Minetest Master List

The MINETEST MASTER LIST (MML) is a master hub for Minetest websites.

All credits go to the website owners. MML disclaims credit or responsibility for any external websites quoted or linked.

Original page by TvAnenna (aka) TvAntenna. wilkgr (aka silent_elk) provided some technical assistance.

General stuff

This list includes the links that one would generally visit first.

Minetest.net Home Page
Minetest Game Download
Minetest Wiki
Server Info
Server List


This list includes the links that would be needed by one who is setting up a Minetest Server or is a developer in training.

Minetest.org (OldCoder site)
Mod Search
Mod List
Setting Up A Server
Seting Up A Server On Debian/Ubuntu
Minetest GitHub Repository