170901 Death of Abe Ezekowitz

Vanessa Ezekowitz, nee Dannenberg, is a creative and forceful, albeit harsh and persnickety, woman in Waynesville, NC. She's an older female Coder, 44 in a few months, and a role model in this regard.

Vanessa sent me two letters on Saturday, August 19, 2017 related to the death of her husband Abe Ezekowitz.

This is a response to Vanessa's letters.

As a bonus, a response to a troll nicknamed Paul Shiva-Jiva follows. It's two popcorn munching movies for the price of one.

Freenode and Minetest popcorn

The context, for new readers, is that Vanessa is a Coder who is dying, whose husband has just died, and whose primary creative and social outlet, Minetest, is a hostile and dysfunctional mess engaged, presently, in child pornography and DDoS stunts.

Vanessa, understandably, isn't in a Pollyanna mood.

Yes, it's just another day on the Internet :)

But, actually, people on the Internet are real. IRC and IRL overlap. This is something that the trolls and the DDoSers forget.

Freenode and Minetest aren't for Pollyanna

I'd like to welcome the Minetest contributors who I haven't talked to before or who I don't know well yet.

Examples include:

* Lars Hofhansl of the Apache project
* Matt Gregory aka paramat, possibly a past associate of Virgin Media
* Jesse McDonald, the Haskell expert in Marion, Iowa

* Laura Arjona Reina, a rare woman in Minetest and somebody with a Masters in Libre Software
* Brandon Bohannon of Springfield, MO, the Purple Cow guru
* Duane Robertson, a philosophical blogger in Oklahoma City

Matt, you had a virginmedia.com email address in the past. Are you the Managing Consultant in Berkshire who used to be in Compliance at Virgin Media?

There might be no connection, of course. Matt Gregory is a common enough name. There might have been several at the company.

Duane, is that a screenshot from Assassination Classroom in the October 14, 2016 blog entry? Anime, in Oklahoma? :)

Thought from Duane Robertson's blog

To explain things to the new folks, this is a part of a book project that started in 2012. Or 1971, depending on how things are viewed.

The Minetest segment is related to pack behavior and the animal part of human nature which is always present; the part that led to slavery, the Holocaust, and human history in general.

For news media, hooks include:

* A Minetest child pornography stunt
* Andrew Lee, founder of Bitcoin Foundation, and the controversial organizations that he runs
* A shadowy online world known as Freenode, run by anonymous adults, where adults and children as young as 8 years old congregate

* DDoS, a highly prosecutable felony that is common among Freenode and Minetest types
* Anonymity as a privacy tool needed to protect individual rights in the modern world
* Anonymity as a cloak used in crimes
* Apache and other well-known organizations that are involved in the world of Minetest, child pornography, and DDoS

Freenode and Minetest include good stories

I'd like to see an acknowledge of receipt, and of reading, from Vanessa, and a retraction of the claim that I murdered Abe Ezekowitz.

If the retraction isn't forthcoming, this letter will be transmitted, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, to parties associated with Abe Ezekowitz; with Waynesville, NC; and with other contexts and localities.

1a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

Abe passed away in our home on Monday, August 14 from sudden cardiac arrest, which the medical examiner considers “natural causes”. He had in mind a particular type of cardiovascular disease as a common cause, though Abe's kidney disease is more likely at fault.

I started CPR and called 9-1-1 within 10 or 15 seconds of him passing out, and police and paramedics took over on arrival and tried for 30 minutes after that to revive him. They gave up a little after 3:00 am.

I had to set up a fundraiser to help cover his final expenses, and contributions just poured in.

Enough was raised in just a few days that, with a lot of logistical help from Chabad and the funeral home, Abe was laid to rest in a beautiful casket, with a traditional Jewish funeral service, on August 18 at Lou Pollock Memorial Park (a private cemetery in Asheville, NC).

He was buried intact and whole, with proper ritual care. I'll have a headstone placed for him in the very near future.

Abe Ezekowitz of Waynesville, NC Minetest

1b. OldCoder response to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

You have my condolences.

Your telling of the story is worded neutrally. And you must have expected this to come at some point. It would have been a blow, regardless.

From what I'm able to determine, Abe was a decent man. Based on past conversations with you, it was a good match. He was far less harsh than you. And you'd have been good for him.

I didn't know about the fundraiser until after you wrote. If you'd like a contribution related to the headstone, let me know.

