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Response to Azekill Diablo

by OldCoder » Thu Dec 14, 2017 04:34

Mr. Diablo, good day.

You know very little about the facts of the matter. That is all right.

The first time that you're discriminated against for being Black, gay, Jewish, autistic, too old, too poor, or different in some way, you'll have the opportunity to learn.

Perhaps you'll remember this exchange at the time.

Most people don't learn. Discrimination against them, based solely on a neutral difference, strikes them as evil. But they feel that discrimination against others, whatever type of hatred they were taught as a child, is the Will of God.

For what it's worth, since 2012, I discriminate, myself, based on sentience. It isn't a neutral difference.

I've spent hours at a time, this year, trying to reason with the trolls. Even with Craig Robbins, who we'll come back to. I'm done with that part.

It isn't fair of me, of course, to use the word "troll". "Troll" implies conscious decisions. Most of these people aren't capable of that.

The question presently is, what are you?

Your key question is unfair. I'll explain how so in a minute. But first I'll acknowledge that you're one of very few people involved this year who's attempted to be sane and polite.

Not one of the core devs has done so except for Andrew Ward, Rubenwardy, on one occasion.

The night that Christian Loosli, Fuchs, demanded that I agree to a gag order, Andrew approached me with the intention of working things out.

We were interrupted by Craig Robbins and then by Christian Loosli. But I'd remembered Andrew's gesture as positive until the other day.

On that day, I learned about the rubbish that Andrew has been telling people. Rubbish that, I gather, he hasn't troubled himself to analyze.

It has the right smell, Andrew reasons, so it must be true.

So, Rubenwardy is mindless after all. The use of a denigrating term in this context, by the way, isn't ad hominem as the characterization isn't the basis for my position. My position is based on facts.

Facts that, throughout the course of this year, essentially nobody has expressed an interest in. It's all been about work backwards from predetermined conclusions.

Most people who comment directly simply shake a fist, bluster, and retreat, muttering darkly as they do. It's humorous. Paul LeBlanc is one recent example.

In general, people prefer to mock and jeer from a safe distance. And to make sure that I'm not allowed to respond.

In short, most people are cowards.

I like to demonstrate to cowards that I can, and do, respond to things.

Edits to the server list last night are one example. They were a sensible response to the deletion of my servers.

As a note to attorneys who may read this letter, by the way, the edits were perfectly legal. Wish to contest it?

Mr. Diablo, I respond to attacks. And I'm skilled, committed, and more willing to spend money than anybody on the Minetest side.

Continuous attacks and escalation by Minetest people is arguably inadvisable. What they don't know is that I've been distracted for months.

Do you follow? I haven't even started to focus on this side of things.

In your case, Mr. Diablo, you've passed a couple of tests.

The next step is to read the questions that you're asking and to understand that they presuppose agreement on my part to points that I contest.

May I put it another way? "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

Does that sound familiar, Son? It's the question that you've asked me.

How would you like it if I asked you:

* Why do you like to torture and kill small animals?
* Have you stopped cheating on exams yet?
* Is your relationship with your waifu satisfying in a meaningful way?

No offense intended, get a clue. Drop the assumptions and ask questions related to facts.

I'll offer you some initial remarks. Initial remarks only until you work on your questions.

These remarks aren't short. So what? Perttu says that I'm "too detailed". If he refers to this letter in that manner, tell him respectfully to shove it up his Asshola.

1. What your cohorts are doing qualifies as evil. It isn't a dramatic statement, because evil isn't uncommon or even out of the ordinary. In fact, it's banal.

Evil is how most people live every day. It's a way of life connected to the nature of the species.

Everything from the Salem Witch Trials to the Holocaust and the current situation, unpleasant events great and small, comes down to a simple principle.

It's known as the Lucifer Principle.

To get a sense of what's involved, study the Salem Witch Trials in particular. Google the amygdala, a lesser-known but important part of the brain, as well.

In one sentence, the principle is, identify outsiders, based especially on the howling of the heads of a pack of animals, and work backwards from the conclusion that outsiders must die.

There is no logic involved. Animals don't employ logic. Which has implications when this type of behavior occurs in Homo Sapiens.

2. About two decades ago, there was a slaughter in one of the Eastern European countries. It was part of the "ethnic cleansings" that took place at the time.

There was an unusual aspect to this particular slaughter.

