more breakage is present in the code that was pushed after the commit in question.

I'd planned to run Howlloween World for Halloween this year, but that would have required Shara's help. And Shara isn't real. Has she evaporated yet as Maciek did?

If so, it's regrettable. As a remark to those who understand what I mean, Shara was an achievement.

Compunerd stopped by the other day, but he isn't really a suitable replacement.

I didn't intend to hurt Compunerd's feelings by pointing this out. I suppose I was hoping for some sort of breakthrough after five years of the same thing over and over.

I've been helpful enough, for years, that I deserved better from Shara. Better from others as well. But we'll discuss that in due course.

As a related note to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

I assume that Abe Ezekowitz is still dead. I'd like an acknowledgment to the effect that Craig Robbin's claims related to murder were the product of mental illness on his part.

171027 dogbase is latest crase

I'm pretty busy, but I haven't forgotten kind friends. To friends greetings sends.

But for today here is simply a base named dog for Jess and Nicole.


For old news, click here.


Minetest is a free blocky game for all ages and a fun and flexible game platform for developers.

Minetest can be used by itself on your home computer or Android phone. Or you can visit other people's worlds in your home or school network or out there on the Internet.

Minetest is similar to other games that involve mining and crafting, but it is separate from those games and has its own personality.

One of Minetest's features is that its worlds can be very large, up to about 60,000 by 60,000 by 60,000 blocks.

There's plenty of room to dig, build, fly about (in worlds that have rocket ships), and explore.

But the program's most important feature is its flexibility. Ages 13 to 93 can learn to extend the game, add new features, and even create new animals or monsters.

main screenshot


How to get Minetest for Windows

For now, we're distributing one Minetest ZIP file for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Click on this link:

Two games are included: CloneCraft and Mineville. These are discussed later on this page.

This version has LuaJIT: Fast is a blast. It also has legacy sneak; this is a feature that some players prefer to upstream sneak.

How to run Minetest for Windows

1) To install the program, first delete your old copy of Windows Minetest, if you have one. Save any files from it that you want to keep.

Unpack the new ZIP file. If you're a kid, get a parent or a friend to help with this part.

2) Go into the new minetest folder. Run the minetest.exe file in the bin directory under that.

3) To play CloneCraft, click on the Singleplayer tab, then on the 1st icon on the bottom, then on clonecraft, then on Play.

To play Mineville instead, click on Singleplayer, then on the 2nd icon on the bottom, then on mineville, then on Play.

Note: The icons may move around if you install or create more Minetest games.

4) To visit Minetest worlds on the Internet, click on the Client tab instead of Singleplayer.

5) If you play in singleplayer mode and want to add a privilege, execute a command similar to:

/grant singleplayer noclip

Specify the privilege that you want, instead of noclip.

To grant yourself all privileges, execute:

/grant singleplayer all

6) If you create a new CloneCraft world, instead of using the one provided, be sure to select mapgen v6 and not v7. Or you won't get trees.

Minetest for Linux

To get the source tarball in TBZ format, click on this link: minetest.tbz

If possible, build both servers and clients using this tarball.

Build scripts and Linux binaries will be added here later.

Minetest for Android

We've got a copy of Lord Fingle's enhanced Android Minetest codebase and plan to merge it. Android APKs should be available after that. Possibly both here and in the Play Store.