2a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

If you think I'm lying, then call the Waynesville, NC police department, or try the Haywood County, NC police (I didn't notice if it was city or county police who initially responded to my 9-1-1 call as I was focused on Abe the whole time). Assuming they will talk to you, one of them should be able to confirm their time of arrival and Abe's time of death.

Don't believe them? Call Haywood Regional Medical Center/Medwest Haywood and verify his death with the Nursing Supervisor or the Medical Examiner, assuming either one will talk to you. His body was held in the hospital morgue for a few days after his death.

Never in my life have I touched someone whose body was so cold, as I did when I went there to retrieve his shirt, necklace, and wedding band, the latter two of which are around my neck now.

Still not enough proof? Read Abe's Facebook page, or read mine. I've been posting regular updates.

2b. OldCoder response to Vanessa:

What the Hell are you talking about? Why in the world would I think that you were lying?

Vanessa, you're speaking out of grief and confusion. As well as the inability to focus that you've told me about.

I guessed that Craig Robbins might be lying because he lacks any degree of reflection.

I believed, at first, that he was telling the truth about Abe's death. See the remarks that I posted at the time.

I mourned Abe, myself.

Subsequently, I realized that Craig wouldn't think twice about lying about a death. He's mentally retarded, a case similar to that of my youngest brother Scott, and is unable to reflect at all.

Note to Craig Robbins: Yes, I've read your letter about your IQ test. Surely, you are a genius after all. I'll respond to the IQ letter in due course.


Additionally, Craig said that I'd murdered Abe.

Did you know that Craig Robbins is accosting children to tell them the story of Abe's murder?

Review your perceptions, Vanessa. Get off of your high horse. Grief doesn't entitle you to self-righteous nonsense.

Minetest high horse

3a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

Abe is gone, and now I'm saying our usual good-night and I-love-you wishes to his spirit, his memory, and his photo on the wall in front of me, in hopes that he can hear me, and the only viable things I have to hold onto at night now are his pillows and his side of the blanket.

Alone at night

I've been asking every night for him to come visit me in my dreams, and for G*d to call me home soon so that I can be with him again.

Nothing we did together has much joy to it anymore. Meals are almost flavorless, movies are dry and barely good for anything more than passing the time. Music that was once uplifting is depressing, even grating.

Minetest sadness

3b. OldCoder response to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

You've confirmed that it was a blow.

Don't call for the Reaper as you've suggested that you're doing. He comes for everybody soon enough.

I've met Him.

He's not a big talker. His wings are soft. If they brush against your face, they leave marks as they pass.

That's most of what I know. I'm not in a rush to learn more.

Finish your job in the world. This is your responsibility.

Your remaining time is short enough as it is. You've told me this, yourself. One of the two medical issues is likely to take you within 5 years.

If it appears that you're not putting things back together, I'll need to talk to your neighbors and to the County.

It was WLOS News 13 that interviewed Abe and you, wasn't it? The reporter for that story might be interested in a follow-up.

Not kidding, Vanessa. Get your act together and confirm that you're doing so.

4a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

Still think it's all some big hoax or conspiracy? Well, it isn't. Everything I wrote is the truth, and I'm pretty sure Craig was truthful also, so show some respect for Abe and those of us mourning his death, and shove your conspiracy theories and vitriol up your ass.

Vanessa Ezekowitz of Waynesville, NC Minetest rant

4b. OldCoder response to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

Vanessa, Craig Robbins of Queensland, AU, supposedly +61.55332290, suggested that I'd murdered Abe.

You say that “Craig was truthful”. Should I quote you as supporting that statement?

If the answer isn't “no”, I'm going to need to write to Abe's relatives and associates to explain that I did not, in fact, kill him.

Regarding “conspiracy theories”, are you referring to TvAnenna? The man, apparently about 40 years old, who pretends to be a 12-year-old girl so that he can talk sexually to kids?

I've posted my final discussion with TvAnenna on minetest.org. Read it and then blather as you wish about “conspiracy theories”.

Regarding “vitriol”, are you referring to the outpouring of hatred from your associates that has lasted 5 months and that has included 3 DDoSes, continuous harassment, a disinformation campaign, and a child pornograhy stunt?

Take your own “conspiracy theories” and “vitriol”, Vanessa, and stuff them up your *ss. Then take them out and frame them. Reflect on them, for the rest of your days, as your monument to hatred of the truth and of the different.

Your monument to those who hanged the Blacks and gassed the Jews. Look in the mirror and ask yourself what God thinks of people who revile the truth and hunt those who are so foolish as to be kind.

