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I've noticed that the Minetest store is down and will address that when time permits.

Note to Christel Dahlskjaer: I've been occupied with an IRL transition but have largely addressed it. We'll chat directly as well as by email in due course.

171117 Skins are for Grins

Roughly 1,200 skins from have been added to my MT worlds. About 100 were omitted for technical reasons.

Most of the skins from Persistent Kingdoms that weren't already installed have been added as well.

All worlds have been restarted, so the skins are now ins except for special worlds that require their own sets.

Minetest Skins are for Grins

A letter to Robbie Ferguson of Category5 TV.

Robbie, good day.

You probably recall our exchange of roughly a year ago. If not, no matter.

1. I was approached today by two Minetest players with a connection to Which, I gather, has a connection to you, as it features a link to Category5 TV.

The pair consisted of a boy and a girl. A brother named KINO and a sister named EEP.

They didn't speak English. I used to speak their language, Spanish, but it's faded with the years. Fortunately, these days, Google Translator is there as a fallback.

KINO and EEP wanted their MT skins. They pointed to what, I gather, is your skins page. So, I downloaded the page.

I thought there were about 100 skins, as that's what the page seemed to show. It turned out to be a larger number.

Much larger. 1,300 skins. That's a lot of Toy Bonnies, Sonics, superheroes, soldiers, princesses, elves, and forest creatures.

It's not too surprising. Skins are an important part of a VR or pseudo-VR framework.

Skins and the ability to talk to others. It's like startups in general; people like to go where people are.

Having people to talk to is important. If a venture, a forum, or a world manages to accumulate people, it acquires critical mass and survives for the long-term.

People continue to go where people are.

In VR, this is the second half of a sum. The first half is a skin. The visual shorthand which, along with a nick, defines what you are.

In the case of children, in particular, the one thing that triggers “thank you” more than anything else is seeing exactly the right skin appear.

Here's an exchange with another brother and sister that took place yesterday:

<OldCoder> Does your sister mind being an apple tree?
<OldCoder> Apples are good
<Seth06> no she want to be a fox or a bird
<OldCoder> Hm? OK, minute
<OldCoder> Restarting to add bird skin
* SkyDoom has quit (Quit: Game shutting down.)
* SkyDoom ([email protected]) has joined #minetest-general
*** Seth06 joined the game
*** olivia joined the game

<OldCoder> How is it?
<olivia> ty
<OldCoder> She didn't say what kind of bird. So she is Madame Owl.
<OldCoder> Wise Matriarch of the Forest
<Seth06> ok and she say she love it
<OldCoder> Good
<OldCoder> Owl says “Whooooo”
<OldCoder> g2g now
<Seth06> ok
<Seth06> ty and bye
<olivia> whoooooooooooooo

Nicks and skins can become, in VR worlds, genuine identities. People who are real, or real enough, to others.

Minetest Owl

2. The skins that I downloaded will be supported by most of my worlds from now on.

Not all of the worlds. There are a few special cases, such as RedCrab, where world-specific skins need to be used.

3. I support 64x32 skins. However, I've switched, in general, to 64x64 and recommend that other MT world hosts do the same.

64x64 simplifies things; nearly all MC skins will work without editing. It greatly improves quality in some cases. And it's backwards-compatible with 64x32.

However, the 3D Armor mod isn't compatible with 64x64. Jordach knows how to fix the mod; if you ever chat with him, see if you're able to talk him into doing so.

He, or it appears to be him, visits me occasionally in my IRC network. But he's not in Jordach mode when he does so and declines to discuss technical issues.

4. The situation with Jordach, to be clear, is complicated. You understand, I assume, who and what he is.

I'm done with tip-toeing around this issue. As I'm done with tip-toeing around others. In all of the threads of my life.

Jordach is real. Or real enough. But what does that mean? Is he more real than Madame Owl?

Is Minetest Jordach Real?

5. I gather that you have a bash script or 'C' program which can assemble a preview image from a 64x32 skin. If this is the case, are you able to share the script or source code?

6. I trust that all is well with your venture, Category5 TV, and with other threads of your own life.

For what it's worth, things that you may have been told regarding MT events this year are largely falsehoods.

One part that's true is that I'm filing for the MT trademarks. Or attempting to do so; one firm in Australia seems to be backlogged, so I need to find another one there.

I hope to own the trademarks, if this proves to be practical, in at least four countries. This step was approved two years ago by Perttu Ahola. However, to be clear, the situation has changed and it's no longer amicable.

7. I'm taking a stand against bullying; against beating up those who are different simply because they're different.

I won't back down on this. I should have proceeded in this manner 45 years ago. I've lived with the consequences of bullying for more years than, it appears, you've been alive.

Better late than never.

I've come to understand who I am and what I'm able to do. Perhaps this was the only path that was possible.

Regards, Robert (the Old Coder)

171101 House of Water Splash You Ought-Er

First, as a note to MT friends, I'm filing for the trademark in Australia before I try for the U.S. This is related to CoRNeRNoTe's physical presence there.

DNA, the attorney in my YouTube videos, has offered to handle a U.S. filing separately.