Ordinary people captured other ordinary people. Not soldiers on either side. Then they cut the throats of the helpless captives. Including the throats of the children.

That isn't the remarkable part of the story.

3. That part is normal behavior for Homo Sapiens. For every period of history in every large country.

In recent decades, one thing that's changed is that such incidents, incidents that show what we are, are sometimes captured on video.

The reactions to the videos are important. They demonstrate that facts don't matter.

What happens is that people work backwards from the pre-established conclusions that the killers are right and just.

4. China provides a bizarre example.

The traffic laws there are unusual. Under Chinese law, it is much better, legally, to kill somebody in a traffic accident than it is to injure them slightly this way.

So, if somebody bumps a pedestrian with a car, they usually turn around and drive back and forth over the pedestrian until he or she is dead.

And this is filmed by others with smartphones.

In one case, a driver bumped a 3-year old boy accidentally with his car. The boy wasn't injured. He got up and went to look for a toy that he'd dropped.

The driver turned around and drove back and forth over the boy. Again and again. Crunch-crunch until the child was dead.

It was filmed. But, in China, those who drive cars are wealthy. So, the driver simply said, "I thought that the boy was a cardboard box".

The police worked backwards from the conclusion that the wealthy must be right. Nothing was done in this case. And nothing is done in most such cases.

The only criminal prosecution in a case of this type, that I'm presently aware of, is that one driver was in a hurry. So, she got out of her car and simply stabbed her victim to death.

Um, no. The argument that it was a traffic accident didn't work too well in Court :)

5. In the ethnic cleansing case, one man, possibly a perfectly ordinary baker or librarian, took a boy age 16 -- possibly your age -- laughed, and cut his throat on-camera.

I said that it was a remarkable case. It wasn't remarkable due to the killing.

The unusual part was that the man's family, and the families of others involved in the slaughter, were shocked by videos of this activity.

This isn't as common as a naive normal might expect. When the Lucifer Principle, which could also be referred to as the Minetest Principle, kicks in, even videos are usually dismissed.

In short, seeing isn't believing. We don't see, actually, with our eyes. We see with our amygdalae.

Why do you suppose that the current President of the United States was able to sexually assault dozens of women, get recorded boasting about how he could do it and not be stopped or even penalized, and turn out to be correct?

It's the Minetest Principle at work.

Chase away or kill the outsiders. Work backwards from conclusions. Mock attempts to point out facts. This is what people, especially normals, do.

6. I say "normals" because, after 2012, I accept what I am and was first told that I am in 1970.

I'm autistic or a parallel condition. I suffered violent abuse as a boy due to this. At home as well as at school.

Cut open with a knife, knocked unconscious multiple times, pelted with rocks, chased by small mobs, got to eavesdrop on a rape that was planned.

A rape of me, to be clear.

7. At home, my father was a wife-beater as well as violent towards other family members. He used to smash things, tear up plants, and knock down people.

He also wouldn't let my mother, who was a vegetarian, skip eating meat. He ate meat and so she needed to eat meat as well. And God help her if she tried to leave the house at night without him along to monitor her.

Lovely person. The stuff that dreams are made of. Well, actually, nightmares. Nightmares that lasted for decades.

In 2012, this person and one of my brothers initiated civil litigation to force me to sign a gag order. The idea was that, if I talked about the abuse, I'd go to jail.

I was shocked and dismayed at first. I was so stressed that I became dehydrated, started to flicker in and out of consciousness, and nearly died.

Did you know that the Angel of Death actually exists?

I don't think that the supernatural plane which Fundies imagine is there; but I met, regardless, the One Who Does Not Speak.

I didn't die. That fellow's wings did leave some marks. And I did lose my life savings and my home of 25 years.

But I was able to f*ck my father in return. Such joy. Much justice. Very pleasure.

I've redacted additional remarks here that might have come across as not sufficiently casual.

Suffice it to say that I'm not fond of gag orders. And that the current situation involves an attempted gag order.

I'm referring to the gag order attempted by Christian Loosli aka Fuchs. Who Andrew Ward aka Rubenwardy cited just last week. It's a gag order that is going to go up some Assholas.

8. As a related note, the net effect of the 2012 to 2013 litigation (it lasted a full year) was that I delurked in life and started the book that I'd set aside in 1971.

