Creating Textures


In this chapter we will learn how to create and optimise textures for Minetest. We will use techniques relevant for pixel art.


About MS Paint

You need to be aware that MS Paint does not support transparency. This won’t matter if you’re making textures for the side of nodes, but generally you need transparency for craft items, etc.

Editing in GIMP

GIMP is commonly used in the Minetest community. It has quite a high learning curve as lots of its features are hidden away.

Use the pencil tool to edit individual pixels

Pencil in GIMP
Pencil in GIMP

Set the rubber to hard edge

Rubber in GIMP
Rubber in GIMP

Common Mistakes

Blurred textures through usage of incorrect tools

For the most part, you want to manipulate pixels on an individual basis. The tool for this in most editors is the pencil tool.