Final Minetest downloads

Two important notes:

1. These downloads are mostly for CLI devel­op­ers and power users who know what they're do­ing. Some teenagers will be able to do the soft­ware builds but mostly the Linux types who are learning to be CLI devel­op­ers.

2. These downloads are mostly for Final Minetest.

Some parts will work with other Minetests. For example, we'll pro­vide sources for dif­fer­ent MT clients that should be able to talk to both MultiCraft 2 and Trolltest. But in general you'll need to build and run a Final Minetest ser­ver to make full use of these files.

Download WoofWorld full world

WoofWorld is a small but complete Final Minetest world based on a unique modset named MeseLite. To go to the down­load page for WoofWorld, use the fol­low­ing link:

Link: Download WoofWorld

MultiCraft 2 Android and Apple clients

To connect to Final Minetest worlds using Android or Apple mobile devices or Mac PCs, you can try MultiCraft 2 clients. These are third-party pro­grams. As of mid-2022, the as­soc­i­a­ted Play Store links were as follows:

Android link:

Apple link:

Final Minetest doesn't dis­tri­bute or sup­port these pro­grams. There is no guarantee that they're still avail­able, that they still work, or that they're safe to use.

Old Trolltest Android client

If you have an old Android device from around 2016 to 2018, the APK linked be­low may let you connect to Final Minetest worlds and old Minetest 4 worlds:

Link: minetest-0.4.16.apk    13MB

This is an Android Trolltest client from mid-2017. It isn't recom­mend­ed that this APK be used on recent devices. Warning: There is no guarantee that this APK will work on any devices or is safe to use.

Windows Minetest binaries

We're work­ing on a new Windows Minetest binaries package and will post it here when it's ready.

The Windows package will include either one or two dif­fer­ent Minetest client pro­grams as well as a few built-in worlds. The clients will sup­port both online access and off­line worlds.

Linux Minetest binaries

In the past, Final Minetest provided a single Debian binaries package that sup­port­ed 2 or 3 releases of Debian. The plan is to replace that with sep­ar­ate binary packages for mul­ti­ple flavors of Debian, Red Hat, and Ubuntu.

This sec­tion will be updated in due course.

Final Minetest source packages


9,000 Minetest git packages

You can browse and/or down­load 9,000 Minetest git repos at the fol­low­ing link:

These are general Minetest repos as opposed to Final Minetest repos.

Much of the content is obso­lete or incompatible with modern Minetest worlds. However, these repos are an ex­cel­lent source of ideas, code fragments, and textures that you can use in your own mods.

Additionally, the link above is the only place that you'll find some of the repos. The git site has preserved content that is lost forever elsewhere.

Note: The Final Minetest git site is be­lieved to have copies of all of the mods that were in the Trolltest Content DB as of Christ­mas 2021. Even the mods that didn't have git repos at the time.

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