You and your friends are part of the book now, Mr. Diablo. So is Paul LeBlanc. Yes, he'll be named. He's muttered about "defamation". So, let the f*ck file.

Andrew Ward, Auke Kok, Craig Robbins, Vanessa Ezekowitz, Matt (or Mat) Gregory, Perttu Asshola, Nathanael Courant, and others are important to the story as well.

For legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws, all will be discussed.

9. I hid for my entire life. I regret it, now.

When the bullies at school caught me alone, why didn't I just pick up a nice rock and do what was appropriate?

When my father knocked me down and chased me out of the house half-naked... why did I run?

I ran through the garage, I think. I could have grabbed a hammer, turned, and run straight at Jim.

Jim would have blinked, just for a moment, but that would have been long enough. A minute later, my mother, my brothers, and I would have been safe.

Yeah, it was a Don't Worry Be Happy situation. What matters now, though, is that I'm done with running.

I don't run away any more. I'm here to respond to abuse that has been committed. I'm prepared to spend years on the task.

10. I look forward to demonstrating what I can do.

Let's talk legal. I like legal.

My family is worth on the order of $25,000,000 collectively. So, they were able to hire one of the best-known law firms in Silicon Valley.

The legal actions cost them six figures. They didn't even get a Court-ordered settlement.

After a year of pointless back and forth paperwork, the Court took a look at what was going on and ordered the attorneys to get the turd off of its plate.

The Plaintiffs ended up with less than nothing. I have reason to believe that they regret their actions. As they'll regret them for years to come.

Since then, about half a dozen attorneys have threatened me in other contexts. I tell them, to their face, that I'm going to have them for breakfast.

I start by noting that attorneys are crunchy in milk and nutritious.

Related Pro Tip: Most attorneys break the Law minutes after they arrive. They don't think that people will notice. Most normals don't notice, of course.

Have you ever seen an attorney leave a vapor trail as it goes "whoosh" out the door? It's quite a sight.

11. Perttu Asshola and Nathanael Courant say that I should be ashamed of being autistic.

So ashamed that I must leave the project that I've invested 5 years in close to the end of my life.

I don't have a lot of 5-year periods left to throw away. I'm not actually going to outlive Vanessa, who is dying, by all that much.

So, no, it's not going to work out that way. Perttu and Nathanael will need to be the ones to leave.

Nathanel added, by the way, that "you don't need to be ashamed of being autistic, but you should be ashamed of letting it show".

Such a nice thought. I'm going to find his parents, in France or not, and ask them how they managed to raise a sensitive c*nt like this.

12. If you can, obtain a copy of the book "Lucifer Principle" by Howard Bloom.

Bloom's book is pseudo-science; about one-third is simply speculation. However, it goes into the Minetest Principle that I've outlined and is a colorful read on the subject.

Be sure to check for the author's name, Howard Bloom. There are other books with similar titles by other authors.

13. Read up separately regarding the amygdala.

When the amygdala (actually, they come in pairs named amygdalae) is involved, those affected have no more ability to process facts than they're able to wave a hand, in real life, and conjure a building.

14. To lighten the mood, albeit slightly, here's a trivial and humorous example.

This week, I heard from a kid who seemed like a Craig Robbins type.

Note: You may know Craig Robbins as Zeno`. However, I've been told that he hasn't been around as much since I was forced to post proof that I've located him.

I think that the boy this week used the nick Joseph13, but I'm not certain. He isn't important enough to look up.

15. Joseph13 said, "You've never been to Silicon Valley". My reaction was, um, what?

Joseph13 wanted to attack, but he lacked the wit and intelligence needed to do so.

I'm not speaking with the intention of denigration in this case. But I've spent enough time coddling Craig Robbins this year and I'm not interested in Junior Craigs.

16. Did you know that Craig Robbins threatened to use Aztec Voodoo Quantum Death technology to kill me?

My associates said that Craig was simply trolling, but I had the sense that Craig believed he could actually do this.

The best part of that story was that Craig couldn't get who had invented voodoo straight. He was an idiot.

Joseph13 seems to be cut from the same cloth. I refer to it as low-grade ore.

17. This week, the empty-headed child zombie, Joseph13, worked backwards from the desired conclusion that I was evil, that I must die, and said whatever occurred to him.

I gather that Silicon Valley seems, to this non-paper trained puppy, like a magical wonderland in storybooks for pre-schoolers. Nobody could actually be from there, right?

