Letter to Mircea Kitsune

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Letter to Mircea Kitsune

by OldCoder » Tue Sep 04, 2018 08:16

This is a letter to Mircea Kitsune, whose IRL name translated to English seems to be either Alexander Philips or Philip Alexander.

He lists his name as Filipescu Mircea Alexandru and the "-escu" part translates to "son of". So Filipescu is probably the family name, but I'm not sure.

Mircea is also known, in MT circles and elsewhere, as Taoki.

To: Mircea Kitsune
Subject: Furry "porn site" issue

You've mentioned the "porn" issue several times, including, I believe, in IRC. You seem to be focused on this, so allow me to clarify the matter.

I only knew that Furry Affinity was a Furry support site. So, for example, I recently directed a Furry woman and her therapist to the site.

That might not go as well as I'd hoped.

She'd said that her therapist was being encouraging about Furry issues. I figured that the two of them would like the site.

I'm not doubting your word regarding the nature of Fur Affinity. However, I didn't see anything which suggested that the site was more than a typical Furry community. Shouldn't there be a clear indication of some type?

Why do you keep emphasizing the "porn" aspect, anyway? Is Furry not really an identity for you, after all, just sexual role-play and nothing else that you've claimed?

I was trying, at any rate, to be supportive of the Furry woman. But I don't know much about the subject.

I've talked more often to transgenders, people with medical issues, older people who have lost their jobs, the homeless, and, of course, one genuine MPD; the man that you and others know as Maciek Kasatkin and Misael Roman.

I've tried to help, or at least be kind to, each person who feels in trouble and ignored. Can you make the same claim?

The answer is, of course, no. You're self-absorbed, as empty inside as those who have deprecated you -- I've done some reading -- and you care little for others outside a close circle.


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