Welcome back to Minetest.Org
The old site had gotten out of sync
But don't blink
Let me think

The site has returned with no time to be burned
It works on phones now, Responsive take a bow
Resources are as much fun as horses, of courses
Resources we have learned

Windows EXEs are a Breeze

1. Need to play Minetest under Windows? Windows is Sindows, but here you go:

If you're using 32-bit Windows, get this ZIP file: minetest-oldcoder-win32.zip

For 64-bit Windows, this one might work better: minetest-oldcoder-win64.zip

These are Minetest 0.4-stable builds. If you're a kid, get a parent or a friend to show you what to do with ZIP files.

If you have Linux or mobile devices, visit the Main Site or Main Forum for download links.

Kitty Lover

This is a skin chosen by Kitty Lover


This is a skin chosen by Trin

Skins for the Wins

150701. Two players try out new skins: Ringwraith and a Flame Person.

Diverse is Not Worse

160613. OldCoder Lord of the Test is now a little more diverse. Meet Cat Ninja's take on Istari Pallando.

This is non-canonical, but so are Nyan Cats. I don't remember them in the original Lord of the Rings books :-)

The 1st screenshot shows a younger version of the character. The 2nd screenshot shows an older version. Both versions are in LOTT but the 2nd screenshot is from Cat Ninja's development world as opposed to LOTT.

Towers Twin are Not Thin

150531. OldCoder New York City now includes the Twin Towers, thanks to mccomase. There's a surprising amount of detail inside; come and take a look. The location is:

Server: minetest.org
Port: 30016
Coordinates: -297,3.5,-47

Everybody gets fly and noclip in this world. The K key should turn fly on and off. The H key should turn noclip on and off.

In Battle World Defeat is Hurled

150524. OldCoder Hungry Games is up. This copy is an expanded map with a battle zone that's 4X larger than the original. The _game is Gunship Penguin's fork plus a couple of patches by me.

Other features:

1. Spacious open lobby, play parkour outside as a hobby
2. Crossbows, pistols, shotguns, and grenades, this world is like Hades
3. Giant Spiders, Sendermen, Giraffes, and Moo Cows, Wows
4. Plenty of Skins to make you Grins
5. Buildings to use as Covers, this deadly world is for Lovers
6. Lots of MT Mods so that you can fight with Everybods

OldCoder Minetest is the Best

There are about two dozen OldCoder MT worlds but I'm only running a few presently. Here's a list.

Note: You don't need to use the MT server list to get to these worlds. To visit one directly, run Minetest, find the place to enter a server location, type minetest.org, and put the port number in the right place.

Port 30008 Shadow Server: This is one of ShadowNinja's worlds
Port 30011 Landrush: I've given it to Octupus for now
Port 30012 Finerealms
Port 30015 Hungry Games: A Battle World
Port 30017 ChainLynx Does Not Stynx: A world from oOChainLynxOo
Port 30018 Meowtest from the Ninja Kitten
Port 30019 Silvercrab is not drab. This is a fork of Redcrab.
Port 30020 Lord of the Test: A Lord of the Rings fan world
Port 30021 Moontest: It's bouncy, what more do you want?


IRC is chat like Skype or Lync. The OldCoder MT worlds have IRC channels at Inchra:

ChainLynx: #minetest-chainlynx
Finerealms: #minetest-finerealms
Hungry Games: #minetest-hungry
Landrush: #minetest-landrush
Lord of the Test: #minetest-lott
Meowtest: #minetest-meowtest
Moontest: #minetest-moontest
Shadow Server: #minetest-shadowninja
Silvercrab: #minetest-silvercrab

IRC How Right Now

You'd like to try IRC, you say, but don't know how to make it play? For the OldCoder HexChat tutorial, click here. Note: The tutorial is intended for adults.

To the Cache We shall Dash

I run a standard Minetest curl cache server at: minetest.org/media/curl
It's only intended for use by players of my worlds. If you'd like your own copy of the cache, a ZIP file will be posted here when time permits.

Need a Quorum for the Forum

There's a backup copy of the official forum online at:

This copy is outdated. Presently, it's just for test purposes. If you'd like to post, for now, click here instead.

More to Come Awesome :P

Coordinates and screenshots will be added when I figure out the best way to set up a catalogue.

Minetest Skin from the Bin

150523. Daniel visited Hungry Games and asked to be a Five Nights at Freddy's Toy Bonnie. I'm not sure what that is, but all right:

Windows Build Leaves Me Fulfilled

150513. Amaz asked: “I have a quick question: Did you build your Windows builds on Linux?”

Yes. I've created a framework that, as a joke, is known as MaxGW. This is a play on MinGW, a much smaller framework. Mine is relatively large. It includes both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux cross-compilers for Windows and cross-compiled copies of all of the libraries needed to build Minetest.

I don't use the standard “buildbot” script. I have one that is similar. It uses MaxGW to compile 32-bit and 64-bit copies of the program, and then I add _games and other files.

The result is Windows MT satisfaction. The cross-compiled EXEs seem to work pretty well. I thought that I was all set, but now there's Android and possibly Kindle to look at.

A New World at You is Hurled

150513. ChainLynx World is up. This is a world from oOChainLynxOo of Minetest YouTube fame. Presently, it's Creative. There are lots of mods as usual.

The server is minetest.org as usual and the port is: 30017