I became homeless 4 years ago due to attempts by family members to force me to sign a gag order.

However, prior to that, I'd lived and worked in Silicon Valley for about 31 out of 33 years.

For 25 of those years, I lived at a single address. I grew old in a dingy studio apartment.

The apartment hadn't even been painted when I'd moved in and remained unmaintained for decades. One business associate described it as a "rathole" but I was used to it.

Craig Robbins of Minetest even dug up that address himself.

So, yes, I've "been" to Silicon Valley :)

18. When I read what Joseph13 had to say, I laughed out loud.

Silicon Valley is no magical wonderland, streets paved with GPUs, fairies dancing on the wold as hackers drink Jolt and cavort with strippers and startupers cut high-tech deals at Peets all day and all night.

But the boy assumed that it is a special place and so I couldn't possibly be from there.

This is an unusually silly example of working backwards from conclusions.

19. This week, it was more disheartening to learn that Andrew Ward, Rubenwardy, has been citing the words of a man named Christian Loosli, aka Fuchs, as proof that I've done something wrong.

Rubenwardy's citation demonstrates that his brain is switched off. So, we're likely to be at this for years.

The facts are as follows:

Christian Loosli demanded in the Spring that I agree to a gag order. He said that he had the right to review and approve or take down all website posts, on any website, that I might make, regardless of what the posts were about.

The demand had to do with Loosli's desire to cover up the sexual harassment of children, a serious issue though minor compared to what people in Minetest are doing now.

This was ridiculous. But, when I protested, Loosli snapped his fingers and terminated the OldCoder identity. Just like that.

It was a miscalculation on his part. One that will look bad, actually, in formal filings.

Outside of formal filings, there's a larger problem for Christian Loosli and for Minetest, especially given the child pornography incident that occurred later on.

Christian Loosli isn't an employee of Freenode, as Andrew Ward (Rubenwardy) has claimed.

He's a volunteer. An anonymous volunteer, at that. And he's gay.

20. I'm not saying that gay is bad.

One of the original Hacker Kids on my weblog, grown up now, turned out to be bisexual. For this supposed transgression, the simple fact of what he was, he was thrown out of the house by his Fundie parents while still in High School.

He hopes to be married next year. Yes, to another young man. I plan to offer him a jacket that Twisted Time gave me as a wedding gift.

You can read about Twisted Time and the jacket on my weblog. The short version is that when my father chased me out of the house, Twisted Time was the classmate who gave me clothes and $5.00 to get out of town.

$5.00 went farther in the 1970s :)

In 2008, I went to find Twisted Time. He turned out to be floating in a tank of water on the 4th floor of a hospital in San Francisco. He wasn't able to move, but it was him.

Subsequently, he gave me a jacket as a symbol of the story from four decades before. The story that connected us.

The point is that it's the most important artifact related to acceptance that I have in my possession.

21. As a related note, there is a transgender in Minetest, early 20s, who's considering the surgery.

When the Minetest core group attacked me in the Spring, I was talking to the transgender. Now, I've lost contact with him-her and am concerned about whether or not he-she is all right.

But the Minetest core group wouldn't care about that.

The motto in that group is hate and kill to get a thrill
Treat others like krill
They'll need to climb a hill and pay a bill
Bill from the krill is the drill

22. In short, regarding gays and tolerance in general:

I was raised Fundie. The Fundies that I grew up with were twisted creatures. Excrement dripped from their mouths as they spoke. But I've rejected the pus that they're made of.

I see a lot of different things now as perfectly normal. Gay is fine. Lies are not.

23. Christian Loosli, Andrew Rubenwardy's hero, has crossed a line. Stop and think about how Loosli's sexuality could be positioned.

An anonymous gay volunteer -- or he used to be anonymous, but we'll take care of that -- works with children, primarily boys, at a non-COPPA compliant company that covers up child pornography.

That isn't "defamation", Son. It's facts. Facts that I can, and will, use.

24. Christian Loosli is just a small part of the story. But I'd thought that, after 6 months, everybody knew about this part.

And now it turns out that Loosli is being cited as a saintly example of the side of Good?

25. In the Fall, the Minetest group did, in fact, become involved in child pornography.

The other day, Jordach thought that I was referring to some sort of issue related to "dating".

