OldCoder Minetest Server Nexus

OldCoder Minetest Server Nexus

1. Overview.

As of January 2013, I'm running 19 public Minetest worlds. If you're interested in the game, you're welcome to visit.

This may not be permanent. However, for now, the worlds are available 24 hours a day except when I'm doing backups or maintenance.

There is some basic access information in part 2 below. You'll find a list of the worlds in part 3.

2. Getting to the Nexus Worlds.

2.1. For now, all of the Nexus worlds are on minetest.org at the ports listed in part 3 below. That's minetest.org and not minetest.net.

2.2. Most of the worlds are whitelisted. This means that you may need to ask to gain build privileges. You can ask in the main Minetest IRC channel. Sometimes, you can ask directly from a world using Minetest chat. I listen to the worlds part of the day even when I am not there.

2.3. To visit one of the worlds, use a Minetest client program. You'll need Release 0.4.4. You can get a Windows version from the page at this link.

2.4. You'll need to enter a password. For some of the worlds, any password will work the first time. You'll need to use the same password in the future. If you can't gain access to a particular world, you'll need to locate one of the people who helps to run it.

3. List of the worlds.

These are the current OldCoder Server Nexus Worlds:

Server minetest.org Port 30000 — AngelFury World. This is a Minetest world with a number of mods suggested by RealBadAngel, NekoGloop, and others.

Server minetest.org Port 30001 — Tux World. This world contains creations by Zeitgeist, mrtux, CTMN, envoyxiphos, jangofett154, and others.

Server minetest.org Port 30002 — This is the Skyblock game created by cornernote.

Creator says: You start on a little island and you have missions. Build stuff, etc. Then you get rewards. Me and my kids play this. It is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it.

Server minetest.org Port 30003 — This is the Calinou world. It's large and definitely worth a visit.

Server minetest.org Port 30004 — Octuteam World. This started out as a Minetest Combat World. Created by Octupus. Presently, it is more for building.

Creator says: My friend and I built this map for a little fun. You run this like how you run a regular world. You should spawn at the (same) place. It's a team map. Only 2 sides and 1 chest on each side. No lava. Sand Wall (Don't dig it). Very Dark.

Server minetest.org Port 30005 — Mazebint by Lelix. This is a Minetest Puzzle World. For more information, see the following sections. Note: The puzzle will be reset periodically. So if you build here, your changes will be lost.

Creator says: In this map, you will need to solve six mazes. Each will increase in difficulty. Have patience! Before you finish the final one, you have to take all the trophies and if you win, then you are a real pro!

Server minetest.org Port 30006 — Diaspar. This is a Minetest Creative World started by LM and with additions by Laughs All Day.

Creator says: It has a decent amount of builds some are far from spawn so you might need to look around for hidden nuggets. This map is about 1 week of work by multiple users so I hope you enjoy it :)

Server minetest.org Port 30007 — OpenMine. For now, this is an open world. Anybody can visit. Everybody gets the interact, fast, fly, and shout privileges to begin with.

Since this is an open world, don't expect buildings that you create to last. People are likely to burn them down. Also, since people aren't whitelisted, don't expect them to be friendly.

If there's too much trouble individuals may be banned. If that doesn't help, the OpenMine world will be shut down.

Creator says: This world is intended for people who just want to take a look at Minetest or try out the basics.

Server minetest.org Port 30008 — Old Tuxworld. This world is public for visits but for the time being building privileges will be limited to a few people.

Creator says: This is my Minetest world of creations me and my friends have built. I'm busy. I can do this later.

Server minetest.org Port 30009 — Puzzle Islands. This is a Minetest Puzzle World by Lunarhiro.

Notes: 1. I don't have a list of the mods this world needs. There are unknown blocks. Please review the data and comment. 2. The puzzle will be reset periodically. So if you build here, your changes will be lost.

Server minetest.org Port 30010 — Mark Twain World. More will be added about this world later.

Server minetest.org Port 30011 — M13-Xiphos World. This is a fork of the M13 world provided by envoyxiphos.

envoyxiphos says: My lava fountain is at 31.1, 17.6, -33.4 in this world. The fountain has staggered levels with lava pouring from the top of each level. It has various methods of entry such as flying, mining into it, and of course walking.

Server minetest.org Port 30012 — HolaMundo. This is a large world with some interesting structures.

Server minetest.org Port 30013 — Metropolis. This is a new Creative World.

Server minetest.org Port 30014 — Veritas. This is a large Creative World started by LM.

Creator says: Thanks to everyone who built here :)

Server minetest.org Port 30015 — Zegaton. This is Zeg9's world.

Creator says: This is a world where everyone is welcome to play Minetest, and build whatever they want

Server minetest.org Port 30016 — Harbor by drobekcz. Large map with a harbor, a ship, buildings, etc. For example: WW I warship, Titanic, freight ships, nuclear submarine, zeppelin, nuclear submarine, some castles, a town, and tunnels.

Server minetest.org Port 30017 — Vanessa World. For now, this world is a showpiece. It is not yet open for building.

Server minetest.org Port 30018 — Mauvebic World. For now, this world is a showpiece. It is not yet open for building.

4. A few screenshots.

  Screenshots of Old Tuxworld at port 30008
  Screenshot of Skyblock at port 30002
  Another Skyblock screenshot
  Border of Real Bad Angel Land and NekoGloop Loop
  Octuteam World at port 30004
  Screenshots of Diaspar at port 30006
  Puzzle Island at port 30009
  Holamundo at port 30012
  Veritas at port 30014