I don't see a way to stop this

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I don't see a way to stop this

by OldCoder » Sat Dec 16, 2017 05:18

This post is about an interesting question:

Is there any way, technical or legal, to prevent the use of MT clones to record public and private chat in every MT world?

I'll outline a gedanken experiment below. Presently, I don't see a way to stop this. Technical remarks are welcome.

This post is addressed to Azekill Diablo, but it's intended for everybody who's interested in Minetest issues.

Mr. Diablo, don't be trite.

Regarding analysis, it's what I've done for over 50 years. If you say a few things that aren't trite, I'll be able to lock in the patterns.

But it's time to move on. May I run a technical idea by you?

By the way, your nick is Spanish for "The Devil". Do you imagine that anonymity combined with a few buzzwords makes you Lucifer or even something to take note of?

Heh. Listen to the following song.


My response to you is the same as Johnny's response to the Devil in the song. Let me show you how it works :)

Your amygdalae are in control presently, just as with the monkey flinging feces from what it imagines is the safety of the treetops. So, there's not much point in talking to you. Right now, you aren't sentient.

My experiments with Craig Robbins this year demonstrated that it's pointless to try to reason with a chattering monkey.

Say, Son, have you noticed that Craig aka Zeno` isn't around as much lately? Why-ever could that be? I'm concerned O_O

O where O where has my little Craig gone
Where O where can he be

As a note to attorneys and others, to be clear, Craig Robbins is an adult in his 40s. A clinically retarded and mentally ill adult, but an adult, regardless.

Addressing Mr. Diablo:

Demonstrate that you're able to think, ask a question that doesn't presuppose conclusions, or I'll turn my attention elsewhere.

And perhaps you, for your part, will chat with Craig Robbins.

Presently, I'm working on names for a dozen Play Store MT clones. Which will use a server list under my control. Which will fan out, powered by players in a dozen countries, to all of the MT worlds in existence. And which will include a little something extra in the code.

The something extra will be perfectly legal.

In the interests of transparency, it'll involve the transmission, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are consistent with U.S. laws, of compressed and encrypted data related to worlds that are visited.

Including chat. For legitimate and reasonable data-mining purposes.


As a legal note, expectation of privacy on a public world is limited.

There is a particular vibrator manufacturer. Vibrator as in personal device that is used by women. The manufacturer in question has been collecting usage data, including dates and times and settings, for its vibrators.

Good grief.

If you don't follow, imagine that your smartphone was listening as you interacted romantically with your waifu. And was streaming it to Corporate Central.


If a vibrator user doesn't have expectation of privacy for something like *that*, a MT user certainly doesn't have expectation of privacy for the use of MT.

And third parties in public MT worlds aren't protected by privacy laws because the worlds are public. Similar to public parks that may be found in any city.

In fact, if things are set up correctly, it should be legal to capture private chat as well as public chat. The key step is for somebody to put the fact that chat is being recorded in the legal disclaimer for each MT clone that is uploaded to the Play Stores. This should put the burden of disclosure to third parties on the parties who run the program.

The Internet is great. Just a small amount of money and you can scale things. If you're looking to make more money than you spend, well, that's different. But what I'm going to attempt will be a creative exercise.

This letter will be posted publicly. Attorneys and others are invited to comment on the proposed use of MT modified to stream chat for data-mining purposes.


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