No; I'm talking about an actual attack on Freenode, made by Freenode-Minetest people, that the FBI is likely to be interested in.

26. The FBI is already interested in PIA, the company that more or less merged with Freenode on April 1 of this year.

Note: Strange but true, the key part of the Freenode deal was signed on April Fool's Day :)

I believe that I can hand PIA to the FBI on a silver platter. Christel Dahlskjaer, the manager of Freenode, will play the role of the platter.

27. CBS News in Denver, CO, wrote to me this Fall about a related story. There are some parts that might help the story to go viral.

Did you know that Andrew Lee, who controls and/or owns Freenode and PIA, is a major figure in Bitcoin? In fact, he's the man behind Bitcoin Foundation.

Better still, Lee is the man behind a number of other Internet anonymity ventures, including one with the humorous and striking name "Ghost Pimp".

Best of all, he's staying, though he may have moved by now, in a mansion on a city block that is populated by hundreds of conservative Republicans who have no idea of what he's involved in. Not the part about child pornography by way of Christel.

These points are noted, of course, for legitimate and reasonable purposes that are protected under U.S. laws.

28. Take Bitcoin, a hot subject. Add PIA, a company that the FBI has investigated previously.

Sprinkle with Internet anonymity, something that the NSA classifies as terrorism in and of itself. Stir in Minetest child pornography.

If this recipe doesn't produce results, in the future, another recipe certainly will.

What I'm saying here, Son, is that the "work backwards from conclusions" issue works both ways.

29. Christel has been hanging out, this year, in Minetest IRC channels.

Why don't you go and ask her if a single word that I've said this year is anything less than fact? But every word in the answer is likely to be ad hominem.

Christel isn't sentient. So, to her, facts don't matter. She works backwards. But, again, I think that I can use the works-backwards part to my advantage.

30. While we're at it, would you like the phone number of John Arsenault, Corporate Counsel for LTM, the company which owns PIA?

More precisely, LTM is an umbrella for Andrew Lee's many ventures. Lee, it turns out, is a busy, busy beaver.

Arsenault reports to Lee as opposed to Christel, but all three people are part of the picture.

If you talk to Arsenault -- why not do so, if you're a kid, he may shrug at you, but he isn't going to bite -- be sure to pin him down.

If he's asked about what's happened, everything that he says will be ad hominem, "oh look at the evil outsider". However does he deny anything significant that's been said by me this year?

If you insist that he comment in writing as opposed to on the phone, watch him dance and dance :)

Pro Tip: Don't ever talk to an attorney on the phone if they have a motive to lie. To attorneys, conscious lies are as natural as breathing.

31. Jordach needs to be part of the discussion.

Jordach is the most important person remaining in the project.

No disrespect to Vanessa Ezekowitz is intended. However, she's dying and checked out mentally, to some extent, two years ago. Abe Ezekowitz's death this Fall didn't help matters.

Both Perttu Asshola and I knew, two years ago, that Vanessa was on the verge of leaving. Where do the rest of you think #minetest-project came from? I created the channel to save Vanessa as well as the project.

Jordach is the most significant senior contributor remaining in the project. The only one who outranks me.

The core devs, for their part, are largely peremptory and sanctimonious anthropomorphic pieces of talking excrement, none of which have put in the level of time for the number of years that Jordach and I have.

Yes, the core devs are contributors... and? Does this contradict the assessment?

Read about the "sneak" issue. And get the facts about what these people have done in the half a year that has passed.

The core devs are useful but replaceable. Jordach is not replaceable.

Jordach told me, the other day, that he'll switch to Minecraft if things aren't settled. I don't believe this part, but his newly consolidated persona is likely to break.

Jordach explained to me, in 2012 as well as in the Spring of this year, that when he becomes different people, he knows what he's doing.

The way that he put it, when he was Nekogloop, was that he was underwater but he could see the surface if he looked up. It was there though far above.

But this doesn't mean that it's a game. Jordach is building a bridge from the land where speech isn't possible to the land of the normals.

As a side note, I liked the way that he put it as Nekogloop. He said that he was a man pretending to be a boy pretending to be a cat.

Normals aren't necessarily interesting or fun to talk to. But we need to communicate with others to be healthy. Normals, however harsh and dull some of them are, are part of the picture.

