Misc. phpBB3 Classic notes

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Misc. phpBB3 Classic notes

by OldCoder » Tue Dec 05, 2017 00:34

Random notes to help me and possibly others keep track of misc. phpBB3 issues:

These notes apply to 3.0.14 and *not* to pre-3.0 or post-3.0 releases of phpBB3. The steps described here may, or may not, work for 3.0.X below 3.0.14.

In these notes, "mtfprefix_" is a prefix that would vary from site to site.

"MariaDB" below may refer to either MariaDB per se or to MySQL.

MySQL commands assume that you're logged in-to MariaDB as an appropriate MariaDB user and have switched to the appropriate phpB33 database.

* If you've imported a phpBB3 database, it's advisable to execute the following MariaDB command afterwards. It may correct mysteriously missing Edit and Quote buttons.

Code: Select all
update mtfprefix_users set user_lang = "en" where user_lang = "";

* To block registration from a particular email host domain:

ACP -> Users and Groups -> Ban e-mails -> E-mail address -> Enter *@glmux.com (substitute appropriate domain) -> Edit the Reason fields -> Submit

* To block just one email address, replace *@glmux.com in the preceding with the address in question. Specify just the [email protected] part as opposed to "Name <[email protected]>".

* Text in posts is now justified by default. To do this, I added this CSS code to overall_header.html in the theme:

.content { text-align: justify; }

Changes will probably be needed.

* For the benefit of those who prefer not to justify text, I've added a new BBCode:

[left] text goes here [/left]

Text marked up in this manner is left-aligned.

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