Minetest vitriol

5a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

I can only assume this stems from either a lack of comprehension, or inadequate research efforts.

You've demonstrated your tendency to research things to exhaustion. Had you chosen to extend said research to Facebook, which you know for a fact I use regularly, you would have found all of the details I shared in my previous email, proving beyond even the slightest doubt that Craig was being truthful.

Hell, I even tweeted about the fundraiser (and by extension, his passing).

Instead, you did what no reasonable person would have done, and called Craig a liar.

5b. OldCoder response to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

So, “no reasonable person” would have questioned Craig Robbins' claim that Abe had been murdered?

Incidentally, Little Missy, I don't Facebook. Regardless, so what, if I speculated that Craig had lied?

How much credibility, exactly, should I give a clinically retarded person who states that I've murdered somebody?

This isn't about you, Vanessa. The grief is yours. But, as usual, you've jumped into a tantrum without any idea of what you're talking about.

You don't give a quacking duck about the facts. This is why you matter to the story.

Tantrum in Minetest

6a. Vanessa Ezekowitz said:

All things considered, you can keep your condolences. Anything you say about the situation will be insincere and likely mixed in with at least one offtopic comment related to your ongoing fight, just like with your last two emails.

6b. OldCoder response to Vanessa Ezekowitz:

And your own letters aren't larded with rubbish such as “conspiracy theory” and “vitriol” ?

And Abe wasn't, according to Craig, “murdered” as part of the so-called “fight” ?

And “insincere” is based on what, exactly?

You're full of sh*t, Vanessa. Sh*t that will always be there because you're not able to perceive it.

This is the way that too many people are. Monkeys with feces smeared on their souls.

I'm saddened to learn of your loss. I continue to be concerned about your well-being. But I'm not going to accommodate bullsh*t.

Freenode Minetest monkeys

I think that we're done here. However, see the opening note regarding confirmation of receipt.

I'd like a retraction of the suggestion that I murdered Abe. Which, by stating that Craig Robbins was truthful, you've made.

Confirm, too, that you're taking steps to put things back together.

Failure to comply with the last part will mean that I'll need to write to parties in Waynesville, NC and other areas, including WLOS News 13, to question your mental state and your ability to take care of yourself.

WLOS News 13

170901 Response to Paul Shiva-Jiva

Paul Shiva-Jiva, IRL surname unknown, claims to be an automotive electrical system designer.

His IRL first name seems to be Paul. He's said that he was born in 1966, but that is likely to be a lie. He has a daughter age 8.

The daughter's age tends to contradict the age of 51. Paul might have made up the daughter as well as the age. Or both might be true.

Paul is of average intelligence, certainly superior to Craig Robbins, but pretentious. He shows no signs of introspection.

Like most people of his type, he isn't able to internalize the concept of a “fact”. He lies, but believes that if he wishes something to be true, it isn't a lie.

There's some evidence that Paul might be in the U.K. However, it could be in a number of other countries. He probably isn't in the U.S.

In short, this is somebody who is buried deep. If it proves to be possible to dig him up, it'll be fun to see his reaction.

Paul wrote to me on Friday, August 11, 2017. A response to his letter follows.

7a. Paul Shiva-Jiva said:

After harassing me daily in private messages, swearing at me, being derogatory, but then telling me he didn't want to speak to me, he pressured a 14 year old to ask me why I posted a private message into the -project channel.

He didn't consider the age of the person he was communicating with or stop to realise the person was acting under his own initiative when he approached Kiraly to ask about the events. Making assumptions about someone's age is not appropriate in projects where young people cluster.

7b. OldCoder response to Paul Shiva-Jiva:

Paul, I look forward to informing your daughter of the type of man that her father is.

The odds are against this being possible.

For starters, you may not actually have a daughter. Additionally, you've been more cautious than most people who seek anonymity. Everything, right down to your first name, may be a lie.

I've only met one person who was more cautious than you are. It took me months to identify him.

He made one little slip, just one. It was simply his use of a first name instead of a last name. This suggested that he knew the head of a particular company personally.

This was all that was needed.

He turned out to be somebody well-known in the Bitcoin world. Not Andrew Lee. Who are you, Paul?

One slip in Freenode is all it takes

You use anonymity, not to work towards positive goals, but to troll, to strike from cover, and to run away.

You have the effrontery to call out from the bushes where you lurk to harass somebody who has decloaked and faces you without fear.


You aren't worth the excrement that you smear on your daughter's cheeks when you kiss her good-night.

