Active Block Modifiers


In this chapter we will learn how to create an Active Block Modifier (ABM). An active block modifier allows you to run code on certain nodes at certain intervals. Please be warned, ABMs which are too frequent or act on too many nodes cause massive amounts of lag. Use them lightly.

Special Growing Grass

We are now going to make a mod (yay!). It will add a type of grass called alien grass - it grows near water on grassy blocks.

minetest.register_node("aliens:grass", {
	description = "Alien Grass",
	light_source = 3, -- The node radiates light. Values can be from 1 to 15
	tiles = {"aliens_grass.png"},
	groups = {choppy=1},
	on_use = minetest.item_eat(20)

	nodenames = {"default:dirt_with_grass"},
	neighbors = {"default:water_source", "default:water_flowing"},
	interval = 10.0, -- Run every 10 seconds
	chance = 50, -- Select every 1 in 50 nodes
	action = function(pos, node, active_object_count, active_object_count_wider)
		minetest.set_node({x = pos.x, y = pos.y + 1, z = pos.z}, {name = "aliens:grass"})

Every ten seconds the ABM is run. Each node which has the correct nodename and the correct neighbors then has a 1 in 5 chance of being run. If a node is run on, an alien grass block is placed above it. Please be warned, that will delete any blocks above grass blocks - you should check there is space by doing minetest.get_node.

That’s really all there is to ABMs. Specifying a neighbor is optional, so is chance.

Your Turn