Welcome to Minetest!

Minetest Pumpkin

Final Minetest is now released
Many bugs are now deceased
All good folk are surely pleased
We have rocked it

The trolls are drolls we are sure
But quality will endure
We've no plans to be demure
We have rocked it

Check it out
There's no doubt
Take heed
It's the Test you need
Compatible and stable
Power is no fable
We have rocked it

What is Minetest?

Minetest [or MT] is a free blocky edutech toy. It can be used stand-alone, in family games using a home network, in classrooms that have networks, and to run online worlds on the Internet.

The MT package usually includes a ser­ver, which creates MT worlds, and a client, which connects to MT worlds. Some packages are only clients.

One of Minetest's claims to fame is that it's easy to mod. The project was for adults originally but numerous teenagers and adults learned to code in the 2010s by do­ing MT mods.

The Minetest project start­ed in 2010, became well-known in 2012, and peaked in 2015. It split into sever­al groups after that. Due to conflicting goals it's fading away today. However, there are still in­ter­est­ing MT worlds online and the pro­gram is genuinely fun to mod.

Who runs Final Minetest?

Final Minetest is run by Poikilos and OldCoder. Poikilos's story is at this link. OldCoder is the most senior non-anonymous de­vel­op­er who's still active in any Minetest.

OldCoder has been work­ing on Minetest continuously since Spring 2012. This site dates back to the same year. OldCoder may leave Minetest in the mid-term. However, he'll pass the web­site and all resources on to others.

OldCoder has backed up as many worlds over the years as pos­si­ble. If you'd like to get a copy of a favorite world after OldCoder is gone, his as­soc­i­ates might have it.

For more back­ground information, click here.

What does Final Minetest offer?

Final Minetest is fast and stable compared to other releases. It fixes major bugs that are years old. And it comes with games and worlds built in.

There are other features such as:

* 64x64 skins like Minecraft ® has. They're far more de­tail­ed than dull Old Minetest skins. Plus 3D Armor, previously a hacky feature, is integrated into the skins system. Click here.

* CoderEdit, an MT WorldEdit packed with bug fixes and enhancments.

* CoderFood, an advanced food and/or hunger system.

* Enhanced APIs for mobs (animals) and ocean life and objects in general.

* IRC button at the top of this page. It goes to live sup­port 20 hours a week. Schedule varies. Click here.

Bucket City and Angkor Wat are in­clud­ed. To read about these cities, click here.

How do I get started?

The downloads page is at this link:


Both direct downloads and BitTorrent are offer­ed. After you have the files, you'll find more documentation at:


Just for fun:

This site provides zoomable maps for a num­ber of worlds. They start at a few 100 nodes up. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Here are a couple of screenshots to illustrate. Note: The screenshots them­selves aren't zoomable.

The girl is a painting on the flat roof-rop of a large building.

Your phone or window is too narrow for the image. If it's a phone, try rotating the phone or switch­ing to a PC. Or click here to go to a copy that may be zoomable.

You can fly over the fol­low­ing worlds right here in zoomable maps:

Allow a few seconds for a map to load. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Or you can click on the + and - buttons in the upper left corner. To scroll a map, left click and drag.

Blank white areas aren't clouds. They're areas which haven't been generated yet.

For maps of specific tourist attractions, click on the fol­low­ing links. For instructions, see the preceding sec­tion.

In the Flying Base area, the Flying Base, created by Sparky, is the plane-like object in the middle.

CoffeeCrafter's continent in Redcrab, which includes the city of Makalu linked above, is amazing.

CoRNeRNoTe, who contributed to this site, asks that you watch Earthlings, a free multi-award winning film that aims to make the world a bet­ter place.

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