Minetest is a free blocky game for all ages and a fun and flexible game platform for developers.

It can be used by itself on your home computer or Android phone. Or you can visit other people's worlds in your home or school network or out there on the Internet.

Minetest is similar to other games that involve mining and crafting, but it is separate from those games and has its own personality.

One of Minetest's features is that its worlds can be very large, up to about 60,000 by 60,000 by 60,000 blocks.

There's plenty of room to dig, build, fly about (in worlds that have rocket ships), and explore.

But the program's most important feature is its flexibility. Ages 13 to 93 can learn to extend the game, add new features, and even create new animals or monsters.

main screenshot


Minetest for Windows

If you're using 32-bit Windows, click on this link:

For 64-bit Windows, this link might work better:

If you're a kid, get a parent or a friend to show you what to do with ZIP files.

Minetest for Linux

Here's the source tarball: minetest.tbz

This is the current OldCoder release dated March 26. Features include: (1) the old sneak code is included, (2) it works with both old and new maps, (3) it saves to the old map format, and (4) it doesn't break Technic.

Easy to use build scripts will be added here.

It's reported that some clients can't connect due to the recent upstream serialization issues. We're working on it.

Linux binaries will be added here.

Minetest for Android

We've got a copy of Lord Fingle's enhanced Android Minetest codebase and plan to merge it. Android APKs should be available after that. Possibly both here and in the Play Store.