Minetest daughter

You've used VPS as opposed to VPN for some things. So, I could identify you through your ISP accounts.

However, it might cost $10,000 USD in legal expenses. Depending on the ISP, possibly double that.

And what if you've been so prudent as to set up the accounts using Bitcoin and Tor?

Good Lord, if I spent 5 figures to dig you up and ran into *that* brick wall, there would be egg on my face, wouldn't there? :)

It's embarrassing to be in Minetest

Surely, the identity is impenetrable. It isn't possible that the promised discussion with your daughter will take place.

On the other hand, I'm as patient as you are cautious. That is patient, indeed :D

And, Paul, if I can't find you...

I can certainly find, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, your fellow trolls.

We must now party in Minetest

If you believe that you're a man, a real man as opposed to a coward, drop the lies.

Real men don't lie. They face the truth. They deal with it.

This is out of the question for Craig Robbins. I think that Andrew Ward could do it. I don't know about Perttu Ahola, Nathanael Courant, or you.

Nobody “pressured a 14 year old”. Or anybody of any age.

Say the words out loud, Paul. Look in the mirror as you do so. This is your entrance exam. The exam that will determine what you are.

What you are determines what I have a right to do.

It is a Minetest test

Jack Coe told me, in 2015, that he was a developer. He led me believe that he was a recent college graduate, 22 years old at the time.

His actual age, presently, is unknown.

By the way, Jack, will you confirm or contradict the following account?

Two years later, Spring 2017, Jack approached me unexpectedly. He asked me what had happened between you and me. He said that he considered both of us to be friends of his. He added that he wanted to understand.

I didn't approach Jack Coe. Jack approached me. Just as Shara approached me to request the favor that led to all of this.

The favor that I was too tired to deal with. But that I poured the next week into, regardless.

The favor that led to a flood of hatred, attacks, and lies which seemed excessive even for Freenode, a world of anonymous trolls, DDoSers, and adults seeking sexual interactions with children.

Your world, Paul.

I believed Jack to be age 24 at the time. It doesn't matter. Your remarks about the age issue don't even parse.

Pro Tip, Paul: Read your writing out loud. This will help to bring it up to middle-school level.

I told Jack that you'd dumped a PM into public chat that might have hurt somebody. Somebody that you and I — and Jack — should consider a friend.

Obviously, you know who I'm referring to. And, presumably, you've read the public logs in which he confirmed that part of the 5-year story was true.

Why you'd wish to hurt him is beyond me. Well, actually, it's not. You're made of common clay. Pettiness and inability to face the truth define you.

You're pointless. Not to the extent that Craig Robbins is, but that isn't saying much; he's the archetype of useless. Both of you will leave the world poorer for your presence.

The part that remains to be established is, are you real?

Jack asked me why you'd behaved as you had. I indicated that I wasn't interested in discussing the matter.

He pressed me for an answer. I told him that he'd need to ask you. So he did.

Shortly after that, Perttu Ahola reported to me that you'd fed him the bullsh*t which I've quoted above.

You've energized me, Paul. It's an unexpected gift. Thank you. By the way, how well do you know MT players and other parties from the past few months?

Thank you to Minetest troll

8a. Paul Shiva-Jiva said:

Robert Kiraly has stated he is Minetest but I cannot find grounds to validate that he has any claim; running a server didn't entitle me to claim ownership, neither would acquiring the domain minetest.org. In fact the idea that it would strikes me as absurd.

8b. OldCoder response to Paul Shiva-Jiva:

You didn't trouble yourself to quote me. It's difficult to respond to bullsh*t without specifics.

This said, Paul, if you insist on a dispute related to who “is Minetest”, there is a practical side to the matter as well as an ethical side.

On the practical side, it sucks to be you :(

Here's the thing: Most significant long-term figures in Minetest are anonymous or would prefer to be.

Anonymity is a two-edged sword. You and the other anonymous — or would-be anonymous — trolls have zero legal standing.

Red Iosif “Daniel” tried to get minetest.org taken down while remaining anonymous. It doesn't work like that. All that he managed to do was to tell me a bit about himself and his IRL identity.

To accomplish anything practical, the trolls will need to decloak. And, once they do, I've got them for DDoS and possibly the child pornography stunt.

Prosecutable crimes in Freenode

The Ninja Kitten, The Shadow Ninja, Wuzzy, Paramat, Krock, LNJ, Calinou, Kaeza, TenPlus1. All of them are contributors. In some cases, they're not fully anonymous; their IRL identities are known.

