red-002, a Minetest friend, has offered the following remarks:

<red-002> I do wonder why you use an external ip logger through
<red-002> It even includes /tracker in the url
<red-002> If you want an ip logger that's not obvious and easy to block use something less obvious
<red-002> anyway I will continue to record what you post there so you can't just wipe your site and pretend it didn't happen

The remarks are non-sequitur in nature, but, sure, we'll address the concerns.

red-002 Minetest bully

red-002, also known as red-001, red-999, and other numbers of, apparently, a red nature, is a minor Minetest figure located in or near Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin isn't confirmed, but geolocation of a set of 46 IPV4s points to a small set of POPs, associated primarily with Vodafone Ireland, in the city.

The variation in IPV4s suggest that he's not running solely off of a Dublin VPS. Additionally, usage patterns tend to confirm that he's not proxying through Vodafone from another country.

Age seems to be teenager and/or typical college range. There's one strong indicator of this and of level of skills: red-002 consistently overstates the importance of obvious technical points.

Everybody miscalculates things at times. However, the assessment in this case is clear. red-002 is an overconfident amateur.

red-001 Minetest bully

On the psychological side, we're dealing with one of the tedious types that can't be avoided online: the cowardly bully.

red-002's thing is to mock or to attack and then to run.

The idea is that he'll sucker-punch people online and then turn on a technical mechanism that he sees as a shield.

IRC people will recognize the mechanism in question; essentially, red-002 uses /ignore as a weapon.

Insecurities are involved. Their genesis and nature aren't clear yet. red-002 doesn't seem to have been abused or bullied when younger.

Moving on to red-002's 1st concern:

Our adolescent friend said, “I do wonder why you use an external ip logger through. It even includes /tracker in the url. If you want an ip logger that's not obvious and easy to block use something less obvious.”

“External ip logger” ? Um? Son, learn the basics.

These sites, if you're even referring to these sites — you didn't trouble yourself to explain — are simple static HTML, served by nginx (also known as Engine X). Note: Dynamic pages may be added at a later date.

nginx, like all major httpd daemons, logs IP addresses automatically. Other information as well. There's no need for an “external ip logger”.

Many sites, including this one, supplement built-in logging with code of different types designed to gather additional information.

Reputable sites don't conceal this. It's hardly a mysterious or exciting issue.

The part about “/tracker in the url” needs clarification. These sites use presently StatCounter. As far as I know, StatCounter doesn't work that way.

I'm not presently aware of any “/tracker” links. There might be some in the Opencart store. If that isn't what you're talking about, I'd suggest that you take a closer look. Are you sure that you didn't make some sort of beginner's mistake?

Regarding the notion that you can “block” IP-address logging, there's a disconnect of some sort. You have enough of a understanding of Internet protocols to understand that it doesn't work like that.

You can “block” StatCounter, but that doesn't change a thing as far as the IP-address part goes.

If you're concerned about IP-address logging, you'll need to take other steps.

Proxies don't work well in this context. You can be fingerprinted right through some of them. No, changing User Agent doesn't help :)

oh, no, he has changed UA
what ever shall we do
oh, wait, that is only one clue
UA flew but clue ensue
proxy friends greetings sends
good day to me and to you

red-002 Minetest bully

Recommended steps include use of ssh tunnel through VPS, VPN, Tor, and/or Whon*x. Also, rotate ISP and connection. Ideally, use non-traceable connections that aren't associated with you personally.

And to conclude with red-002's 2nd concern:

red-999 Minetest bully

red-002 said, “anyway I will continue to record what you post there so you can't just wipe your site and pretend it didn't happen”

This seems to be in response to the following post:

“Minetest, the Community Edition, would like to welcome red-002 of Dublin as a reader.”

Um? “Didn't happen” ? red-002, your point seems less than entirely clear. Regardless, once again, welcome.

More here in the future

More here in the future