Linuxworks Original as opposed to Original Sin

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Linuxworks Original as opposed to Original Sin

by OldCoder » Tue Dec 12, 2017 05:15

1. First, just as a friendly internal note to some friends, any potential deal probably won't include Red, the two Pauls, or Craig. Red doesn't walk away from the DDoS. The two Pauls are ap-Paul-ling :P And Craig... he's too much fun.

2. Second, here's an interesting gamedev thought. Who has the right to act like a corporate gatekeeper in FOSS contexts?

I.e.: If a project is FOSS, completely open, but it happens to rely on a single website, who gets to control the website and thereby the project?

The answer, of course, is anybody who wishes to change the code to use his or her copy of the website. And who can persuade others to use the modified version.

Minetest has an issue of this type. It links to a server list website. Whoever controls that website can attempt to control the project.

However, there's a complicating factor. Minetest, as in the core dev builds, competes in the mobile arena with a large number of clones.

The clones are created by people, often in Russia, who seek easy profit. Just recompile Minetest, as it's FOSS, upload it to Google Play Store, and hope to strike gold.

What if I were to offer the clones people cash, on a quarterly basis, to link to my version of the server list as opposed to the existing one?

I'd probably do so only if it proved to be necessary. But the clones people would snatch at the cash, in a heartbeat, wouldn't they? It wouldn't even need to be a significant amount.

If a majority of the clones people agreed, I'd control enough of the client traffic that the existing server list would be rendered relatively inconsequential.

Jordach points out that the clones people aren't trustworthy. But they don't need to be. To get cash regularly, they'll need to do as they promise.

It seems like an interesting idea. It's unlikely, by the way, that the core dev group would attempt to compete in a bidding war for the assistance of the clones people.

3. As a related note, I've talked to two of the clones people before, including one of the most important cases.

I seem to have the start of a rapport with the latter person. My understanding is that the core devs group, in comparison, has vilified him. I don't think he's likely to cut a deal with them.

4. Finally, for tonight, I've rescued another major Minetest world. This one is Linuxworks Original, which I'm told is one of the oldest and most interesting worlds from a builds perspective.

I've fixed a mapgen problem and tweaked things. However, there may still be unknowns. If you'd like to visit and take a look, the location is:

Server: Port: 30010 (minebest with a b)

You won't find the world on the default server list yet. Oddly, it seems to be missing.

My assumption is that the world will appear tomorrow. If it doesn't, perhaps the clones people will be interested in discussing the matter.

Two screenshots of my version of Linuxworks Original are posted below.



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