Not one of them is enthusiastic about becoming an IRL Minetest figure and going through the type of sh*t that I've had to deal with this year.

Vanessa Ezekowitz isn't anonymous, but she's dying. Even if she makes it into the 2020s, she's got brain damage and a lack of interest in getting involved in things. Her race is run.

The most significant person in Minetest, the one that you tried to hurt, is a special case.

He's the one who “is Minetest”. However, he can't be a public figure. Or even be noticed, much, in the real world.

Maciek Kasatkin, Misael Roman, Octupus, The Red Mood, Laugh All Day, Mark Viederddoser, Kika-Ru, and the rest. They're colorful figures. Larger than life. Each of them, interesting in their own way.

But they exist online and only online. In the light of day, they'd fade away.

None of them is going to file Court papers that don't prove to be fake or show up anywhere in person.

So, who, in any practical or legal sense, is going to “be” Minetest? One thing is clear. It isn't going to be *you*, b*tch :)

Minetest ghosts are real

Andrew Ward? He might become an IRL Minetest figure as part of the non-profit that I proposed to Perttu Ahola two years ago.

Not as the leader of such a group. Andrew doesn't have the balls needed to make it work.

No, I'm not guessing. I notice details and a detail related to Andrew stood out this Spring.

Andrew Ward of Minetest

Perttu Ahola? Don't make me laugh. Perttu withdrew from the project years ago. He doesn't have the authority even to override anonymous core devs.

Perttu knows that I'll outspend him in any IRL legal fight. That I focus and that I'm good at details. That I have an experienced intellectual property attorney. And that I've fought battles before that were less pleasant.

Perttu will turn tail and scoot into the bushes the minute that the going gets tough or expensive.

Especially the expensive part. Am I mistaken, Perttu?

Perttu Ahola of Minetest

And the ethical side, Paul? We'll discuss that when you're able to acknowledge, to yourself, the realities of your behavior this year.

Go put your daughter to bed and say good night. Try not to smear excrement on her when you do.

170825 TvAnenna update

TvAnenna and I talked a few days ago. I promised him that I'd post this update.

Parents should be advised that TvAnenna is an adult male in Minetest who is excited by pretending to be a 12 year old girl and talking sexually to kids.

One typical TvAnenna story is about how he used to watch his brother wrestling with a friend. Without clothes, of course, and, naturally, the friend was a girl.

This isn't unusual by Minetest standards, but he doesn't let up. The other day, he asked a Minetest kid if a kitty cat's generative parts would be pussy pussy.

Yeah, that's the Minetest crowd for you.

We get role-players like this. Some are just teenage trolls, some are like TvAnenna, and there is what appears to be one genuine MPD; Maciek Kasatkin.

For new readers, the context is Freenode, sort of a phone-sex service for adults and children, and Minetest.

Minetest is a Freenode-based FOSS project. The project is promising, but it needs some house-cleaning. The Freenode sex part and the casual use of DDoS by Minetest trolls isn't likely to help the brand.

Minetest Freenode stick figures

As a note to new readers, DDoS is a prosecutable felony. In short, Minetesters use it to take down websites that they disagree with.

Christel Dahlskjaer, the manager of Freenode, provides support services related to this activity. In fact, presently, you'll find her or a close associate, Christian Loosli, sitting in the Freenode DDoS channels.

Christel has stated, in writing, that it's perfectly appropriate for her anonymous associates to threaten website takedowns in connection with cover-ups of child sexual harassment.

Freenode's core principle is anonymity. This is fine, but Christel embraces an anything-goes policy that rejects the notion of accountability among Freenode administrators.

Freenode administrators who are anonymous and who deal with children as young as 8 years old.

As a technical note to Christel Dahlskjaer, it appears that “scoop.it” holds any intellectual property rights to the photo displayed below that may exist. If you contest this point, feel free to indicate this in writing. Note that filing of a false DMCA claim is potentially a prosecutable crime.

Christel Dahlskjaer of Minetest and Freenode

I'd suspected TvAnenna of being the party behind the Freenode Minetest child pornography issue this month. But, after talking to him, I think he's just a typical colorful Minetest character.

TvAnenna has said that he plans to change his nick and continue with Minetest under a new identity. Well, I suppose that that's the way the game is played.

I'll post part of my discussion with TvAnenna below. Note: It's been edited for length.

I get clowns in Minetest who like to poke fun when I spot one of these role-players. These folks refer to it as “conspiracy theory”. So, I've got a challenge for them:

Read the chat. Then tell me that TvAnenna is actually a 12-year-old girl.