Laugh All Day, Octupus, Real Bad Angel, Landmine, Nekogloop, The Red Mood, Kika-Ru, Mark ViederDDoSer, Sokomine, Shara, Toby, and the others were steps towards Jordach becoming a complete person.

Colorful and fun steps, too. Well, some of them. And, in the end, he'll be more complete than most normals. Normals, no offense intended, are often a drag.

The neurodiverse can be difficult to deal with as well. But I've known all types. It's been the different, especially the ones who have suffered, who have been most real.

"The New Song For Twisted Time" goes into this part. Remind me to send you a copy. The rhyme at the end of this letter is simply the prelude.

From 2008 to 2012, I, myself became real at last after half a century of existing in the shadows.

Prior to that, I was a ghost, the Boy Who Wrote, haunting the Boy Who Talked.

He used to walk over to his beloved books at 3:00am in the morning and cry. He never knew where the tears came from but it was me that wept. Now I'm here. I get to walk the Earth again for a little while.

I don't know Jordach's full story. Every fact that he's ever stated might be false. But the core of it, the part that is true, is about finding a way to exist and to communicate.

I'm sympathetic to that.

In my case, a boy died in 1971. I don't know what happened to Jordach. Nature or nurture; it isn't clear.

But nobody does what he's done for 5 years simply as a game. This is somebody who's worked at becoming real as I have.

Shara was Jordach's peak accomplishment until the latest iteration of Jordach himself.

I mean the Jordach of this month, not Toby, who is simply a more polished version of a type of Europe teenager that Jordach first created in 2012.

I'm smiling as I think of them. You could spot them from a mile away:

I am an odd Europe boy or girl
I am Europe so I type different
This will explain anything you notice
I am an odd Europe boy or girl
I always say the same things
But I am dyslexic or autistic as well as Europe
So I can't answer questions

To be clear, I don't want to hear from Shara again and feel that she needs to be one of the ones who leaves.

The current Jordach persona is threatened. But, speaking of the MT group as a whole, I might as well be explaining all of this to a pile of used toilet paper.

The quality of the response from the other side is likely to be just about the same.

I took a risk, the other day, and told Jordach directly that he ought to come forward and assume control of the project. I addressed him as Maciek Kasatkin.

He didn't object.

Jordach suggested that we simply split the project into two components. Divide core and game formally.

I noted that this wouldn't address the core group's actions this year. My position was, and remains, that I expect to be allowed to respond to what has been done.

The facts are not going to be treated as "sh*tposts".

Jordach and I reached a tentative agreement. I'll come back to the agreement.

If his new persona is damaged by what's been going on, I don't know what happens next.

32. I haven't done more here than comment on a few pieces of the story.

I haven't talked much about:

* Paul Shiva-Jiva's lies related to his virtual teenage lover Jack Coe.

* The fact that Perttu Asshola investigated those lies and found them to be false.

* Paul Shiva-Jiva's wild-eyed rant in the Spring, the one related to Jordach, which triggered Perttu Asshola's demand that I leave, after 5 years, because I was autistic.

Jordach has told me to let Paul Shiva-Jiva's actions go, He says that he can take care of himself. However, it isn't about "let it go". It's about the totality of the situation that these people have created.

* #minetest-project, the channel that was my concept and that Perttu Asshola himself acknowledged worked out exactly as I'd planned and promised.

* The "sneak" issue that started all of this in the Spring. The fact that I took a week off of work to try to help.

Or the fact that this was at Shara's request. Or the fact that I did my best to help, while it was costing me income that I needed, but was mocked for even trying.

* #minetest-hub, the channel that was created to exclude me when I refused Perttu Asshola's order to leave, after 5 years, because I was autistic.

* The fact that Shara agreed to run #minetest-hub.

Shara decided to run a channel that had been created to exclude me. And the channel was created, to exclude me, because I'd agreed to help Shara to begin with.

The technical term for Shara's decision, if one wishes to be precise, is "sh*tty".

The fact Shara is probably Jordach - at least, the odds of this are 85% - complicates things to the point of absurdity.

* The $15,000 USD that all of this cost me by mid-year. Not counting lost income since then.

Taking debts into account, I was penniless after the legal cases. I had a *negative* net value. I need to work and rebuild. But I'm old and people just laugh at anti-discrimination laws.

So, I'm not greatly pleased about the $15,000. How would you feel?

* Mockery related to Maciek Kasatkin (Real Bad Angel).

