Minetest Player Quickstart:

This is a quickstart guide for Minetest players as opposed to developers. The idea is to get you started enough to look around. More documentation will be need to be added.

For a more advanced setup guide, click here.

Esta es una simple introducción para los jugadores.
Это простое введение для игроков.
Zhè shì yóuxì wánjiā de jiǎndān jièshào.

1. To get a general impression of what the programs are and what they do, visit these pages on the minetest.org site:

2. This guide is for both Linux and Windows Minetest and MineClone2. To run one of the programs, proceed as follows:

* Download a binaries ZIP file (click here)
* Unpack the associated ZIP file somewhere
* Go into the bin directory
* Execute the file named minetest

You can do this at either the CLI or the desktop GUI level.

3. Arrow keys.

If you prefer WASD motion keys, that is the default. If you prefer arrow keys for motion, there are two ways to set them up:

(a) You can use the program menus to change the keys used

(b) Or, if you're a power user, exit the program and append the contents of the file “arrowkeys.txt” to the file “minetest.conf”.

4. The Start Game tab is for local games. The Join Game tab is for the Internet.

We plan to add parental controls for the Internet tab. Presently, we recommend that online visits for younger visitors be limited to the Edgy and OldCoder worlds.

5. Built-in worlds:

There are two programs, Final Minetest per se and MineClone2.

Final Minetest comes with 3 built-in worlds. MineClone2 comes with just a MineCraft clone world. Both programs can connect to the Internet.

The 3 built-in worlds in Final Minetest are:

Wonder World: Light and friendly world suitable for use in schools. It's mostly for mining and building. There aren't many dangerous creatures.

Bucket City: This world is full of detailed buildings, including the best FOSS model of Angkor Wat that is available. The schems (3D models) and documentation for each build are included.

Moontest: You can build in Moontest, but we'll need to finish the instructions. It's a tricky world because you're in vacuum. Plants won't grow without air generators. We also need to put the correct astronaut skins in.

6. Privileges.

To grant yourself all privileges in an offline MT world, type either of these commands:

/grantme all
/grant singleplayer all

then press Enter.

You will then be able to fly, walk through walls, set the time of day, teleport, and spawn animals.

7. Important keys:

Key Purpose
H Toggle noclip (walk through walls)
J Toggle fast mode
K Toggle flying
R Toggle full viewing range
T Start typing a chat message (Press Enter to finish)
/ Start typing a /command (press Enter to finish)
Escape Close or abort something
Space Up (flying)
Left Shift Down (flying)
F5 Cycle through debug/info screens
F7 Cycle through camera views
F12 Screenshot

7a. If you're in one of the OldCoder online worlds, type T, then OldCoder, then Enter. If OldCoder is online, he might see the message and talk back.

7b. The game supports a pitch-fly mode. Note to self: Document key for that.

8. Sample animals.

To create sample animals and creatures in Minetest (not MineClone2):

Command Result
/se codermobs:kitten Spawn a kitten
/se codermobs:bunny Spawn a bunny
/se codermobs:cacodemon Spawn a Doom monster

The preceding examples are for Minetest, not MineClone2. The creature names in MineClone2 are different.

9. Other important /commands:

Command Result
/spawn Teleport back to spawn
/time 0 Set time to midnight
/time 6000 Set time to morning
/teleport 10, 20, 50 Teleport to X, Y, Z coordinates

You need to grant yourself all privileges in order to use most of the preceding commands. The grant privileges command is (again):

/grantme all
/grant singleplayer all

then press Enter.

About /spawn: Some worlds don't have spawn points. Others have multiple spawn points and /spawn chooses one randomly.

About /teleport: If you teleport to random coordinates, you may end up trapped inside rock or lost in space. Turn on fly and noclip, if possible, before teleporting.

If you don't have the fly and noclip privileges, it's best not to teleport without known good coordinates.

10. Bucket City tourist teleports:

Command Result
/angkor Teleport to Angkor Wat
/babylon Teleport to Hanging Gardens
/bluecottage Teleport to Blue Cottage
/citadel Teleport to the Citadel
/poshdining Teleport to Posh Restaurant
/stardome Teleport to the Star Dome

The preceding is just a partial list of Bucket City builds. For the complete list, and for free schems for each build, see the schems subdirectory of the Bucket City world.

Or you can click here.

The “small” (i.e., trimmed) versions of Final Minetest don't include Bucket City or the schems.

11. Realms:

Important: Turn on Fly and Noclip before you visit these realms. You might be trapped inside a rock otherwise. Or you'll just fall through space.

Command Result
/teleport 0,5502,0 Teleport to BRON realm (no lightcycles yet)
/teleport 0,18500,0 Teleport to Planetoids realm
/teleport 0,21400,0 Teleport to Asteroids realm
/teleport 0,29050,0 Teleport to Earth 2

12. Sound setup.

Sound requires ALSA or PulseAudio's emulation of ALSA. If you don't hear sounds at least occasionally, install ALSA or set up ALSA in PulseAudio.

In some systems with eccentric sound setup, you might see endless warning messages in the command-line window about sound-card hardware. If you do, you can get rid of them by starting the program at the CLI level as follows:

(1) Go to the directory which contains the minetest executable

(2) Execute:
./minetest >& /dev/null

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