Sure, he is :P

Minetest teaparty

<OldCoder> Uh huh. Look, be objective...
<OldCoder> You're a boy who lies about being a girl
<OldCoder> So that you can get excited
<TvAnenna> oh ain't it illegal to post in public an ip not ur own?
<OldCoder> By talking...
<OldCoder> Hm? Reword that?
<OldCoder> Anyway, be objective... your credibility is low
<TvAnenna> is it illegal to post someones private ip address in a website
<OldCoder> No, Son, it is not

<TvAnenna> maybe i am 40, maybe i live in some town in TN maybe I AM A BIG FAT LIAR WHO TALKS TRASH but what's it matter?
<OldCoder> It matters when you affect others
<TvAnenna> you talk too much
<OldCoder> You talk sex to kids
<OldCoder> Which of us “talks too much” ?

<TvAnenna> Am I the only one who talks about bad things i probably shouldn't? every server i see has people like that
<TvAnenna> Ok, bye mister interrigation officer. have fun shoving junk down peoples throats

<OldCoder> You're the one shoving stuff
<OldCoder> If you don't return, consider the answer.
<TvAnenna> I will.
<OldCoder> Fine
<OldCoder> Take a hike. Son.

<TvAnenna> Mr., I stole a toy gun when I was 4 years old. It cost 25 cents but it killed me inside for years. I never really got over that, but i cannot fix it now
<TvAnenna> it's past history

<OldCoder> And can you fix something more serious now? If you want to talk, return later
<OldCoder> and past history is part of you for the rest of your life

Minetest theft

<OldCoder> Go. Sleep. Look at the hero in the morning.
<OldCoder> The hero in the mirror.
<TvAnenna> Ok i will
<OldCoder> Noble, kind, useful
<OldCoder> See him standing there

<TvAnenna> Worthless piece of crap i get told I am every month
<OldCoder> Hm?
<TvAnenna> her*
<OldCoder> IRL issues don't excuse this particular hobby. You're also not a girl.
<TvAnenna> I'm gonna go live on a mountain somewhere in SC and be a hermit, I don't need humanity
<OldCoder> You do
<OldCoder> And it is possible to make things work. But this isn't for tonight. Will you go and sleep, now?
<OldCoder> preferably without dramatic exit lines?

<TvAnenna> Get this straight “kid” I did not hack, murder, cheat, steal, kid porn, or whatever else. If this is not those issues, then you have a mental conflict in which the talking of another person ends up costing the U.S. Govt. millions of $$$ just to satisfy your needs
<TvAnenna> and I actually thought we might be friends too

Minetest friends

<OldCoder> Go to sleep and return
<TvAnenna> Perhaps i take 3rd shift
<OldCoder> So, you're admitting you're not a minor? You're an adult?
<TvAnenna> maybe
<TvAnenna> Twist that up however you do
<OldCoder> How many 12 year old girls would say 3rd shift? Plus, didn't you say you had to get up early?
<TvAnenna> yup
<TvAnenna> School/Office work

Minetest third shift

<TvAnenna> Well maybe i talk that way huh? Maybe the world can't conform to your standards
<OldCoder> Fine. So it's another game or you're admitting adult. Can we say that we'll try to settle things if we talk further?
<OldCoder> And will you sleep, and may I work, until we do?

<TvAnenna> I might not come back
<OldCoder> It's your decision. But if you don't return to settle this...
<OldCoder> Stay away from the game and IRC
<OldCoder> Or I do have enough to talk to local authorities

<OldCoder> At the same time, I try to be fair
<TvAnenna> You twist the words I say. You scrutinize every last detail of a sentence. Maybe, just maybe, the internet is not as real as you think, people can come and let their guard down
<TvAnenna> Quote this to the FBI
<OldCoder> Not if there are IRL consequences. I didn't start this. If you want to know what happened in March...
<OldCoder> come back and I'll explain

<TvAnenna> I thought this was lolly land when i came in and now because of a few idiots everything is illegal
<TvAnenna> so someone was giving out rumors on freenode

<OldCoder> Or stories about your brother and his friend
<OldCoder> Do you recall that one?
<OldCoder> I went through the logs
<TvAnenna> i do
<TvAnenna> Fine, i'll get a counselor
<TvAnenna> darn it they charge $130 an hour
<OldCoder> Heh
<OldCoder> Are you trolling me? :)