Let's get past the Real Bad Angel issue, people. In the Spring, Jordach admitted that he was Octupus. It's in public logs; read it for yourself.

Octupus was Landmine (Misael Roman). And Landmine was Real Bad Angel (Maciek Kasatkin).

I talked to both Maciek Kasatkin and Misael Roman in real life. Can anybody else make that statement? Maciek even persuaded me to move in with him.

So, give it a rest or look like idiots in the end. Though, of course, agreeing to move in with a fictional character named Real Bad Angel doesn't exactly trumpet intelligence on my part :)

I wanted to believe the offer, though. Maciek made it, Poland, sound so nice.

There was supposed to be a quiet little city, similar to Walnut Creek when I was a boy. Employment, possibly as a teacher. Woods just outside the city to explore. And I'd be free of the people who'd destroyed my life and who were fighting to silence me.

After half a century, I deserved a life free of hatred, mockery, and attacks directed at me.

But the offer wasn't real.

* Matt Gregory's, Paramat's, peremptory order to me to shut down the #-project channel.

Who did Matt think he was? He was a core dev. A team member. This guttersnipe didn't outrank me.

* The three DDoSes committed by Red Iosif "Daniel". The time and energy that they consumed. Mockery from the core group when I reported them.

* Red lurking in my channels as I discussed the DDoSes on my IRC network, then going back to Freenode and saying that I was "making up DDoS" again.

Red mocked the DDoSes that he'd arranged while they was occurring. The other day, he offered to "retract" the mockery.

Um, and I would give a sh*t about retraction of mockery, why, exactly?

That isn't what I'm looking for, in Red's case, or what is going to be mine.

* Then, there's Red's letter to Cloudflare. Which he didn't realize they'd simply forward to me.

* Auke Kok's, Sofar's, order to me to "just leave Minetest because you had 5 good years, so just go".

Um, what? Auke, you're going to be the one to "just leave". Auke Kok, travel SoFar, wish upon a shining star :)

* Red trolled in #minetest. Twice in one day. He'd /ignored me, so I couldn't warn him. I proposed to /kick him and pass a warning through the /kick message.

Perttu Asshola deleted my op privileges for threatening to /kick a troll. Deleted them after 5 years and the deal which had created the privileges to begin with.

The deal in 2012 that was about Jordach. There's a lot of Jordach in the story.

Perttu not only declined to discuss what he'd done, he ignored attempts to communicate.

This is likely to go, in a legitimate and reasonable manner that is protected under U.S. laws, up Perttu's Asshola.

I'm not some disgruntled teenager without resources who wanders off after a while to watch anime.

I don't react positively to gag orders, to being treated unfairly, or to being told that I'm not allowed to respond to things or to demand explanations.

This situation dovetails with the events of 2012 to 2013. Events that I need to write about. I'm going to explore the two situations in detail.

* Craig Robbins and Vanessa Ezekowitz both spreading the story that I killed Abe Ezekowitz.

Vanessa herself debunked the story. Then she turned around and supported it.

* Paul LeBlanc's threats and cowardice.

33. The question is, do you want the facts about what actually happened, what is happening now, and what is going to happen?

If you send me "Have you stopped beating your wife" questions, it's something that I'm simply going to use against you and the others.

If, on the other hand, you'd like to discuss actual facts, perhaps it'll be possible to get somewhere.

34. I'd like to say something that is mostly for Jordach.

Jordach has told me that he's about 5 years younger than I'd guessed. It might be true. There is no way to tell.

If it is true, he was still a teenager at the start 5 years ago. The respect that some of his alters showed for an Old Coder at the time might have been real.

But Shara, who is part of Jordach, has treated me like trash that isn't even suitable for the recycling bin. I don't know what to think.

I accepted Jordach, and tried to support him, but since I didn't know what he actually was, and since much of his behavior was constructed, I didn't think much, until now, about what might be showing through from the core personality.

I'd like Jordach to know that I've always considered him to be likable as well as creative and colorful. And worth my time, which, in old age, is saying a lot.

While we're at it, Vanessa is an unpleasant woman and we're all aware of this. However, she's also somebody that I've respected and even liked with no expectation of reciprocation.

And, no, I did not kill her husband :P

Vanessa would have liked the first female Coder that I worked with, I think, a woman who was equally assertive though not nearly as harsh.