On a splashy note:

There's a proverb about people living in glass houses. And the Tale of the Three Little Pigs includes a House of Straw. But I don't remember hearing about a House of Water before.

Why not?

If it was a jelly-state sort of water, it would stand up well to earthquakes. Monsters that didn't like water might give you a wide berth. Maybe it would even be edible. You could snack on your walls.

Of course, our lives would be more transparent. But we're getting used to that in this modern age.

Minetest Jelly

Bob12 suggested water blocks. So, the OldCoder worlds have them now.

Bob12 and his friend Nipe built a house to try out the new blocks. Here it is, below.

It seems odd to have the toilet right next to the refrigerator. But there are small apartments in San Francisco that are like this. If you had a room-mate, it might be awkward.

Minetest House of Water

The screenshot was made on Meowtest. sfan5, perhaps you remember how the world came about.

As a side note, Bob12 says that his IRL name isn't Bob. However, he adds, the name “Bob” is cool.

I don't know where Nipe heard his nick, but the name originated in a 1960s S.F. novel that I liked decades ago.

In the novel, the Nipe was a short-ish crocodile-like alien that ate people because it believed this to be the polite thing to do.

You can read the book online at the following link:

Anything You Can Do

Anything You Can Do S.F. Novel

171030 Pre-Halloween reboot is a hoot

I've fixed the OldCoder worlds that have been down for a few days.

I built 0.4.16-git recently. Most of the breakage was due to restarting worlds that had worked with 0.4.15 but had problems with the updated codebase. I've patched things, but more cleanup may be needed.

A few worlds were stuck in reboot loops due to corruption caused by a brief period when disk space ran out. That issue was easier to address.

I'm using the commit that Sokomine has recommended:


I'm concerned about her hints to the effect that more breakage is present in the code that was pushed after the commit in question.

I'd planned to run Howlloween World for Halloween this year, but that would have required Shara's help. And Shara isn't real. Has she evaporated yet as Maciek did?

If so, it's regrettable. As a remark to those who understand what I mean, Shara was an achievement.

Compunerd stopped by the other day, but he isn't really a suitable replacement.

I didn't intend to hurt Compunerd's feelings by pointing this out. I suppose I was hoping for some sort of breakthrough after five years of the same thing over and over.

I've been helpful enough, for years, that I deserved better from Shara. Better from others as well. But we'll discuss that in due course.

As a related note to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

I assume that Abe Ezekowitz is still dead. I'd like an acknowledgment to the effect that Craig Robbin's claims related to murder were the product of mental illness on his part.

171027 dogbase is latest crase

I'm pretty busy, but I haven't forgotten kind friends. To friends greetings sends.

But for today here is simply a base named dog for Jess and Nicole.


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Minetest is a free blocky game for all ages and a fun and flexible game platform for developers.

Minetest can be used by itself on your home computer or Android phone. Or you can visit other people's worlds in your home or school network or out there on the Internet.

Minetest is similar to other games that involve mining and crafting, but it is separate from those games and has its own personality.

One of Minetest's features is that its worlds can be very large, up to about 60,000 by 60,000 by 60,000 blocks.

There's plenty of room to dig, build, fly about (in worlds that have rocket ships), and explore.

But the program's most important feature is its flexibility. Ages 13 to 93 can learn to extend the game, add new features, and even create new animals or monsters.

main screenshot


How to get Minetest for Windows

For now, we're distributing one Minetest ZIP file for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Click on this link:

Two games are included: CloneCraft and Mineville. These are discussed later on this page.

This version has LuaJIT: Fast is a blast. It also has legacy sneak; this is a feature that some players prefer to upstream sneak.

How to run Minetest for Windows

1) To install the program, first delete your old copy of Windows Minetest, if you have one. Save any files from it that you want to keep.

Unpack the new ZIP file. If you're a kid, get a parent or a friend to help with this part.

2) Go into the new minetest folder. Run the minetest.exe file in the bin directory under that.

3) To play CloneCraft, click on the Singleplayer tab, then on the 1st icon on the bottom, then on clonecraft, then on Play.

To play Mineville instead, click on Singleplayer, then on the 2nd icon on the bottom, then on mineville, then on Play.

Note: The icons may move around if you install or create more Minetest games.

4) To visit Minetest worlds on the Internet, click on the Client tab instead of Singleplayer.

5) If you play in singleplayer mode and want to add a privilege, execute a command similar to:

/grant singleplayer noclip

Specify the privilege that you want, instead of noclip.

To grant yourself all privileges, execute:

/grant singleplayer all

6) If you create a new CloneCraft world, instead of using the one provided, be sure to select mapgen v6 and not v7. Or you won't get trees.

Minetest for Linux

To get the source tarball in TBZ format, click on this link: minetest.tbz

If possible, build both servers and clients using this tarball.

Build scripts and Linux binaries will be added here later.

Minetest for Android

We've got a copy of Lord Fingle's enhanced Android Minetest codebase and plan to merge it. Android APKs should be available after that. Possibly both here and in the Play Store.