<TvAnenna> no
<TvAnenna> I do not troll
<OldCoder> Is this whole thing a troll? Look, it's common sense...
<TvAnenna> ain't trolls them things we put in the garden?
<OldCoder> You know what the word means in online context

<TvAnenna> ok I won't do “that”
<OldCoder> You're talking as an adult. You aren't one of the roleplayers who's too immersed in it to be rational. This is a relief.
<OldCoder> I think some of what you've said is B.S., but...
<TvAnenna> I'm glad we got this sorta done with

<TvAnenna> WOAH
<OldCoder> ?
<TvAnenna> what i was talking of there was my *boyfriend* and his friend
<TvAnenna> ex bf
<TvAnenna> NOT my brother
<OldCoder> No, it was a story about your brother that you told the kids
<TvAnenna> On sonos irc channel?
<OldCoder> No, in Freenode, I think
<TvAnenna> Where he duct taped me to the pole?
<OldCoder> No
<OldCoder> I think I missed that one
<TvAnenna> Where

<OldCoder> I don't have your stories neatly indexed. I'm just saying you can't do that here.
<TvAnenna> Well we were playing and he taped me to a swing set lol

Minetest bondage

<OldCoder> That might actually have happened
<OldCoder> The story I'm referring to was more colorful and explicit
<TvAnenna> Yup think old bro young sis lotsa duct tape it's bound to happen
<OldCoder> Sigh
<TvAnenna> lol ok

<OldCoder> Can you put aside the sis part? I'm not judging
<OldCoder> I tried to be supportive of two TGs in MT
<OldCoder> I'm worried about them now
<TvAnenna> Fine, bro duct taped invisible air to pole, the end
<TvAnenna> XD

<OldCoder> You're not a woman. Perhaps psychologically.
<OldCoder> Are you a TG?
<TvAnenna> TG?
<OldCoder> Or is it more complicated?
<OldCoder> Transgender
<TvAnenna> eww
<TvAnenna> No
<OldCoder> OK
<TvAnenna> Not a trans

<OldCoder> You don't claim to be biologically a woman, do you?
<TvAnenna> Trainsgendar*
<TvAnenna> XD
<OldCoder> Transgender
<TvAnenna> Well if i say i am will i be guilty again?
<OldCoder> I've met two in MT and one is thinking about the surgery
<TvAnenna> It's from a movie
<OldCoder> No, I just said I try to be supportive
<OldCoder> But you come across as, no offense, gay adult male as opposed to woman

<TvAnenna> “That's why the lady is a tramp”. i like that song, it kind of describes me in a 1940's setting
<OldCoder> So, you *are* gay :)

<TvAnenna> EWW!
<TvAnenna> eww eww eww
<OldCoder> OK
<TvAnenna> Get it off
* OldCoder laughs

<OldCoder> Every word you say makes it seem more so. But never mind.
<TvAnenna> It's my personality
<TvAnenna> I am a strange one for sure

<OldCoder> I'll update the website
<TvAnenna> So the ultra issue not with me or anyone else in specific
<TvAnenna> is that someone posted rumors on freenode of kid porn?
<OldCoder> We do have a dead man and an FBI level incident. They weren't rumors.
<TvAnenna> how is someone dying of stress FBI level
<OldCoder> Yes, Abe is apparently deceased and it may be related to all of this
<OldCoder> No. It's two different issues.
<TvAnenna> Well how did he die unless he was making the porn? that kinda stress could do it

Abe Ezekowitz of Waynesville, NC Minetest

<OldCoder> Are you mocking me or just very literal? Autistic?
<TvAnenna> I am autistic
<OldCoder> How much so?
<TvAnenna> VERY VERY literal please forgive me
<OldCoder> Well, are you double trolling me? That is what caused all of this...
<OldCoder> In March, I tried to help
<OldCoder> I was asked to moderate a fight. I preached kindness.

<TvAnenna> Not so much in other things but if you say “My mom will have a cow if i get home late” I'd think your mom was a glutton

Minetest cow

<OldCoder> I was told to shove it. Then Perttu Ahola told me...
<TvAnenna> dang
<OldCoder> ...that I was too detailed and must leave, after 5 years

<TvAnenna> Well you might be playing me
<OldCoder> I'm the literal one and all of this has been online for months
<TvAnenna> For all i know you might be 16 with nothing to do but scare this poor soul
<OldCoder> Not really. I'll post the attorney letters.
<OldCoder> I assure you I'm frightening enough in legal contexts