There are builders and modders who have been supportive over the years. I'm glad to have known them as well but I won't list them here because the core sh*ts will attack them.

35. Jordach and I reached a tentative agreement the other day.

When I've posted the facts at the old forums site this year, the DDoSers and trolls have called them "sh*tposts" and deleted them.

I told Jordach that the only path to a settlement, at this point, is a "sh*tpost" to be pinned to the top of the old forums site for one year.

Naturally, if that was the entire proposal, Perttu Asshola would veto it. But I added that everybody would get to edit the "sh*tpost", perhaps on a wiki, before it was pinned.

Jordach agreed that it was worth a shot. Then he demanded that I not say anything negative until the next day.

I kept the promise. But sfan5 - or another Minetest core person - had deleted my servers from the server list. I had to comment on that. I did so as politely as possible.

I posted, at Twitter and in the new forums, about a simple approach that I can, and will, use to co-opt the server list: simply offer payments to the clones people.

I can also simply put a dozen Minetest clones of my own in the various Play Stores. That hadn't occurred to me until just now.

Finemine, Minetown, Blocky Goodness, Blocks O' Fun, Mein Blocks, Chow Mine... Bitmine! I'll connect Minetest to Bitcoin so that players can dig for real money.

Folks, you know that *that* is going to bring them in. I can do it, too. I'll bury actual altcoins and if people mine them, actual cash will go into online wallets.

I hope that the initial proposal to co-opt the server list wasn't seen as negative. It seemed reasonable to me.

Jordach came back the next morning and implied that he wasn't well. I don't know if he'll able to talk further or not.

I'm impressed by the self-confidence that he's displayed this week, but this has been stressful for him as well as for me.

Jordach was going to see if Perttu Asshola would agree to pin the "sh*tpost". Which should really be referred to as a "truthpost".

If this is off the table, that's fine. In this case, let's have some fun.

Let me show you, in a legitimate and reasonable way that is protected under U.S. laws, what I can do.



I just want to make humans
the type who are real and can feel
the real deal with appeal
those who wish to heal
the real deal who are able to feel and to heal;

Those among the trolls
Who believe that they have souls
They slash and burn and dare
to pretend that they somehow care

They are not part of the polls
But they will fulfill their roles
In the end those without souls
will pay predestined tolls

But let them pray
Just for today
For Twisted Time

Do you object to my rhyme
If so, I'll not be your mime
This is my dime
And I'll spend it on
Twisted Time


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Re: Response to Azekill Diablo

by zkllDBL » Thu Dec 14, 2017 17:25

yay got my own topic xD

You need help OldCoder.
I'm here just to be sure that you know that You need help OldCoder.

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Re: Response to Azekill Diablo

by OldCoder » Thu Dec 14, 2017 20:13

This is a response to another Azekill Diablo PM as opposed to the preceding public post.

No, the message wasn't "just for you". Don't flatter yourself. It was a convenient way to sort through recent events and to comment for others.

I mentioned that I fought a gag order from 2012 to 2013. That was about a book. A rough draft of a few parts is online at Haggis Hell. If it matters, the link is:

The current situation dovetails with the larger story. So, it's going into the book. Yes, along with research and conclusions related to everybody involved.

The letter yesterday served the dual purpose of response and rough draft of background notes.

In short, waste not, want not, Son. The concept is old-fashioned but worthwhile.

You're intelligent enough to follow the key point: You asked me questions that presupposed things which supported desired conclusions.

There's no way you didn't understand the point of the "waifu" question that I asked you in return. So, you tell me: Is that type of question fair?

Is it fair of somebody to ask you why you cheat on exams at school? Or why you beat up other kids for drug money?


There is a missing step in those questions, isn't there? Admit it or admit that you're trolling. Then look at what you sent me originally.

If you respond, don't be juvenile. It's not as though a trite and dull-witted kid "comeback" is interesting or impressive.

<Kid> Oh luk I canne type a witty remark

I don't think that you're a P-Zombie like Joseph13 is. Lord, that one has bag-boy at supermarket at age 40 written all over him. So, as an exercise, examine your assumptions.

Assumptions can be correct or incorrect. The question is, once they're in place, do you have the ability even to look at them? For most normals, the answer is no.

P.S. The thread is in Featured temporarily because it's timely. It'll be moved elsewhere.

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