<OldCoder> Anyway, I refused to leave
<OldCoder> So they created a channel just to exclude me
<TvAnenna> Ah to heck with it. We all gotta die someday then it will be forgotten
<OldCoder> Then they ordered people to leave my channel
<OldCoder> Then they DDoSed me three times
<OldCoder> Then it started to get unpleasant
<OldCoder> That is what has happened

<TvAnenna> Most would rage quit
<OldCoder> Maybe the TGs
<OldCoder> Anyway, I got to work
<TvAnenna> ugh not the TG's again
<OldCoder> They have their own issues. You should be sympathetic.
<TvAnenna> well I may leave forever and get a new name
<OldCoder> I'll spot you if you do
<TvAnenna> Well if i was guilty, then what?

<TvAnenna> If i did do something that would have me in truble then i left it would look like i knowingly did something wrong
<OldCoder> That's convoluted. You *did* do something that some people would try to have you arrested for. I'm saying...

<TvAnenna> But I'll leave on this last note
<OldCoder> Oh, please
<TvAnenna> lawl
<OldCoder> No last notes I can't respond to. Admit it, I've been fair enough.

<TvAnenna> Ok I only talked dirty, none of that kid porn stuff. I didn't do the freenode rumors or any of that junk, all i did was talk dirty on a chatroom style seting, which everyone does at one time or another. Bye and thanks for explaining.

Minetest TV antenna goodbye

170820 Letter to London Trust Media

John Arsenault and Christel Dahlskjaer:

This is a new formal complaint related to new incidents of harassment of children at Freenode, a service that is owned by London Trust Media, Andrew Lee's company, and that overlaps Private Internet Access in multiple contexts.

Specifics of the complaint are provided further down.

Non-response, or failure to act, in conjunction with past written statements by Christel Dahlskjaer to the effect that the cover-up of child sexual harassment is “appropriate”, will be included in statements to third parties located in Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, and other cities.

There is a mentally ill man, believed to be in his 40s, who claims to have the real-life name Craig D. Robbins. He uses the nick Zeno` (ending with a back-quote) on Freenode.

Craig is a member of the DDoSer group known as “Minetest” that linked to child pornography at Freenode last week.

Note: I don't assert, or believe, that the child pornography incident was planned by the leaders of the group.

However, I do feel we're approaching the point where a report to the FBI related to members of the group, and to parties at London Trust Media and Freenode, is called for.

As the FBI is already interested in PIA (Private Internet Access), a component of London Trust Media that overlaps Freenode, I feel that a report sent to the department which looked at PIA previously might be read.

If you'd like to be childish and state “two can play at that game”, the appropriate idiomatic response, in the U.S., is “Come get some”.

Craig Robbins aka Zeno` sends me nonsensical death threats. That part isn't of great concern.

However, the rest of the DDoSer and child pornography group seems to have told Craig to cool it until they find out whether or not the FBI is going to look into the child pornography issue.

This has, apparently, frustrated Craig, so he's turned to harassing children.

A specific example would be a conversation where he approached a middle-school boy, this weekend, and suggested that the boy was complicit in the murder of a man named Abe Ezekowitz of Waynesville, North Carolina.

Abe was in his 60s and weighed, if I understand correctly, 300 to 500 pounds.

Most people in that weight range die before the end of their 50s. Neither the boy nor, for that matter, me, killed the man.

As a note to Vanessa Ezekowitz, if I've got the weight range wrong, feel free to offer a correction. I'll respond, separately, to your latest letters in due course.

It is expected that London Trust Media and/or Freenode will take two steps promptly. Failure to respond will arguably be something that I can take to the FBI.

#1: London Trust Media and/or Freenode will advise members of the DDoSer group known as “Minetest” that the posting of child pornography links at Freenode is not appropriate.

#2: London Trust Media and/or Freenode will advise Craig Robbins, in particular, that it is inappropriate to tell children they've contributed to a murder. Unless, of course, it's true.

I expect a confirmation of receipt, and of reading, by John Arsenault, Christel Dahlskjaer, or other person at London Trust Media and/or Freenode.

170819 Abe Ezekowitz

This week, Craig Robbins announced to the Minetest group that Abe Ezekowitz of Waynesville, NC, Vanessa Ezekowitz's husband, was dead and that I'd killed him.

Initially, I believed Craig. The part about Abe being dead, at any rate.

But I didn't see any death notices for Abe online. No obituaries, funeral parlors, nothing. However, Vanessa has now confirmed that Abe has passed away.

This post is a placeholder, for now. I'll comment further here in due course.

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